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November 11, 2020


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I’d just like to add something which has helped me enormously with my terrible menopause symptoms, especially hot flushes and night sweats which have left me exhausted (I have ME as well and my body currently hates me lol) and waking up every two hours for months, I was exhausted, tearful, sweaty, uncomfortable and bad tempered. Then I discovered, quite by accident, about sage as a supplement - I was on Amazon looking at vitamins and anything else to help with menopause when in the “ this is what other people who looked at this have bought” bit of the page I noticed lots of people had bought sage tablets, so, as you do, I went to have a look and see why.

It turns out that sage has been used for centuries to help with menopause symptoms and for general inflammation. The reviews were all saying how people were now sleeping though and their hot flushes had gone, so I thought I’d give it a try as by this point I was desperate. It did take three weeks to work and I do have to take a large dose, which isn’t true of everyone, most people seem to manage on the normal dose and lots seem to find it only takes a week or so to work, but it completely and I mean TOTALLY eliminated my hot flushes day and night. Just......gone. I was astonished and I’m not ashamed to say I had a little cry with relief the day I realised it had actually worked, I was so exhausted with it all.

There are lots of different types, but these are the ones that see, to work best for me. I don’t know what’s in them that affects the hot flushes but whatever it is, it’s magical. I gave them to my daughter to try as she’s always suffered from night sweats and it’s completely got rid of them for her too. She uses a different brand to me but they seem to work just as well for her.

So here’s the one I use and I hope that this will help someone else, especially if like me, you’re trying to avoid HRT and need something to stop life being quite so miserable with hot flushes. Give it time, and try upping the dose if you don’t get any results. I have to take 8 of these whoppers a day but I don’t care, I’m flush free and that’s good enough for me! Plus the anti inflammatory effect is making a difference to my arthritis too, I’ve been able to reduce my painkilling medication as well, so a double win.

( I hope it’s alright to post the link, please do remove it if not).


Judy Bell

Hello Lucy, when i read this today i felt like i was reading about me...except your diet is so much better than mine. Thank you so much for sharing your journey...it made me feel very connected to you as I think we may be on a very similar journey even though Im in Australia. We spend most of our lives looking after everyone else and I believe at our age its time to put ourselves first. Take care x


Thanks for this post! 💖
After 7 months of lockdown I thought I never exercise again!
But I do! And I'll give a try to Lucy, 7 minutes sounds like a nice start🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Congratulations for your effort!!!


Well done adjusting food and exercise routines. I find sticking with any exercise program difficult....perhaps a smartwatch would keep me on the task.

Coastal Ripples

A fascinating post Lucy with lots of great healthy ideas. Exercise is my number one important factor to keeping healthy and happy but I agree diet too is so important. Glad you have made such progress this year :) B x

Lily Veenendaal

Dear Lucy,
Thank you so much for this post!! It is good to read that a thing like this can actually be done!You have given so many useful links, especially about the food. Being in the peri menopauze is just awful and annoying and there seems to be no end to it. But now I have new inspiration to get the better of it. I want to add that I have been doing Tai Chi for years now, and it has helped really much for pains in the joints etc and it is always fun!!


Thank you for sharing your journey. It's inspired me to take better care of myself.


Thank you so much for sharing, it was very interesting and inspiring! Congratulations on your wellness success!


I just caught up with your post and am happy to read about your “journey” also. I, too have started one myself and feel sooooo much better. I found that once I gave up the sweet stuff, it stopped calling my name. 😄. You have great advice about the exercise and I will look up those you tube sites. Keep up the great work.

Sarah F.

Thank you for sharing this information. I can’t wait to check out those exercise videos, seven minutes sounds awesome to me :) You’re always inspiring.


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G total inspirational post thank you for sharing :)

Miriam Faulkner

So great to read your wellness journey and I’m delighted for you that you are reaping the rewards of your efforts! I’ve just checked out the other Lucy and her 7 minute workouts and they look great! Definitely something I could manage. Thanks lovely x


Well done, Lucy. I have the same amount to lose that you did and you have inspired me. I've read for years and never left a comment. I want you to know how much I love the glimpses of life there in your attic, your town, the rolling hills.... Your blog is art made life and life made art.

