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December 01, 2020


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Jeanie Faure

Hello Lucy, I’m Jeanie from Australia. I’ve loved reading about your wellness journey. I’ve been really struggling with my attitude to food and exercise lately. What does a wellness days food look like for you.?

Ellen Hewitt

Hi! Still looking for non-adult books for your son? Try these authors: Zane Gray, Harold Bell Wright and Gene Stratton Porter. Great clean & fun stories. Maybe a little "antiquie", but still wonderful American west out door stories!

PS. I love your blogs, photos, crochet patterns and bright color choices...wish I could live in the Lake District instead of TX!

Victoria Margerison

My Mum used to tell me and my sister that the yellow pith was poisonous and she used to give us a pin to extract the seeds one at a time. It is only over the last few years, and I am 71 now, that I realised it kept two little girls very quiet for at least an hour 😂.
I never eat breakfast never have!


By cracky, if you have to be full of poop, let it be unicorn poop!

That made me laugh!

Amanda Smith

Breakfast in my case is practically always the same and what gets me going in the morning. Plain sugar-free bio yoghurt,banana,a few nuts,pear or apple all mixed together and my mug of tea. My only exception is when I return home to the UK and then I have a full cooked breakfast the very first morning back. Very naughty but so delicious! Melancholy days just happen but walking always helps. keep well Amanda x

Claire Hayden

Dear Lucy, I really enjoyed your post. Nether regions and unicorn poop both made me giggle...I'm so mature😂😂😂
I usually have porridge for breakfast made with full fat milk with a teaspoon of honey and fresh nutmeg. It's like having a pudding for breakfast...yummmm! I some times have Cheerios and very occasionally I will have crumpets with lashings of butter! Take care Claire x

Jools Morgan-Jones

As ever, Lucy, your posts are a bright point of colour, light and comfort in these dark winter days. I do so enjoy reading of and seeing the unfolding of your days, and I envy you your woodland walks. Stay cosy and safe, and I look forward to seeing the little creature in all its glory xx


I like cheesy toast most days. Occasionally I add a skinny sausage or some fried cabonossi or a hash brown. Yoghurt and fruit follow for my morning tea.
Lucy, you live in England where you have access to Homeopaths. Go see one for your arthritis. I have a home kit and found my arthritis remedy there. No more pain.

charlotte m.

Just got my Yarn for Meadow CAL yesterday. Less than two weeks from the UK to California! I was so impressed! Can't wait until January. Must finish my ripple before then.

Jean Jeffcoate

Love your blog, love your oat pancakes, love the look of your little festive animal (only you’re going to set me off on yet another project-will I get any of them finished for Christmas?). Have SAD members of my family too -I think it might cheer them up if I tell them they’re full of unicorn poop!
Usually have fresh fruit for breakfast but my fave is frozen raspberries/ summer fruits warmed through in the microwave (another tip I nicked from you) topped with muesli and yoghurt.
Full of admiration for the journey you’ve been on, even a little bit of exercise and mindfulness can help lift my mood - hope they help yours too.


Hello Lucy.. I am with you on the porridge breakfast..my current fav is its mixed in water and cooked in micro wave then I add chopped pears flaxseeds and chia seeds, a sprinkle of ground ginger and top with a drizzle of gingerbread sweet freedom syrup..... mmmmm sooo yummy

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I so enjoyed seeing the canal boats. I got my lovely bag of Meadow yarn just 4 days after I ordered it, I'm so impressed with DHL and WW! I'm glad you had some sunshine to brighten your spirits. Sending you some sunshine from Oregon, USA. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

Mary Pobedinsky

Breakfast? You asked for it. Veggie pizza. I pre-cook fresh spinach and broccoli as soon as it comes home, ready in the fridge. Then start with a Greek-style flatbread (or naan, or tortilla) and layer it with spinach, broccoli, diced tomatoes (canned or fresh in season,)chopped green and/or black olives, chopped mushroom, herbs and spice to taste, whatever's handy. Leftover anything. Chopped zucchini, bok choi or other veg in summer, chopped fresh herbs when they're in the garden. Cheese on top--whatever is there, usually cheddar or something. Bake at 400F for ten minutes. Half to eat, half for the fridge for tomorrow. Cut it with scissors--easier than a knife. Gets you up there and ready to rock!


I think we are all going to go up and down this winter more than any other. It stinks to not see our friends for cozy suppers and games - there is no sugarcoating that. I believe it's important to make our homes as cozy as possible, continue creating and, yes, get the sun on our faces. I have a east facing porch and I will sit out there in the coldest weather (well, maybe not below zero F!) to tip my face to the sun. The winters in northern Vermont are looooong. Your posts are a cheerful bright spot on the internet :) Thank you!


