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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 02, 2020


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I am so with you on the cosy home vibe! Love a blazing fire to snuggle up with. I’m currently teaching myself the stitches for the moorland blanket, am getting confident with double crochet now. Might be a while yet before the proper wool is used though! Glad you have carried on blogging intro November x


I am living in a drought prone area, & look with great envy at your rainy day pictures. The woods and trails in your photos look so cool & refreshing. If the snow gets you down, have a look at artist Hannah Bullen-Ryner's instagram (@hannahbullenryanart). You will be amazed, inspired, & just maybe uplifted.

Tracy Bache

Thank you Lucy for some small glimpse of sanity in a world of madness at the moment.Your blog really grounds me at the moment and I love nothing more than curling up on the sofa,with a cuppa and reading your days adventures and love your picture's. No pressure but keep it up please.xx


Just want to say how uplifting and comforting I find your blog and have looked forward to it every day during October. So happy to know you will try to keep it going. What makes your writing special is the way you make simple everyday pleasures into something joyful, which teaches me to be grateful for my own life in the same way. Your photography skills are excellent and really make me appreciate how lucky we are to live in Skipton. Thank you, Lucy.


I love reading your blog and have been following you for years now but never posted a comment before, but these days, reading about how you take such comfort from small pleasures has really cheered me. I have enjoyed your blogtober so much. Thank you

Jean Blythe

I love seeing your autumn countryside photos! The sun through the clouds gives a very different mood of edgy sunshine. We had a cold snap the last two days but now are looking at some warmer days through the weekend. I’m planning to get out in the sunshine later today, having already voted by mail.


Just love Granny Josephine and very excited to see her ready for action. Your blog continues to be so uplifting, your photos are perfect at capturing the beautiful ever changing nature. Thank you for bringing your world to us however 'samey' you think it is, it is still a beautiful read. Feels like a catch up with a friend that leaves you feeling warm and positive, a beautiful moment I treasure. Hope little lady bounces back soon. Take good care, you are a national treasure in my eyes


Now, I wonder would that tactic work for me..... order small bottle, get big bottle at small bottle price! Kerching! LOL

It's been miserable here in N Ireland too, but is lovely and bright today, my favourite autumn weather, sunny a bit blustering and cold.


Can I just say I am loving these daily posts, so thank you so much for taking the time to write to us 😍😍😍 it is very much appreciated!!


We had the remnants of Zeta here in Virginia on Thursday and Friday. Then yesterday we had very strong winds in the morning. I'm not sure what those were from. I love your daily posts. Didn't realize you were doing them until yesterday, so I "binge" read all of your October posts! Love hearing from you daily but understand not being able to do it all the time. Just hope you are going to be here a lot more often! You've inspired me to pick up long, long forgotten crochet (much longer than your Josephine bag) -- your Cozy Blanket. I'm going to finish it this month. Thanks for your time and inspiration.


Hi! I follow you every day from Italy. Thanks for your posts! Ciao!


Thanks Lucy for continuing the daily blogs, I have enjoyed every single one through October and hoped you would continue. The weather here in North Yorkshire has been as erratic as that you have been experiencing and the Ouse has burst the banks. However, when the sun comes out, everything is still looking glorious but the wind is slowly stripping the leaves from the trees. Love Granny Josephine bag and the thought of floral wellies, just what I expect you to have! Keep safe and stay well X

Trudi Partridge

Granny bag is looking good. I wonder why I have never done granny squares as they are such a lovely patchwork of colours, well yours are! I think the storm reached us this morning, it was raining so hard I thought the shower was running when I went into the bathroom this morning. The road looked like a fast running stream. It's settling down now. I went out in the sun yesterday to pick up a book from the library, full of vintage makes and recycling. Inspiration for Christmas I hope and occupation for the next few weeks of lockdown. Good to see your shopping list had all the essentials xxx


Thank you so much for posting today and showing your progress on your bag. It is looking really great and I am looking forward to seeing it finished💕


Lucy, you have no idea how much I enjoy these daily posts! Thank you very much :-).


I do enjoy your daily posts. And I am so anxious to make a granny Josephine bag. I will add it to the long list of things I want to make. You really do live in such a beautiful town. I love all the pictures. Makes me want to get out and explore....only problem is where I live in Massachusetts USA I have to drive to explore. I live on a dead end street but it's off a fairly busy road. But they did just put sidewalks in so at least I don't have to walk in the street anymore. But it is not the least bit scenic and the noise you hear is traffic. But we are here at least another 4 years before we will move to a more scenic area.


Glad you were able to get out and enjoy a bit of a break in the rain..and the wonderful coffee! :::mug clink::: Beautiful bag. I am certainly getting in the mood to pick up my hook again! Love your inspiring blog!


I do hope Josephine & yourself enjoy your Prosecco!

Love reading what your brain creates!
Take care & hugs from Australia 😍


Do fit and able-bodied people not do their own shopping in person any more? I ask because last lockdown it was very evident that many people well able to bring home their own shopping, having cars and fit and able family members in addition to themselves, are taking up delivery slots that the old and vulnerable can simply not utilise in consequence.

There are people who run out of food while trying to get a delivery slot, people who really can't go to the shops themselves. Perhaps people might free up spaces for those that really do depend on them? Corona times are different from the norm. Enough said.

Elise Speed

Your granny bag is turning out so gorgeous!! Your hand stitching is absolutely perfect!!!! It's amazing to think about the remnants of that hurricane affecting you all. It was here in the state of North Carolina just last week and a tree fell on our neighbor's house. Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage wasn't too bad. And I have a secret to share...I've never had prosecco before! Lol! I think I may need to try it someday!

Claire Hayden

Ooh, your bag is coming along nicely. Exciting! x


We had no idea about the flooding in Yorkshire, weather news seems to have been blown off the media by Covid-19 and US elections. Thanks for leading us to that news report.

Angela Glae

It’s been so lovely reading your posts every day!! I lol when you mentioned the Prosecco, haha! Thank you for bringing light, colour and laughter to me here in New Zealand!

Deb, Wisconsin

Your proseco comment made me laugh out loud! What a beautiful area.


Your bag is going to be fabulous 😀😀 Loved spending my morning here today xo

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