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November 24, 2020


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Katherine, NZ

Once again, what gorgeous colours! 😍

Teresa Kasner

I adore the colors you selected for this CAL and promptly clicked on the link to WW and ordered a luscious package of prettiness! Thank you, Lucy!! I will enjoy working on this during the darkest days of the winter.. each stitch will be like a walk in your summer meadow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lucy M. in Oklahoma

I've made a few of your patterns and followed the Sweet Pea posts avidly, wishing I had the time to join in. This time, I'm doing it!!! Just ordered the yarn, and I'm so excited for the CAL! I will be counting the days until January 8! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas with us all!


I really like the colours for the this blanket - wildflowers are such a good source of inspiration! But I am on the verge of giving up trebles. I am hardly ever happy with them and usually end up unpicking as many as I "do" in any given session. After the two 'treble' wips are finished, I may not bother with them ever again!

Good luck with the cal:)

Jan Heywood

Gorgeous choice of colours... can’t wait 😊


I just picked up my yarn pack! It will be just the thing to ease me into the New Year here in Ohio (US). The colors are LOVELY.


I really, really need to improve my crocheting skills but perhaps I could manage a striped winter scarf to beautify a dreary winter. The colors are scrumptious!
Another lovely post.
Deb, Wisconsin

Kathie Stedman

hello Lucy....I've made many of your lovely blanket patterns with delight...I am able to weave in the row ends with no difficulty but I was wondering if you have some suggestions on weaving in the border threads?
Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiring patterns.

Victoria Margerison

For dogs read frogs!!

Victoria Margerison

Meadows make your heart sing don't they? Beautiful colours Lucy.I am making a small meadow in the back garden here in Norfolk. It was it's first year this year so a way to go before we get flowers. We did have Yorkshire Fog which I love, a beautiful purple haze rippling in the breeze. The wildlife pond is coming on a treat though it filled me with dismay when we made it- think a hole lined with black stuff! Anyway the plants and grasses around it and in it grew, dragonflies and damsel flies visited and laid eggs, water boatmen appeared and water beetles, dogs, toads and a newt. I love it now.

Margaret L.

I walked past your meadow yesterday in the low light and thought of it in midsummer. You’ve really captured the feel of it. I love the little crocheted flowers you’ve made into a heart -so pretty and would look lovely on a heart shaped wire ..... I also love the texture of the stitch you’ve used for this blanket. So clever to always find the perfect crochet stitch to complement the colours and the feel of the inspiration you chose.

Tracy Bache

I'm soooooo excited I could burst!!I love the colours. How you put colours together always amazes me. Thank you Lucy so much and beautiful pictures. The pictures of the meadow really have given me a sense of calm after a particular hard day at work today.💖

Pat Lilly

I knew as soon as I saw the colour palette that I wanted to do this. It will match my bedroom perfectly so I’ve ordered two packs with a view to making a double or even a king-size blanket. It will be my first CAL ( but my second ‘Lucy’ blanket) and I am so looking forward to it. The pinks, yellows and purples also remind me of primroses which are my favourite winter flowers and your adorable crochet flowers emphasise this in my mind. I think I’ll be crocheting some of those, too! I really appreciate hearing about your inspiration and thought processes for this blanket

Linda from Boston

Yarn pack ordered❣️ Beautiful colors and pattern. Can’t wait.

Miss Daisy

Absolutely LOVE your color choices !!! Amazing talent.


Meadows are absolutely magical places aren't they. So diverse when you look closely. And such gorgeous colours. Love the blanket, and the picture of the yarn colours and their flower/grass equivalents is divine. CJ xx


Another stunning creation I can't wait to get started on! I'm currently still working on Aria. I've seen all the stunning finishes on 'Hooked on Attic24' and i just wish i had more time to crochet. I should definitely have Aria finished by the New Year. Much love x


Think I'll be doing this one too, as I love those colours & definitely need another easy crochet project for evening relaxation. Thanks Lucy, really enjoyed this post & seeing photos of the Dales in all their floral beauty. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under. PS: Will order the pack this week & hope it arrives in time.


I’ve just caught up on your recent few posts (I’m still not used to this flurry of posts!). Thank you for your openness and honesty, it is like having a coffee with a friend x I’m in the market for a new project, the meadow might just be perfect xx

Amanda Smith

Wonderful introduction to the Meadow Blanket and how you were inspired to create it. Definitely nature has the very best colours and as I always say look at nature to pair colours it rarely disappoints! Gorgeous photos of your meadow! Keep well Amanda x


Lucy, I’ve ordered 😍. So excited. Luv, luv, luv your patterns. I’ve made 4 sweet peas & 2 dahlias plus I have the yarn for dune & moorland. I’ve been checking your site & wool warehouse all day - I’m in Australia so it’s the end of Tuesday here.


Such beautiful meadow colours and even better for real in your local countryside. Yes I'll be giving it a go.

Heather Bentley

Morning I just bought my pack as I love your New Year CALs. Thank you so much for your lovely description of how you created this journey we shall embark on in January when we all feel blurgh!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed today’s blog as I’ve been ‘under the weather’ and this has certainly lifted my spirits especially loving Spring as much as I do! Thank You so much and I can’t wait for my delivery and the start. Thame care and much love xxx

Kristine Schipp

YAY!!! ORDERED!! Waiting! BEAUTY IN A BLANKET, as always, from a beauty inside & out xxxx thanks @Lucy Attic24
Kristine in Sydney (see our WhatsApp!)

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