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November 05, 2020


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TIL my torbie (tortie/tabby coloring) is an "independent" cat (though I use strong words than that!) due to tortitude! She ticks every item on the list. Thanks for the laugh!


Reading about the Kitty Relaxation Pad made me laugh so hard! I have two such kitties who like to be the center of attention. I love your blog, thank you!


Where is the cobbled street please? It’s familiar but I can’t quite locate it

Nora Mcgrann

Wonderful photos again Lucy.xx


Your photos are pretty and varied, I like the yellow leaves and the old stone buildings and reflection of buildings in the water. Also your colorful yarns and your kitty who does what she likes.

Marsha DiCostanzo

I want to make a bag just like this! It's beautiful!


I, too, have followed Attic24 for years but have never commented. I've so enjoyed hearing from you more often in the past month, getting glimpses into your daily happenings and especially your savoring of the season and its pleasures has brightened my days. I'm an American living in Vienna, Austria, so this last week has brought more than its fair share of days that required brightening. Thank you for giving me a window into your lovely town and beautiful surrounds, and of course for all the yarny goodness.

Carole C

Stunning photographs Lucy ,I love seeing the autumnal shades against a clear blue sky ( or indeed sometimes against a dark grey stormy one ) and the reflections in the canal ...absolutely beautiful.
So funny you talked of “tortitude”- I came across that term just a few weeks ago .
We adopted a 12 year old long-haired tortie girl from the RSPCA rehoming centre just outside Dorchester and very swiftly discovered that she has it ...in spades !
We have owned 8 cats over the years and I know all cats have their individual characters,but we’ve never had one like this !
We are slowly learning her ways ( when to duck !) and absolutely everything is on her terms ...her name is Angel ....hmmm....she frequently doesn’t live up to that !
We love her to bits and wouldn’t swap her ,although I have muttered darkly about returning her and bringing back a “ normal “ one :)
Loving that you are sending us these regular posts after the daily treats of Blogtober.
Take care , stay well xxx

Dynna E Nemeskal

Dear Lucy, I don't think I have ever left you a comment. I so love everything about your blog. Your photos, your writing, your projects they all bring such joy to me. I love your Tillie and my 2 felines are Lily and Lucy. Thank you for all you do and share with your readers. You are a blessing.

Math Lloyd Jones

Loved your post today...we had such a beautiful day here on Anglesey. The Menai Strait was so beautiful and still.A joy to be out walking. We shall be out of a two week Lockdown on Monday, but as we are shielding I don’t think it will make a tremendous difference....but the main thing is mhas it worked,we all so need it too.

elizabeth s

Another person from Melbourne in Australia the lockdown was hard as we had trouble getting to the supermarket as we only had a 5k limit to go to the doctor we had to have a letter from her (felt like a letter from the teacher allowing you out of class )she was further than 5k even further than the 25 we are now allowed. hopefully this week they will lift more limits still very restricted but it was worth it and the time went quite quickly for us i think you will find the same happens for you ,it will be winterish for you so good excuse to hunker down in front of the fire and crochet ,i made two blanketsand other items so tried to just enjoy the time.we knew there was no limit on ours where you do have an end date so just try and enjoy the time.


Lucy, I have just been catching up with yesterday’s blog....you are a STAR, thank you for all your wonderful photos and a glimpse into life in Skipton and beyond....you thoroughly spoil all your followers, going above and beyond expectations....thank you so much for all the help you give us with your tutorials, hints and tips etc etc. Take care, have a relaxing weekend. Annette

Diane Ruel

Once again a wonderful blog. I do love a sunny, blue sky Autumn 🍂 day, lifts the spirits and fills the heart with so much joy. We here in Wales are still in lockdown until Monday and the one thing I really miss is going out for a good cup of coffee. Have a cosy weekend, keep warm and most importantly keep safe. Thank you 🙏 once again for Lucy 💕

Angela Glae

I have been absolutely loving your posts Lucy!! Thank you so much for bringing colour and cheer to everyone! Your daily blogs have been such a great medicine! Love Granny Josephine and I can’t wait to see her all finished and in use! Your blog is the only one I’ve continually followed ever since day one! Thank you! 😊

Charlotte Pountney

Gorgeous photos. I particularly love the little red leaf, it would make a lovely greeting card. And isn't it obvious now? It's not a bag...it's a cat bed!

Carol partridge

Lovely pics.I'm currently making a cowl in white wool. I'm using the Trellis stripe ( sample size of 28sts. But using a bigger hook. Its coming out nice and lacey.I made the Seet Pea blanket a few months ago. Thanks for the pattern.

Marjorie S.

Lovely photos Lucy love the view as you walk down the hill beautiful country side and hills in the back ground thank you for taking lovely photos and sharing them with us on your blog. Your blog is always such a delight to read and the comments you get it is like contact with a group of like minded friends and it has keep me going in these difficult times. Sending you a big virtual hug take care stay safe have a lovely weekend.

Miss Daisy

Loved loved loved this post ! All the pictures goodness , love them all. The old buildings , cobblestone streets , especially love the cobblestone streets and the old buildings. I don't think I could pick just one cause I love All of them. I pray daily that God will bless us with things being better than back to normal. Things here in America are not good in a lot of cities and I pray that our little corner will stay under His protection , compared to other places we are truly blessed. I would LOVE to visit your neighborhood , it looks so lovely - just the type of place I would love to stay. Beware of the attack of the pigeons , I would have done the same thing. Have a Blessed weekend.

T Phillips

Thank you for your lovely posts. I have just found you in the last few weeks - a delightful oasis from the chaotic clouds here in US. Praying for the parting to revel in hope; you have provided a diversion I truly appreciate. Beautiful pictures, sweet kitty, and comfort of a warm coffee with a new friend. I plan to return often for your inspiration. Again, thank you.


Speaking of connectedness we have the same wellies!! How cool is that? I love mine. Oh, I learnt a new word the other day from my in-laws and I think you are a master at it...Nature/forest bathing. Have you heard of it?


Lucy, I believe there are some floral wellies in Hotter - and currently reduced, although your size may not be available:
but to be honest, I love your spotty ones!
Beautiful photos, as always - like others on here, I really look forward to seeing a new post from you.
Thank you, Lucy. x

Sharon Bindloss

DearLucy I love so much reading your blog you are such an inspiration and I have learnt crochet through your blogs.I look forward to having a go at beautiful granny Josephine take care regards from Melbourne Australia

Tracy Bache

Oh thank you soooooo much Lucy for your uplifting words and pictures today. Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed. Lovely hormones and migraine.😥I felt that it was a day of non existence.I tried to do a spot of hooking but every time I looked down I felt sick. Woke up today and Sun is shining in Dudley. I reached for my kindle to see what you up to. You really do brighten my day. Stay safe.


Granny Josephine is looks fabulous, it’s reminding me of a hot water bottle laying in the table like that, maybe Tilly thought that’s what it was 😂
Great to see some different views from your walks.
It looks such a beautiful area you live in, the tall building are fantastic.
Sending a virtual hug back xx


Dear Lucy, the pigeons that came to meet you are hungry, poor little ones! Bring them some bread or some rest of the kitchen... they will love you and be happy! It is a joy to feed the animals you meet on the street... lisa from Italy (sorry for my English)

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