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November 06, 2020


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Teresa Kasner

I'm glad you had so many happy moments in this post even if you have some iffy moments. Truly, your life does seem very cozy and ideal. I am glad you appreciate these special times with all the kids at home, as the empty nest comes too fast. Then it's weddings and grandkids soon enough! Thanks for the links, you are such a dear and wonderful blog friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Thank you Lucy for sharing those amazing photos.... Due to workload I haven't really been able to be out. So, this morning just before work (Greece has started being in lockdown but the company I work for, can be open) I've really enjoyed your walk and lovely pictures. And those skies... I loooove looking up in the sky and look at those lovely clouds... xx

Elizabeth Denny

I loved that woodland blanket, and I love autumn, my favourite season. We're heading into summer here and I am so happy to get a glimpse of autumn beauty up your way.
We've just come out of a second lockdown of 4 long, long months, which has been very hard, but we have just had 8 coronavirus free days in a row! I hope your efforts will be rewarded too. I hope the beauty around you will help you & your family to keep well.


Reading your post and watching your photos just make me feel better. Thanks.

Margaret k

Beautiful photos and lovely post. We all get wobbly from time to time!


Oh, I'm excited about your Meadow blanket already!! I've been wanting to make a meadow blanket ever since we went to Austria a couple of years ago and saw the lovely alpine meadows. The colours you have chosen look gorgeous!
That photo of the canal is beautiful, and reminds me of a couple of happy family canal boat holidays on the Leeds & Liverpool canal. Thank you Lucy!


I have enjoyed reading your blog every day, often before I go to bed. It’s very relaxing and calming to see your pictures and hear your gentle description of every day goings on. Comments are all so complimentary too. Good night and thank you xx

Debbie McCaffery

Hey Lucy,
Thanks for another lovely cheering post! It always makes my day. I bought subscription with Cotton and Twine after reading about it in one of your previous posts. Cross stitch was the second craft I learnt after learning embroidery at the age of 7 (a very long time ago). In recent years I’ve loved crochet more but the designs of this company seemed really modern and gorgeous, so couldn’t resist. Thank you so much for mentioning them otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered them. Xx

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy!
Again, another lovely blog post! So enjoy you photos but also your description of the days events. I know what you mean about this lockdown melancholy. We just have to take one day at a time. Getting outside helps me too! Winter will be a bit of a challenge...perhaps Irish coffee instead of prosecco.
Take care!


Recently discovered your site and love reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful pictures. You truly live in lovely part of the world. Life is tough at this time and I count my blessings living in Australia we have not been as badly affected as the rest of the world. Thank you for sharing and bringing laughter and joy to others.

Lyn in NZ

you do know, don't you, that those clouds came straight from NZ - we often get silver fern clouds over here!! they are so pretty and eye catching - what we rarely get are the true mackerel skies that often foretell rain in the UK...both beautiful for photographing.

have a wonderful weekend Lucy in your Attic - the month will spin away before you know it...

Linda from Boston

Oh no!!!! I have the Woodland Blanket kit waiting for me. But I’m finishing my second coastal stripe......but I’m knitting socks!.........., I kept meaning to ask if you’re going to have a CAL!!! So much to work on.......and I love it❣️ Will be looking forward to seeing more. Hope the lockdown doesn’t affect Wool Warehouse’s shipping!!


Excited looking forward to the Meadow blanket cal, I don’t even need to see it to know I will buy it and love it. I’m just about to start the Aria blanket.
I’ve had a wobbly week but crochet keeps me happy and my mind off of the day to day life. So thank you for all the hard work you put into your crochet and blog 💕


Your posts are the highlight of my days. I’m in the US and with rising Covid and done-not-done election going on it’s such a treat. Thank you 🙏


I always get a bit melancholy after the time change in November. I think it's the suddenness of the darkness in the evening. Believe me, I am grateful for every speck of sunshine that comes my way!


Honestly, your posts are divine. I love that canal photo so much, and your afternoon/evening at home sounds deliciously cosy. I know what you mean about the ebb and flow of emotions. I find that usually it is things on the inside of my mind that have changed, and that external things haven't much, so I tell myself that it's just my mind, if that makes sense. I used to really enjoy cross stitch, but somehow the light isn't quite good enough here at the moment. I need a lamp I think. I do have one or two to do though. I hope you have a good weekend with a little stitching time. CJ xx

Angela Glae

I loved the pic of the power pole with all the wires! Thank you for another uplifting post! I’m sorry to hear that England is in another lock down, in our lockdowns here in New Zealand it always seemed like there was a melancholic atmosphere everywhere you went. My 21 year old daughter is in England and was going to fly home for Christmas but with England’s lockdown and the fact that NZ isolation hotels are fully booked (everyone trying to get back for Christmas) sadly we won’t be seeing her. It’s been a horrible year but let’s hope next year is much better! xxxx 🌺🌼🌸💐


Clouds are amazing. No matter how fortunate we are in our lives, if you feel down, you feel down, it just has to pass. The new blanket sounds lovely.


Hooray!!!!!!!! That’s honestly made my day Lucy xxx

Deb, Wisconsin

The pictures of that sky were just mesmerizing! We also have lost most of the leaves in my area. I do love though, the sound and smell of walking through them. Cross stitch sounds perfect and I think I'll get mine out and join you.

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