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November 16, 2020


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Everyday we have a visit from a male blackbird . The first visit he ate 24 Pyracantha berries since then he usually eats about 17 or so . The gobbling is funny and is over in minutes . An everyday treat for him and us . xxJane Reading


Forgot to add. You inspire me every post. On the sixth row of squares of your Aria blanket and the colours fill my ❣


Interesting to see that you put the cream on top of the jam ( on your scones)
That’s what we do in Australia. When we travelled through Devon a few years ago we were surprised that they do Devonshire tea with the jam on top of the cream!


Lovely post Lucy, never too old to try anything. Must say that I haven’t eaten a persimmon, if I see some will definitely try. Living by the coast in Pembrokeshire can be very windy 🌬 especially at this time of the year and this weekend it was extremely so and drizzling rain ☔️ so walking wasn’t an option. My mantle is Autumn dressed but cannot wait to replace everything with my Jim Shore Father Christmases, waiting for the postie to deliver a couple more.
Have a great week. Look forward to your next post 💕

Margaret T

Thank you for another beautiful post full of thanks for life's humble blessings. We planted a 'precocious persimmon' 20 years ago in our sandy, Melbourne backyard. It has only really started to take off heightwise in the last few years and it remains a battle to beat the possums and rodents to the ripe fruit. They even ate through nylon produce bags we'd used to 'net' them, last year!

My mother-in-law has a delicious individual steamed persimmon pudding recipe for soft and gooey persimmons. During a family holiday stay in Florence in late November several years ago there was an enormous persimmon tree in the courtyard next door - as high as the apartment we were staying in up 50 steps (and surrounded by similar dwellings near the Basilica di Santa Croce). It was a beacon of hope in an environment otherwise dominated by stone and concrete (admittedly historic and charming) buildings and pavements and compromised light!


Yesterday, I bought myself my firts hyacinth bolb (bulb?-can't figure out the spelling :-) I went to Lidl for some shopping, and there it was! I got one straight away. I've only regretted for not getting another one.
Thank you for the lovely photos again... We're in lockdown here in Greece. I still get to go to my work, so my life hasns't changed tremendously. I can enjoy the colours of the autumn when I'm home and have been enjoying the very mild autumn we've been having this year. Have a great day Lucy....


If you have time, could you tell me which is the right side of your blankets. Is there a way to tell? I am just finishing up my Covid blanket (which is actually your Dahlia pattern) which I started using the wool I already had as I was locked down for months.
Persimmons are on my list of things to try. I am older than you and have never tried them. Isnt it good that there are still new things to discover.


Delightful blog as always. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. 😊


Hi there longtime reader, first time responder :) Couldn't resist sharing this little bit of persimmon lore with you, as it is a new to you fruit. Hope you enjoy this fun way we look at persimmon fruit here in the states :) Devyn


Your mantel is very inviting looking. Very Autumn. Do you have a pattern for the pumpkins? I didn’t see one. Enjoy your walks and that wonderful fireplace. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie Farrow

Me again sorry for the missed words in last post. Not easy using iPhone.

Jackie Farrow

Lovely as always. I had a busy Saturday, meeting my friend at our yearly meet up at a Vintage market. I must say not a lot of social distancing happening which did make me feel a little uncomfortable. Plus I think they count numbers so was far too many people in there. A part from that, we really do enjoy these events. Normally I spend far too there but I’m starting to down size my collections so was very good. I did buy a birthday gift for my daughter and 3 wooden items. One being a small mouse who is adorable. I wish I could show him to you. Remind me of when we were on holiday in the UK 2018 (I came you said hello to you at Yarndale). One of the places we stayed at we were asked if we could spot around there a visitor, can’t remember what they called him, he was a mouse so my new wooden mouse reminds me of that one. I’m thinking of moving him around the house. A little like Elf on the shelf! Sunday was a very quite day, husband playing bowls and I vac’s and cleaned the floor (tiles). Amongst I did crochet some more “Leo” Granny Squares, blanket is coming along nicely. Regards Jackie

Angela Glae

Hi Lucy! Lovely to see your post, and I do love the aqueduct! I love that about England, all the old buildings etc that are riddled with history! Love it! Our history here in New Zealand only goes back 150 years so we don’t have the same. I’ve been aware of persimmons for about 10-15 years now we have them in the shops every autumn/winter and I just love them! They are such a great cheerful addition to the usual apples, pears and banana’s we get in winter. I too wondered why I hadn’t heard about them before. Someone told me they are a very old fashioned fruit so I’m guessing they must have gone out of vogue at some stage and then reintroduced. Occasionally, when travelling long distance, we’ve driven passed a persimmon orchard and the sight is truly amazing! Beautiful trees, absolutely covered in bright orange fruit! What I find is the fruit can turn quickly. One day they seem the perfect ripeness and the next they’re too ripe! Could be to do with our warmer weather perhaps.

