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November 13, 2020


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Donna Philpott

Your posts & photos are such a blessing to me, Lucy. I think they are a precious gift. It is so good to hear from you again. I am 71 & have started falling alot like I used to. My body feels banged up & I am glad I can crochet & read about other crocheters, just sitting here on the couch in my cozy corner. I can't wait to see your new afghan--looks like beautiful colors. I am glad I learned about Stylecraft special dk as I use it alot now. Here in the U.S.we always used worsted (aran) wt. as they had gobs of it in the stores & I didn't even know what dk weight was! Stay safe & thankyou so much for sharing your life with us!

Gillian McM

You are part of my life, Lucy, so everything you care to share with us is enriching, no matter what the mood. Your struggles remind me that we are not alone in our struggles, and your joys infect me with delight. Many blessings!


At this trying time of the pandemic we must learn to appreciate the little things in life. The clementines are such a special treat when so many fruits are no longer in season. Great pictures of the canals and the swan. Thanks for sharing.


Raindrops are very underrated! I love nothing more than getting out there feeling the wind and rain on my face, so long as I have my handmade socks and waterproofs, very exhilarating. Enjoy the weekend :)


Huggles Lucy from down under. I do read, but don't normally comment as you've plenty of wonderful followers you know. Stay safe, take care & I do so enjoy your blog.


Your health is the very best present you can give yourself. Good for you! Sending you warm wishes for continuing on your path from California. I would trade you a beach walk for your autumn color!

kate bates

Wot, no coffee? :0

Tracy Bache

Thanks Lucy,for all those lovely pictures. It amazing how we do miss the little things. During this awful time it's made me appreciate those little things. Hope your week is full of happy thoughts and laughter.💖

Karen Dodgson

Ooh Lucy, I feel like we’re twins now as my new Joules wellies arrived this morning! They’re bright yellow and flowery and I felt so ridiculously happy in them, like I was 5 years old not 60 😂 It was raining so I put my coat on and five minutes later I was on the beach in Lytham St Anne’s, the tide was in and I had a really good splash!!


We bought a 2,5 kg (!) net of clementines last week.
It vanished.
Turned out my teenage boy took it to his room.
Bought another 2.5 kg net and arranged it neatly in a nice bowl on the kitchen table.
Slowly vanished over the weekend.
There was a lot arguing between my son and my husband throughout the week about the amount of clementines my son was willing to share with his dad. he handed them out two pieces at a time.
Stocked up with a BOX of 5kg kilograms of clementines this Friday, asked my son to take it inside.
he took it directly to his room.

So he already hat close to 15 kg of clementines last week.

Ellie Williams

Love your photos so atmospheric, used to enjoy school walks with children and grandchildren, all grown up now but their ways with words still stick. My favourite came from my granddaughter, so we always say buttie woe woe’s for sausage rolls.
Waiting for your new blanket. Ellie.


A nudge is exactly what you gave me. The morning I read your last post I’d had a second disappointing weigh-in after months of doing so well on Slimming World (there were tears!). Your enthusiasm for everything health related reminded me why I was doing it all and kept me on track. Thank you, lovely Lucy!


Thank you for all your cheery posts Lucy, they really brighten my day.
Congratulations on your weight loss. Inspirational.


Love those flapjacks and have made for many years although in Oz everyone thinks I am making pancakes lol Inspire you have and getting walks in and a short fitness routine some mornings. Lovely post Lucy so bright and colourful xo

Teresa Kasner

I so enjoyed the canal and canal boat glimpses in this post! Every time you show your flapjacks I want to try them.. so I just found and recipe and will give it a shot. I wonder if one could substitute chocolate covered raisins for plain ones? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mary H

Really lovely pictures! The one of the bridge underside made me dizzy - in a good way.

Charlotte Pountney

Another post full of beautiful images to brighten my day, thank you! Yesterday's post was super inspiring. Sorry I didn't have time to comment yesterday. If everyone who reads it adopts just one of your steps towards better health, you will probably have done more long-term good than the average doctor's surgery does in a week!


What a fun, cheery, and colorful post. Those oranges are perfect. I am on the hunt for some rain boots too.

Penny Deutz

Love the colors of the Christmas ornaments! How about making up a set of 15 SSDK colors for those who might be inclined towards a blanket? Love your posts - this is the only blog I follow, your life is seems so very classically British to this Anglophile, and I wish I could see the things you see every day. Your Granny Stripe is what inspired me to teach myself how to crochet ("how hard can it possibly be??). Five years down the road, and I have multiple ribbons, plus a Best of Show, to my name for my afghans. Thank you, Lucy!

Deb, Wisconsin

I had to Google English Flapjacks as I had no idea what they were! Oh those ingredients - YUM! And that chocolate button is the perfect topper.

Sue Woodhouse

Thanks for your posts they’re really inspiring. Been dipping into your past blogs looking for the Xmas wreath. Don’t worry too much about missing school runs I’ve started again with the grandchildren it’s just as good second time around. Different sorts of conversations though. Take care x she


The fruit looks wonderful and I ma lamenting the end of our citrus season.

Your photos of your walks always inspire me. Thank you.


Sadly, because of Covid I think I missed the last school run sometime last spring, thinking everything would pass by this time, certainly. But here in the US it's looking less likely school will be back in person before the next school year starts, so away the last school run went without notice or fanfare.

Denise C

Thank you for your lovely inspirational posts. I'm off to make flapjacks lol. I love your new wellies, I had some joules wellies last year with ducks on and also didn't want to get them dirty! but they clean up well so take the plunge and scrunch through the leaves in them! Enjoy your weekend.


Love your posts..lots of us struggle so sharing helps all round, xx

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