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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 01, 2020


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Carol Juniper

Have loved your blogs through October, many thanks. Your home town looks really lovely from all your photos and is now on the list of places to visit in the future. Yours is one of the first blogs I ever followed and it has never failed to inspire me, long may it continue.

Ariadne Desarro

So wonderful to see your lovely photos and snap shots into your life. I noticed a beautiful pin cushion in one of her photo's that caught my eye. Did you make it? The colours of the fabric are gorgeous! I ordered October's counted cross stitch from Cotton and Twine and can't wait to start it. Have you started yours? In Ireland we have been back in "lockdown" a couple of weeks now and it seems to be helping. My fondest thoughts to you and your family.


Thank you so much Lucy for returning now November is here. I wasn't alone in bracing myself as October drew to a close for a gap in my comfort moments during each day. Your blog has provided a reassuring steadiness throughout October. I don't expect to see you every day but am so pleased that you will be dropping in from the Attic periodically as we all head back into Lockdown.
I wish you and your lovely family well and look forward to your beautiful photos and news of how you are able to find pleasure in these troubling times.

barbara woods

enjoyed reading your blog

Gillian McM

Sitting here in the US on the eve of the fraught election, missing England (home), and seeking comfort I turn to your blog and find it. Thank you dear Lucy for the endless gifts you give us, photos, patterns, ideas, thoughts. They all mean so much to me.

Mary D

Hi Lucy, so glad you will continue blogging. As I have said before,I have been following your blog,since the children were very young,and loved to read what you had all been doing,and baking together! And I have done many of your blanket patterns,I started of with the hat,and now my fingers aren’t as flexible,I do still try to crochet,as well as crafting,and baking.
The best way I can describe how I think of your blog ,is to say that it is like reading a good book,that you can’t put down,and don’t want it to finish!
Keep up all that you have been doing so well,but first and foremost look after yourself,and enjoy your life with your family. Well done little B! And I hope little lady is on the mend and feeling better soon! Best wishes from mary D x
best wishes from mary D x


I’ve really enjoyed your daily posts. Visiting Britain is at the top of my bucket list and your blog is such a fun glimpse into your corner of the world. Thank you!

Anne at Shintangle Studio

What a treat to come to the Attic today and find a November post, Lucy; I'd assumed you'd take a break after your excellent work with blogtober. It's been a real tonic having your daily posts to look forward to, and I'm thrilled that you'll continue to post regularly in November too.

Victoria C.

Hi there!!

I just found your blog and was hoping you would be able to get in contact with me to help solve the creative problem of crocheting a Tulip Poplar flower? I work at Go Ape and our season is coming to an end, so I would like to crochet one for each of my coworkers as thanks for a great season. (We have a huge Poplar tree that we all adore.) Would you be interested in helping me? If you don't have the time, could you link me to a potential pattern that just needs some small edits?

Thank you for your time and all the amazing work you do :)

Deborah Robinson

Thank you for making my October special! Your daily Blogtober postings have lifted my spirits and quickly became one of my favorite things to read.
Thank you <3


I loved every Blogtober post. And I'm especially happy that you'll continue. Many thanks from my corner of the world.

Rosie Rogers

Thank you sooooooo much for your month of blogging during October. It has been like having a chat with a good friend every day and I have so much enjoyed it. I certainly do appreciate all the time, commitment and energy you have put into this project. Thanks and best wishes to you and your family.


Thank you for all the time and commitment you have put in to bring us these daily posts - much appreciated, and the photos are lovely. Greetings from a very windy !Isle of Wight!

laura k

Thanks for your ongoing writing... I think it helps with the "lockdown blues". I have been photographing my days just so that I can create a memory of this time when it seems to be the same thing day after day- but really there is something special and beautiful each day.....sometimes it is flowers, some chalk art kindness drawn on the sidewalk, my dog doing something cheeky, progress on our roof that is being replaced. I don't want this year to go by without being marked and fully lived despite the limitations placed on us... does that make sense? Also- thanks for the excellent explain of your school system and how it all works. different and similar at the same time as the US- the good news is you all are happy with how it is turning out for Medium size B. Congratulations to all. Enjoy the day- I am off to work now at 5 in the morning!!!! uggg- I would have enjoyed a lie in myself- soon enough- sending safe hugs across the pond.


Your reflection photo of the canal looks just like a painting. No wonder it captured your attention. A lovely shot.

Hope Little Lady is feeling better.


Thank you so much for the last month. I realise that it must have been a huge commitment in time and energy but it has been lovely. In these uncertain times it has been nice to have a breath of good Yorkshire air to enjoy.
Congratulations to Little B and my husband says thank you - not for the silly crochet square I seem to make but for the Lemon Drizzle Cake which is a triumph!


Another beautiful post, thank you.
Stay positive during lockdown, I’m in Melbourne, Australia, we are just starting to see our lockdown restrictions ease after 5 months.


Thank you for your regular posts. I like many others have read regularly, but never left comments. I wanted to comment now because positive feedback is important to re-affirm how valued your posts are, especially during this time when our worlds are so small. Your writing, photos etc are always welcome & it's good to see more of Yorkshire than my little bit by the coast.


We are very lucky indeed to connect this way with each other, all crafters on here. It must have been a massive task to write every day this last month. I tried to read and comment every day, as a thank you. Your attic window looks out on a lovely place in this world, as most of us look from the inside out too. Little Lady stays little until the end of times as she's your child. My little youngest is a huge almost 2-meter muscled, big man, underneath his arm I fit. But still my little man. It's flying around, this cold, my kids had the same. Fever, cloaked nose, sore throat. Thank goodness no COVID.


I have been reading your blog for years. I'm not one to comment but I did feel the need to write today and thank you for your month of posts.
I can't imagine how much energy it must take to write every single day for a month.
So I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and to tell you to relax now and enjoy November as best you can. We will all still be here whenever you post again.


Thank you Lucy! This is exactly what we need right now, a little thing to look forward to each day! I love reading about your world! x

Victoria Margerison

Good morning Lucy. I have enjoyed your blogs so much, they make me smile and your photos make me appreciate the beauty of nature. I am obsessed with taking photos of the beach and sea, especially when the sand is wet and reflects the sky. I have so many but am always looking for the perfect photo! The coast here in Norfolk is very beautiful. I was born in Lancashire so love to see your streets which always take me back to my childhood.Have a simply splendid Sunday and thanks for sharing your October with us all.


Always enjoy your posts, especially the treat of one every day throughout October. Thank you. Good luck to managing as many as possible in November. Your photographs are always so lovely. I too love canal walks - we are lucky to have a few near us although we do have to drive to them all before we can start the actual walk. In August we were lucky to have a a couple of days near Brecon and did a wonderful 6 miles walk from the B&B to walk along the canal and back to the B&B again. A super day, lots of traffic on the canal and also on the towpath. It also had the canal one side and the river the other, so many flowers and beautiful trees.

Debbie Mitton

Thank you for your snippets each day, they are a little lift in an otherwise low time xx

Sue Yates

Hi Lucy
You have given me a lovely reminder of a dead friend who sadly died 3 years ago at 53.She was a cricket widow and in cricket season once the cricket tea had been delivered I went round to play ,all things creative .She had a passion for magazines which were passed to me which I then distributed to various people and Drs surgeries.
I do miss her she loved craft ,gardening and wildlife especially hedgehogs who she helped rescue .
I think of her most days but this gave me a very specific memory x

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