Hi Lucy lovely uplifting post as always. For the last 2 years I’ve not eaten gluten, dairy and as little sugar as possible and although at first it was hard, I feel so much better for it now. For my breakfast I have jumbo porridge oats, chopped apricots, cranberries or dried cherries, chopped pecans and blueberries ( strawberries in the summer) with almond milk. Very tasty and filling! Weekends I might have chipotle chilli scrambled egg with avocado on toast. I’m just waiting for my Meadow pack to arrive and am really excited to be getting ready to make another of your wonderful blankets. Thank you for your brilliant patterns. I really do hope you’re feeling brighter now Lucy, take care, love and hugs Becki xx


I, too, have a bowl of milky oatmeal topped with apples, blueberries, bananas, walnuts. It’s very, very good and I eat it most every morning. My variety breakfast is to occasionally have an egg sandwich on my homemade rolls.

Deanna Carpinelli

I’m a California girl and sometimes too much sun is depressing . My favorite breakfast is my home made sourdough bread toasted with butter. I’ve been fighting stage 4 esophagus cancer for almost 5 years. I’ve had chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and radiation treatments 6 separate areas. I’ve been told when I was diagnosed that I would maybe live a year
I’ve been given only a few months 3 times and in September this year I was given 2 days. The cancer crossed the blood brain barrier. Now I had 9 brain tumors radiated. The doctors say they have hit a medical ceiling with any treatment. When I was discharged from the hospital , the doctors said there was no scientific explanation for my recovery.
I keep getting back up even if I don’t feel like it , crochet, quilting helps.if I have a project to focus on I can’t think about myself. Mostly my faith in God is what keeps me going. I also help our oldest son raise our 6 year old grandson.
Lately I’ve lost my desire to just start crocheting or sewing. I’m tired. The last crochet blanket I made was your Dahlia CAL. I have so many works in progress and I feel stuck in a boggy mud puddle, even with all this sunshine.
Your blog cheers me up. I’m in wine country in Temecula so there is really no walking areas unless I drive to one.

Nicola Phillimore

Have you tried either Morrison’s or Warburton’s gluten free seeded boule? Tried the website for glutenfreecuppatea? And coeliac by design? Both brilliant for recipes and easy peasy food. Also, you sound like me with SAD. I was told to take vitamin D and have to say it’s helped enormously this year. Be safe and be happy. Love your blogs and designs x

Mary H

Sorry to hear about your SAD day. My brother suffers a bit from that in winter. We hadn't even had a frost yet (unusually warm fall for mid-state Georgia, USA), but December first dawned clear and freezing. Your breakfast bowl looks delicious! I love oatmeal(porridge) with nuts and mixed fruit every week day, but on Saturday we have grits, and on Sunday we have waffles or pancakes.


My breakfast: steel-cut oats cooked in rice milk, about once every 5 days and microwaved on the other days. Ground flax and chia seeds get stirred into this porridge, as do berries, peaches or mangoes – almost always frozen or canned as that makes it easily available in organic and more environmentally friendly. My favourite is the topping: a banana whipped with an immersion blender (I might add the mango to that) – mhmh! I highly recommend you try it, even though it involves a bit of extra work – the creaminess makes it well worth it. Finally a sprinkle of sunflower, pumpkin and black sesame seeds. The latter adds such a touch of elegance to the whole concoction! I eat this every day, in the afternoon if I feel like something else for breakfast.
Looking out my window - the white stuff is falling here in Ontario, Canada... Thanks, Lucy!

Miss Daisy

Welll did you tell him he is full of manure poop ? I !love where you live !!!! The Sun just making her daybu is just Awesome. The air and sky look so clear and clean. I almost cried when we got pollution , when it rains it's ulky sticky. I pray y'all never get pollution. Have a great week.


Full of unicorn poop? Hun! Did you tell the cat to get him? Love a good breakfast, it's been the same for many years. If I am in a hurry it's soja yogurt with seed muesli. If I have the time its banana, avocado, blueberries, flaxseed, and muesli with fresh orange juice. And always herbal tea, I need to start with a huge mug of herbal tea. only 19 days, Lucy, count down.


Those melancholic days catch you out right...but yes the weather is a real mood changer for me too. Which reminds me I probably need to get my SAD light out to cope with what looks like a few more dark dank days to come. My breakfast is always the same, I too love it. Porridge made with unsweetened soya and water, then topped with handful of fresh blueberries, handful of frozen raspberries (I love them defrosted in the microwave then they are slightly warm...ahhh so sweet) sprinkle of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and then sprinkle of flaxseeds. Washed down with delicious glass of grapefruit juice with bits (the bits are really important, yummy!) and a mug of decaf tea. It all helps to get us through. Really loving your deconstructed animal..exciting, and glad Granny Jo hasn't been forgotten. I am enjoying a mystery gnome knitting adventure to lift my spirits, whimsical is medicine right now, bit like unicorn poop sounds!

Linda B

Jamie Oliver’s hack for abstracting pomegranate seeds works like a dream. Slice the fruit in half around the ‘equator’ and hold seed side down over a bowl. Tap firmly but gently with a wooden spoon and all the little jewels will cascade out like a crimson shower x Love your blogs ❤️❤️


Thank you for your post. I have 2 breakfast that I choose from 1. Muesli and fruit, 2. Porridge and fruit. Love the look of your small animal so far.💕

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