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November 13, 2020


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The dog and I were unceremoniously ditched from the school run in Year 5 I believe. I do remember counting down the church services that were left though, and thinking that I would miss that combination of the beauty of the church, all stone and candlelight, and humour, with little people singing songs and acting out plays and getting it all wrong. Thank you again for the wellness post, it really was appreciated in this small corner of the world. Inspiring and motivating. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


Love the post. Strange times if your youngest goes of to a school you can't bring him anymore. Stranger times when they leave the house to go live in a college dorm. It's all about growth.


By the way, I know exactly how it is to be ignored by your kitty.
We had the most beautiful cat named Bart. Sometimes he wanted to get outdoors when I got up to go to work. But I said: no, you will have to wait until Mr. C. is up. Bart would then sit on his cat plateau, watching out of the window and when I hugged him, he wouldn’t give me any reply. Just sit there up straight, looking out of the window, IG-NO-RING-ME! 😉 And actually, I loved him for that.
Some other times, getting up at 6:00 AM, I would find him rather sound a sleep on the couch. He would himself to be hugged and afterwards would curl himself up even more comfortable and close his eyes again. He is dearly missed, but still a big part of us.
Have a lovely weekend. Carine

Mary Kizilis

I am making sure to appreciate my school runs too - I treasure the time with my boy and get quite teary thinking of not sharing that time with him any more when he moves on next year. I love your decorations too, wonderful to have so many colours!


You are precious to me. I can say you have encouraged me and even taught me to enjoy those many little pleasures we sometimes forget to appreciate.
Thank you for that.

Diane Ruel

I so enjoy your blogs Lucy and most of the time they so resonate with me. Love the colourful photos, uplifting. Keeping fit and healthy is the key to a good, happy daily life. Have a good family weekend 💕


O, yes, it's getting closer and closer to that time of year again. I think my husband and I will set up the Christmas tree this weekend already. We are really longing for some warmth and happiness. Looking for some new crochet inspiration, I came across this one: https://carmencrochet.com/train-amigurumi-free-pattern-in-english/. Isn’t it lovely? I think I will give it a try… 😊 Lots of love from the Eifel in Germany, Carine


Thanks again for your November posts! I was a little afraid that Blogtober might have tired you out too much. :)

P.S. Why do you call the oatmeal squares 'flapjacks'? In Canada, flapjacks are pancakes. :)

Rena Plenderleith

Love all your photos and ramblings, brightens up my day x

Freda Maxfield

Lovely pictures. Heartwarming.Trying to achieve a similar effect on my blog


I can’t seem to get over the twinge of jealousy, seeing the beautiful photos.
And swans! Adore everything


Your posts have become either part of my morning routine, sipping tea or coffee and reading, or part of my before-bed routine depending on my day. But I do love your blog. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.


What a lovely place you live in and obviously appreciate a lot.
I love the north of England, was born in the Midlands but now live in the Pacific NW. Had a good friend from the Oldham area.

Heidi Clarke

You gave me more than a nudge more like a kick up the behind, I've been to the supermarket brought lots of veg, fruit and some none sweets treats. A red lentil and veg soup popped up on Pinterest, so making that tomorrow. I'm a couple of years younger than you but with grown-up children 23 and so to be 27! Life has become a slog, I need to get healthy. Thank you it helps to hear 'normal' ladies sorting themselves out in ways we can all do without spending a fortune we don't have!
Ps can't believe little B is in year6 he was tiny when I found you.

Cathleen Lindell

Thank you for sharing as I have also embarked on a new healthy life style. Covid 19 is taking over my county here in California so I do relish the simple peasures of everyday.

Lynn LD

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and it's lovely to read your appreciations for your surroundings X x

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