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November 11, 2020


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Thank you Lucy, I have referred back to this post and it's comments several times. I began the workout you mentioned in January and together with some decorating at the end of last year have now lost 2 stone. I was a bit worried it was coming off too fast and just came back to reread it. I do feel healthy, we are the same age and height. I am now at 11 stone and will continue but keep an eye on toning up and nutrition. I am also taking vitamins. I have a veg box delivery, which i think has been key, so I just don't go in the supermarket anymore. So choice is restricted in a helpful way I think. Not so easy when there are other people in the house though. I get a stock cupboard delivery once a month. It's been incredible, so thank you.


I just read this from the link in today's post, 19Mar21, and am reinspired to buckle down a little more on my own wellness journey. One of my cornerstones in this effort is autoimmunewellness dot com. Not affiliated in any way, but a ton of helpful info and recipes that we so totally enjoy. Continued success to us both! Cheers!!


Dear Lucy,
this is the first time I'm writing a comment. I've been following your blog for ages (like, 10 years?). I love the pictures you publish of your town, they make me dream of going where you live (I'm French). I've lived in Brightlingsea for one year when I was 20 (now I'm 47!), seems so long ago (I absolutely loved it!). Your town and environment seem so peaceful, lovely, simple and friendly.
I love the simple and happy way you make your everyday life a joy for your readers.
Thank you very much for being there, somewhere far away from me but still, very close!
Have a very nice day.


Oh Lucy! I loved this post. Thanks for sharing. I'm right there with you, wanting to get into a routine that works but so far I haven't found my way... I'm a bit lost in this pre-menopause (or whatever it is called...) with unwelcome changes in body shape, mood swings, blues, brain fog, lack of energy, bad sleep, feeling overwhelmed and sluggish... I need to do something about it. so thank you for this post that inspires me to really REALLY become proactive and just DO IT! For the moment I'm working on a morning routine to stick with. I'm practising meditation to see if it will help with better sleep, more focus and stress release. I think I'll add YouTube Lucy to my regime. Looks like great fun and so easy to follow. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. Got me a new pair of training tights for my birthday. I'll put them next to the bed in the morning and we'll see how it goes. The exercise starts at 7 am. No procrastination. Let's do this! Courage, as we say here in French-speaking Switzerland. And well done you for sticking to your new lifestyle and making such great progress. You should be really REALLY proud of yourself. It is not easy. But you're doing it. Every day. "Exercise is an investment in your future health" Great quote.

Alison Lawson

You have inspired me to invest in my well being, thank you and keep it up


How wonderful, Lucy! I’m so happy to read of your successful wellness journey! Congrats to you, and thank you for taking the time to share about it—offering inspiration (and helpful links!) to others! ❤️

Sue Crawford

Thank you Lucy for this inspirational post. It was just what I needed right now. I live in Melbourne Australia and we are finally out of lock down and things are looking good for us now. The warmer weather is starting and I feel the need to start looking after myself better now we are out of the doom and gloom. You have provided the motivation I needed.

Helen Davies

Thank you for this post. I read it a few days ago now but it has really stayed with me and inspired me.

Jackie Robertson

Thankyou for this post. I’m currently going through ‘the hormone crap’ and for the first time ever, I have a belly!! I’ve tried exercising, but put it off after a few days as I feel ‘I have to get on with other things.’ I need to change my mindset to the fact that ‘it’s an investment into my future.’
I’m going to try this new mantra xx


Thank you Lucy for sharing you have been such an inspiration to me will check out those videos well done you have helped so many of us by sharing your day to day life xx


Thank you for your honesty Lucy; I am in awe of your commitment to all these good things for yourself. I have recently discovered PERMA from Martin Seligman's book 'Flourish'. In these times where we are all coping with so much and are fearful for our safety or jaded with all of the restrictions he talks about how we need:- Positive emotions (feeling good), Engagement (finding flow) Relationships (positive relationships) Meaning (purposeful existence) Achievement(something to be proud of). Most of all be kind to yourself <3

Gillian Greenshields

Would love it if you posted some recipes from time to time (every day haha)

Trish Annie Stevens

Inspirational Lucy! I too am trying to look after my body through good nutrition and exercise. I hadn't come across Lucy WR before, but having just had a quick look, I plan to start using her 7 minute workouts. I wonder if you'd like to share your time-management strategy with us? I rarely relax because there always seems to be such a lot to do. I'd love to know how you manage work, family and all those lovely long walks.