Life continues as normal here unless we want to travel etc. My 21 year old daughter is desperate to get home. She’s nannying in London, not enjoying it anymore and with the lockdown in England she can’t go to the pubs etc that the young ones like to do. But our quarantine hotels are fully booked so she can’t even get back to her own country. Very upsetting for us all but at least she is ok and is still managing to earn money. We’ll see her soon anyway I’m sure 😊

Sorry for the book I’ve just written! Enjoy the persimmons!

Lynn Walsh

Hi Lucy, I'm a Cornish girl so I partake of the clotted cream frequently, this time of year on mince pies! Nothing like it, lol. I rarely balance it out with fruit but considering how this year has gone, I have to say I don't care 🤣

I long to come to your part of the world for woodland walks and take out coffee. And I so wish we still had an open fire. Radiators just aren't the same.

Charlotte Pountney

Lovely slow, steady days...savour every one.
I'm with J on the scent of hyacynths though...better blooming outside!

Deb, Wisconsin

I too got out my cross stitch this weekend. So fun watching my white Aida cloth slowly come to life with beautiful colors of floss. So many cute Christmas patterns online.


Beautiful post Lucy and did so enjoy the walk. Been doing plenty here. Yum to the scones a nice indulgence 😀😀😀❤❤

Corinna Mazzotta

Ah gorgeous white hyacinths - looks like I'm going to get pink ones. Boo! ☹
Thank you for taking me on a lovely walk again - apart from a short trip to the nurse practitioner (possible tonsillitis for the teen and a similarly horrid throat issue for me) we have been stuck at home. Had planned a walk but promised leek & potato soup for the teen who can't swallow solid food and by the time I'd made it the weather had turned so hubby got soaked just going to the compost bin!
Adult teen is furloughed too and hubby still jobless but interview tomorrow so maybe this time? Taking one day at a time is the only way to go for us at present.


Am assuming you are disappointed with your crochet bag as no mention of it. I've not had persimmons even though a week or so ago they were on offer. I've got a giant mango which is currently like a rock but hoping it will ripen.

Our lock down is very tame I think, when compared to other countries. For some people it's a relaxing time yet for others highly stressful and busy. I feel sorry for people who work in retail and who haven't had a break, deal with rude people and are exposed to covid 19 daily. Many of us should just be more patient, these are serious times but most of us are fortunate.


Dog walks are about as exciting as it gets around here, but I'm happy enough with that. We meet up with a chum or two and the beasts gallop around while I have a quick chat. Gorgeous rainbow shot. Oh and the clotted cream... Happy sigh. CJ xx


Thank you. Again. For inspiring me to crochet, (I can’t crochet but I did) two of your blankets; for introducing me to The Shell Seekers and Rosamund Pilcher (audiobooks are my escape), for reminding me of hyacinths - my grandma always had bowls prepped for Christmas but I’ve hunted until I could buy some which hopefully I haven’t killed repotting them and for reminding me to look, slow down and enjoy even walking the dogs in the rain. I even got some flowers. For making foul weather, short days and a crazy world a bit nicer. By the way your red soup is lush!


It’s lovely to share in your slow days - we all need a little ‘go slow’ sometimes. Thank you.
Talking of sharing weekend news - I really must say thank you for the Dune blanket colourwash pattern Lucy. I gifted the blanket this weekend to my eldest son and daughter-in-law for their first wedding anniversary and they loved it.

Kristine S

Your autumn... our spring! But at 36 degrees it's just a leeetle too warm, a quite a bit scary for the summer to come in Australia 🇦🇺
Yesterday wasn't pleasant, lunching outdoors in it, but the drive around one of our national parks was good in an air-conditioned car!


Just thought I would tell you that cheese and persimmons go very well together!! Oh and crackers, maybe something unusual like fig based ones? But you may have to come over to nz for those!!


Beautiful as usual.

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