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November 26, 2020


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I am happy your blanket is (yet again) a great success. In 25 days, Lucy, the light will return. So looking out for that.


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A few of my friends ordered the new yarn pack when it was released. I don't have space for it until I use the last two packs that I bought. :-)
We are in Summer and the sun is up before 6am and doesn't go down until 8pm.
Do not have the long/short days that you have as I live much closer to the equator than you do.
In Winter the sun goes down just before 5pm. So not the short days that you have.
The temperature is high today so the air con is on to keep us cool.
I too look forward to the winter solstice, but in June. Pat


I have a 'thing' for little houses too, and luckily there are lots of crafty people out there making lots of different ones...think I'll have to knit one again. I have a whole street of just fronts of houses, sewn onto a piece of linen, glued to a piece of wood. I made it about thirty years ago and it brings back memories of where we were living at the time, events in the family and so on.
Oh and by the way.... who drinks the rest of the bottle of Prosecco? I'd offer to help out but not allowed.

Pippa bunty moore

Lucy I love your little collection of houses on your mantel. And I really love the way you describe yourself as being slapdash! That's what my mother has always said about me x but I think it's so refreshing to have normality in blogs and social media. These days there are so many peeps portraying a perfect lifestyle which to most is totally unattainable making people feel inadequate and not good enough.
I love that all the years I've followed you have stayed true to yourself and are a realist. And I adore the cupboard of doom !! I'm sure everyone has at least one in their home xxxx best wishes xxxx

Mary W

LOVE the idea of wellness eating verses clean eating!

Miss Daisy

Several teachers here in South Carolina U.S.A. have the virus in several different schools. I think they opened them too soon. I am so tired of staying home , I have family that's angry at me cause I stayed home on Thanksgiving . Love your walks ,, everything looks so peaceful and safe. I love old man winter. Have a Blessed weekend.


I'm thoroughly enjoying this November. I love the turn of the season and I figure that as I'm going to be housebound from December until February (recovering from major surgery), I'm not going to feel guilty about it, but make the most of being able to get outside while I can.
Looking forward to starting the Meadow CAL. That will keep me sane in January!


I have a thing for houses as well, in model form or in paintings and photos. I am always pointing my lens at them when I'm out and about. Your friend's knitted house is lovely. I have a pretty patchwork one that someone I know made that always comes out at Christmas, along with a white one. In fact this has reminded me to go and find it. It has a little light in it and I think the time may have come for a little light or two. I do love the crispness of winter and cold walks and coming home to a warm house and seeing fires through people's windows, but I know what you mean about the mud, especially when Some People do not take their shoes off and walk about the place when they come in. Sigh. Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx


Lovely optimistic message and beautiful photos: that's the best way to begin my day's work.


Oh, your little houses collection is sooo great! (didn't even notice the dust on the mantel! :-) Your posts are so soothing to my soul... It's like going out on a walk myself. Have another great day. Love from Greece. xx

Teresa Kasner

The days are so short and early darkness now, I will look forward to the solstice so the lightness can begin lengthening the day. What a sweet little knitted mini-house. I also love little houses and have painted some over the years. We had Thanksgiving dinner today and for the first time in 40 years we didn't cook it but our DIL did. It was a nice change. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kimberley Atkinson

wow - your lockdown was lenient compared to ours in New Zealand, where we couldn't meet with a sole (not even social distancing) or even get any takeaways of any variety! Only place open was the supermarkets. In lockdown #1 we didn't even have much mail order as little was deemed essential. I really hope things improve in the UK - it's been a looooooooooong road for you guys!


If you are in lockdown why is there school? It has been ab upside down year with no real answers. The new blanket should offer hope Thank for sharing.

Julie Sit

I’ve tried to use the 15% off discount MEADOWCAL 15 but it tells me that it is not valid. Please help.

Rega Kowalski

I cannot tell you how much your blog means to me. I am a knitter, retired and live in Indianapolis, IN. I was born in Germany but lived here since I was 11. My greatest joy now is my knit shop and my book store. I have traveled all over and my favorite place is Scotland. As soon as I can, I will be there to visit my friend. Keep blogging.


I am happy your blanket is (yet again) a great success. In 25 days, Lucy, the light will return. So looking out for that.


It's such a treat for us all when you release a new yarn pack I'm so pleased that you get yourself a treat on that day too! Thank you for the new CAL, looking forward to starting it (and hopefully finishing it) in the new year!

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