Thank you for your interesting and inspiring post on your well being journey. Your posts have always been inspiring to me... the colourful story of your everyday activities are a must read... especially since March and the first lockdown.
I just wish I could crochet. I’m desperate to make one of your beautiful blankets. Stay well and thank you again. Best wishes Joy xxx

Nancy Swank

Thanks for sharing this, Lucy! I really enjoyed reading it, and you have a wonderfully kind, thoughtful perspective on health. So glad you are doing well!


Hello Lucy,
I m glad to see you have taken the command of your health.
It was the same for me during the period of 50.
Sorry, I go on in french, it's easier for me :o
Donc, oui, la période de la ménopause est compliquée et j'ai fait comme toi. J'ai trouvé d'autres moyens, mais tout aussi efficaces.
Si ça peut t'aider, pour les problèmes d'inflammations articulaires, j'ai utilisé l'huile essentielle d'eucalyptus citronné dans de l'huile de noisettes, c'est très très bien.
Et je profite de ce comm pour te dire merci pour tes généreux partages de crochet qui m'ont permis de me faire une couverture en chevrons sans problème.
A bientôt.


Well done! I am inspired by your post. I had enjoyed your blog previously but assumed you were 'perfect.' It's reassuring to know that you struggle like the rest of us. My fitness has gone down during isolation (my first year of retirement!) and my weight has gone up. I'm going to check out the ex programs you recommended and I'll try to revamp my diet. Like you I want to eat healthily, without low fat substitutes and processed foods. Please keep us updated with your journey!


Just brilliant Lucy and congratulations for all your hard work! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I started my exercising journey in my early fifties and have recently discovered Her Spirit on FB and Instagram. They do great Podcasts from women for women based around fitness but also around all aspects of life. There's a fantastic one by Dr Louise about the menopause...so interesting and feel all women should hear it! Link below.


Also recommend the book Roar by Dr Stacy Sims #womenarenotsmallmen

Keep going! :)

Laurel Pries

Well Lucy, you've done it again...an awesome post!! I am well past my 50s, and 60s too, but still find your posts a pure pleasure!! You are such a talented inspiration for all of us. I am working on my 4th blanket of yours and so enjoy it (the Aria), and am soo looking forward to the new one in January! Although I am well old enough to be your mom, I find myself looking forward to each of your posts, so keep up the great job you do, even for us öld Ladies"! Best wishes, Laurel

Anne Agar-krill

Hi Lucy,I so needed to read your journey today.Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on finding your way back to wellness .So inspiring!


I found this post very interesting. Lots of good ideas to think about as I need to improve my health. Thank you for taking the time to share this.


Thank you Lucy for this lovely post! I'm still sligthly overweight after 2 pregnancies one right after the other but with my youngest being 3 now I really feel I should get going with losing it! I've never been a sporty person so your super quick workouts really appeal to me, I'll give them a try!

Leslie Shrage

Bless you, as always for writing the things that I feel. It is so good to "know" someone who is going through the same things as me, and feels the same as I do. Well done you for making lasting changes! It encourages me to try again.


Thank you for sharing, Lucy, and congrats on your wellness journey. I am so happy for you! I am about to embark (once again) on a wellness journey. I just need more guidance this time around so I am using Virta Health here in the US, which specializes in metabolic health/diabetes reversal.

Kathryn Grimshaw

Thank you so much Lucy, for taking such a lot of time and effort to tell us about your journey over the past few months , and I applaud your commitment. You are an inspiration and I wish I had your will power and strength to commit to taking care of your wellness. I guess you already know what a strong and determined woman you are, but well done to you, it is quite a commitment. I do not have a huge amount of weight to lose , but I find it impossible to lose any! Well done for putting yourself first, I admire your willpower and determination. I am sure that you are amazed at
how many women ( myself included) empathise and feel they have so much in common with you. Thank you once again for sharing your journey, and I wish I had a smidgen of your will power strength, motivation and determination xx

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