Jacquie Welbourn

Oh, thank you so much for the motivation and wonderful recommendations Lucy. I've just followed your link and done a HIIT with Lucy...she's great, so achievable and just what I need to get back into a more structured exercise routine. I do some squats and knee lifts daily, but I needed to mix it up a bit and this is exactly the incentive I needed. Well done on your wellness journey. Some of your photos won't load but I had noticed how trim you were looking these days over on Instagram. It's such a positive thing to do, to invest in our wellbeing and you are wonderful at sharing in an inclusive way.
lots of love
Jacquie xxx


Hi Lucy, since March and the start of isolation here, my husband has been working from home and we’ve been walking during his breaks on the computer (he needs to get up and stretch and just can’t sit any longer). We do between 2-3 miles a day. I’ve been cooking ‘cleaner’ also and have noticed my weight drops little by little each week. I will be checking out the videos you mentioned for added exercise. I’ve just entered my 60’s and feel better than I’ve felt in years. I feel we have so much in common. I really do appreciate the Amazon links you add, the company has been a Godsend during isolation! Thank you.


I applaud your great efforts to wellness.

Jane H

Lovely post and thanks for all the useful links, I'm feeling perimenopausal too AND very stiff/creaky after 7 months WFH. Can recommand Dr Salisbury book for learning to listen to when you are sated and when you are genuinely hungry. I went vegan at the start of lockdown which was pretty radical, but I am losing slowly. Motivation goes out the window on Friday night, I can't be left unattended with chocolate or alcohol! :)


You've made wise and excellent choices for getting back to health and losing some surplus weight in the process! We owe it to our bodies to look after them as best we can. I cut out all sugar and dairy and gluten in wheat and cereals. All of these things create inflammation in our joints. I make delicious breakfast muffins from almond and coconut flour and even the odd birthday cake with almonds replacing flour and Xylitol (a natural sweetener from Birch bark) instead of sugar. I just allow myself one square of 78-85% cocoa chocolate each day. It has really paid off too.
I eat ewe's or goat's cheese occasionally, it doesn't have the same inflammatory effect as cow's dairy food.
Doing exercise is a wonderful way to keep fit as well.

Let's keep up our healthy way of living!


Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, BRAVO! You look so happy and healthy 😊 and I truly enjoyed your post about your journey and new routines. I’ve recently begun the same journey after menopause dragged me down an unwanted path. Five weeks in and 10 pounds down and I already feel so much better. I’ve been concentrating on whole foods and sleep but am ready to add exercise to my routine. Thank you so much for the links, particularly the 7 minute workouts as these appear to be just what I would enjoy and could commit to. Love your blog and all that you share. Again, thank you! And Bravo! Xoxo

Mary H

Good for you for taking care of yourself! Thanks for sharing the information.


Looks like a lot of folks are interested in your wellness journey. I have had a Fitbit for years and I still love it. Working on staying asleep here. Been waking up much too early. Maybe I need a new pillow! Thanks for all the details and links.


Well done for putting this year to good use.
I do enjoy reading your posts but it does make me quite sad that you link to Amazon so often. They really are a bad company and there are so many alternatives. Let’s face it you probably pay more tax that they do.


Well done, keep it going! So proud of you.

Julie Hodges

Lovely post Lucy, I found Slimming world 20 years ago, lost the 2 stone I wanted to, and have kept it off ever since. It's not a diet, but a healthy eating plan. Have rejoined recently as I want to lose another 0.5stone, and my daughter in law wanted to join. We are both doing it online. It's lovely to have someone doing it with me, as I have 2 son's and a husband who don't have weight problems. I can recommend turmeric for osteoarthritis, it really helps my hands, when I had to stop for 2 weeks when I had an op, really noticed the difference. I only take them on alternate days, but it works for me. Thanks for all the info about exercise videos, need to do more than just walk each day. Thanks Lucy.


Well done Lucy you have done great and look really great too, I wish I had your willpower. xx

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