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November 27, 2020


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Kristine Pierce

You have got to take a look at Sandra-CherryHeart.blogspot, Crochet Tutorials, Working the Starting Chains. I had read this before years ago, but for some reason I thought about it and went back and reread it closely. Sandra is abosolutely right that her process takes the stress out of that starting chain. All the recounting I have done over and over. No more, and it absolutely has a better finish look. It's truely a simple idea, and I thought of you too as I am preparing to start your latest blanket.

Thank You for always filling the day with happy colors and the appreciation of nature.


Keep the old Hyacinth a bit cooler, sometimes they surprise you with a second bloom. I remember being on holiday in the UK, my youngest asking me about all those reservoirs, he was totally flabbergasted when I told him about the locks, the canals, the special boots, the aqueducts, and small boat life in general. He thought us the only one with a canal boat life. Love the red hoop around the embroidered tree, sometimes the cupboard of doom has pleasant surprises in its belly. Thanks for the lovely post, Lucy.

Kristine S

It's so "opposite"... you, almost zero degrees, us, 40+ degrees C!
It is pleasant, strolling with you virtually - but not as pleasant as strolling or sitting crocheting in person!
Enjoy your cool - summer will come again ... I hope you're snug with your lovely family. Xxx Kristine


Lovely festive Christmas tree stitching Lucy. Look forward to seeing the new stitchery soon x

Tracy Bache

Thank you Lucy for the uplifting pictures and your upbeat positivity. Your blog cheers me up no end. Worrying times here in Dudley as after lock down we will be in tier 3. Wondering when this will all end.Love the wellies. I hope they are comfy.Stay safe and take care.💖


Gorgeous photos of the clouds reflected in the reservoir! And I love your wellies making ripples! Thank you so much for sharing your world with us -- it's always such a treat -- like outrageously good coffee!


A lovely Friday catchup & sounds quite a relaxing, although chilly day. Quite the opposite to our 33deg day & finishing the shed extension. I do love your walks & snippets about the cat, homelife & crochet. Take care, stay safe & huggles from down under.


I am inspired by your delightful seasonal wreaths and unusually feel like doing something fiddly! thank you Lucy, you are full of inspiration to us lesser mortals!!

Charlotte Pountney

You are blessed with some very lovely walks, not far away. Also with a very forebearing husband...MORE hyacynths?!


Beautiful relaxing photos. Love your October Christmas tree project.

Mary H

Lovey post, as usual. Both cross-stitch designs make me smile. Your winter cherry is new to me but I really like the way it looks. I'll have to search one out for my yard.


Love the new cross stitch, the black background is so striking, even if it makes it harder to sew. It will be worth it! CJ xx

Charlotte Skelton

Now, here's a question, Corinna. How do we hyacinth lovers support the flowers while they are blooming? String? Canes and string? Garden wire? And how do we make it look tidy? Love the recent posts Lucy. Such a treat just before bed. Charlotte x


Hi Lucy! Well, do you know you've made me a hyacinth person? I bought one about 2 weeks ago, and I bought another one yesterday! :-) Love the waiting of it to bloom, love its smell. Have a great day. Love from Greece xx

Teresa Kasner

Everything sounds pretty wonderful there in the Attic and beyond. I'm also enjoying the coziness of this time of year. I'm mainly wishing for the next inauguration 54 days.. can't come soon enough. We have a crazy man in office here who is trying to ruin everything in his last days. Today they removed protection for migratory birds that have been in place for 100 years.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I realized earlier (well, actually by now it was yesterday) that I have been getting by with under 4 hours of sleep per night for the last week, so, now I've read your last two days-worth of posts, I'm off to bed too:) Nighty-night!

Jackie Farrow

Not the best at the moment. Have a chest infection. So when I got up this morning (Australia) I was so pleased not only to listen to Amanda Bloom on Instagram, I then got to read your blog. Great start to my otherwise gloomy morning. That’s me who’s gloomy, not the weather. Blue sky and boys playing cricket on the park opposite our house. As I’m not going to go out, doing the right thing I will crochet my “Leo” Granny Square blanket. 2 or 3 more rows of 8 squares to do, then I will block it before crocheting the border. Hope you sleep well, chin chin ❤️🧶


Lovely cosy bedtime reading. Sleep well Lucy.

Corinna Mazzotta

I'm loving reading your blog posts in bed so I hope that you slept well. Sadly sleep is a struggle for me at the moment - especially in the early hours. No rhyme nor reason to it though so just have to accept it for now.
My hyacinths have started sending up second flower spikes - I didn't think they did that?
I need to cut the old ones off tomorrow so there is room for the new ones, shame they'll still be pink! 🤣 I have to ask though - why are yours tied up with string??
Looking forward to seeing your change of seasonal decor. I love your wreaths but they would be far too fiddly for my hands. I have to wait until closer to Christmas to get my seasonal fix with greenery & candles.
Enjoy your weekend x


Love read your blog your cross stitch is so very festive. I will be looking forward to seeing your Christmas mantelpiece have a good evening

Mags Wilkinson

Thanks for sharing, night Lucy sleep well. x


I am still loving your posts. My favourite read just before bedtime. I am even contemplating learning to crochet just so I can have a go at your latest blanket.


Put a white cloth on your knee when cross stitching on the black fabric it makes the holes stand out more

Heather Bentley

Lovely to read as usual thanks and ni-night sleep well xxx

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