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November 17, 2020


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Cathy Nyberg

Do you have a tutorial anywhere on how you do your color changes? Your work is so beautiful and clean. I can’t seem to find a skein join or color change method that doesn’t end up looking like a mess, or that does continue to end up with raw ends sticking out of the work.

Becky DuBose

I just love your photos at any time of year. Takes me back to when I lived in Aynho and Yarnton. Where does the canal connect? I saw several boats in Yarnton when I lived there.


Wow! Those meadow blanket colours and flowers are amazing! Even down here in Kangarooland I soak up all your episodes of the UK gardening show Gardeners World and they regularly talk about the beauty and importance of meadow flowers to encourage people to grow them for our bees and pollinators. They also mentioned that many of your species of meadow flowers native to the UK are endangered. Maybe your beautiful blanket might help raise awareness for that?
The light in your rain cloud photos is glorious! I love that golden pre-storm glow. It's a pity it blew over you :)

Laurel Pries

Hi Lucy, love the colors you have chosen for your next blanket, can't wait as I hurry along on Aria.....keep up the good work!! Laurel

Claire Brown

I think the dark clouds were the 7000 burning tyres in Bradford. We had the same dark sky passing over before it got to Skipton.

Mary W

The little glimpse of your crocheted meadow is wonderful - I can't stop looking at the blue/purple blend. It makes me so happy just to see it. My brother told me to slow down eating since I could enjoy tasting each bite more and letting my tongue enjoy all the flavors. He said I can't possibly enjoy my food as much if I wolf it down as if I was trying to get rid of it. That worked for me, I did slow down and he was right. Now I save my favorite tastes for last when I eat - enjoying them slowly. Hard to get used to but worth it in the end.

Claire Hayden

I love the moody photos, but how on earth did it not rain! Looking forward to the 24th....excited!!!

Tracy Bache

Oh I soooooo can't wait to order my pack.So excited. Colours are beautiful. 👍It's been dull here in Dudley. I'm working from my spare room,which over looks my small garden. We have a fuschia Bush that we haven't cut back and it still has crimson flowers on it that cheer me up.

Kim F

I love these colors! I'm actually considering striping the Meadow colors against a dark solid (possibly the new French Navy) to make a new blanket for our bed. I'm currently finishing my first Lucy blanket - a Coastal stripe - and I can hardly wait to start another.


Oh my oh my oh my. I cannot wait to get my hands on this new kit. It’s even prettier than I’d hoped / expected / dreamed. You are a beautiful artist!

Rosie Ann

I'm the same about my morning porridge! Even look forward to it the night before! Haha! Usually oat or almond milk with tons of berries and a drizzle of honey, but sometimes for a treat with coconut milk, chopped banana and mango chunks (frozen ones from Aldi, defrosted). A tropical treat mmmmmm.:) xx

Linda from Boston

Oohhh. Can’t wait to meander in the meadow!!!


Those skies remind me of living in the north of Scotland! Lovely to look at but cold brrrr!

Looking forward to Meadow, so better get back to Aria, which I am really enjoying.

Stay safe Lucy xx

Coastal Ripples

I love those dramatic grey skies too. The light when it come through is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see your next blanket; the colours are some of my favourites. B x


Oooo meadow looks like another beautiful colour palette! I'm still working on Dahlia for my daughter, but she has told me she'd prefer something more rainbow-like... this might be perfect for her

Charlotte Pountney

The November weather and autumn colours have been exceptionally beautiful...or maybe it's that we have all had to slow down, and so have enjoyed the small things more? Not everything CV has brought has been bad.
Your new blanket colours are beautiful with their meadow foliage. Perhaps I will pick up a crochet hook for the firsst time in about 40 years!


Meadow colours look lovely


I love thunderous skies and wild weather, it's so invigorating. The dog is slightly less keen. Love the meadow colours, you've got them just right. I shall look forward to seeing more. CJ xx

Kathryn Grimshaw

Beautiful colours! I love them!
Im not sure about taking things slowly, but you do seem to pack a lot in! 😊
Looking after your family, taking exercise , embroidery, crochet , and planning your next big make, as well as taking the time to make others happy by posting your blogs. I would call that busy busy!


That sky is amazing. I do love a moody sky

Clare rynn

Oh how lovely! I really look forward to this bit of cheeriness xx


Hello, Lucy,

I just love when the light is moody like that! And to walk in the wind.
Your nature-ispired palettes are so clever, the result is always utterly beautiful.
We are on Tuesday, so I reckon I can still wish you a nice week!

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