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November 09, 2020


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Weather in Prague is quite similar, but most of the trees lost their beautiful coloured foliage so it's quite gloomy and sad. I really miss all the golds and reds behind the windows 🍁 I haven't seen an inch of blue sky in days and it's getting bite my mood. But we're going on a weekend hike to the mountains, so maybe we'll be lucky to see some sun above the clouds 🤞 Your stitching is so neat, each cross stitch same as the other! And the pattern has the perfect Christmas vibe 🎄


Very pretty festive cross stitch Lucy, and the green background fabric is just perfect.


Please don’t take for granted your wonderful spot of the world. I would enjoy a place where I could walk for food shopping. What a great place to walk. Your stitching is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Diane Ruel

Loving the cross stitch, made me feel Christmassy 🎄 so off I went and wrote my overseas Christmas cards. The low, grey misty sky is a downer for me, we’ve had a few days of this in West Wales. Loving the trees with their last few autumnal leaves 🍂🍁🍃. Wood burner on and crocheting your Aria blanket 💕


The weather on Saturday was lovely and I went for a walk with a friend (socially distanced obvs). But it really has been miserable since Sunday. Like you, I don’t deal with dark and miserable days too well. I am working my way through my homemade Christmas present list and ignoring the weather.


The Gloom reached us all the way down here in the West Midlands too. I don't mind for a couple of days - gives me a chance to get things done at home that would otherwise be neglected - but I was glad when it lifted this morning!


The weather was strangely similar down here on Sunday, like you said it was on my autumn walk post on Friday. We both had spectacular clouds and blue skies on Friday and foggy / misty weather Sunday. We walked nearly 7 miles and oh my it was a total slog along bridleways, where horses had churned up the path into mud. I nearly went over a few times!

I can't help laughing at the thought of the teen "Ohhhh Mum" comments which no doubt came when you first wore the lights?

Kim Krause

So happy to keep reading your blog posts. I really do appreciate the effort to post often with all that is going on right now. Thank you!

Miss Daisy

Thank you ! Love the cross stitch and the greyness , love grey skies and rain. Have a great day.

Hanne Abrahamsen

Doing well and enjoying the autumn and time for hobbies!

Diane Smith

Hello Lucy I drop by your blog most days and I am so thankful that I dropped by today. You see I am also a cross stitcher (amongst other things)and I have a superb light by my chair for evening stitching in front of the television. But I can never take my stitching away with me when I visit people, Covid permitting, because of lack of suitable light in other peoples' homes. I hate having nothing to do with my hands in the evening and you can hardly say to your host have you got a decent lamp I can use!!. Well today you solved my problem with the neck light. I have just ordered one so that I will be ready for the next time! So thank you so much for your posts, please keep them coming.


I think the gloom makes us appreciate the sun even more. There was a hint of sun here towards the end of Saturday afternoon and it was just wonderful. Only a hazy glint through the mist, but it was exactly how I like my winter afternoons. I would have loved to go for a walk somewhere, but I had loads of work, so I made do with half an hour's gardening instead. It really lifted my mood. I know what you mean about mindfulness as well. I try and think of three good things from my day at the end of it, which is always nice. Yesterday's were: A long dog walk with a friend, a lovely chat with the two eldest boys and the biggest boy winning a wildlife photography competition, which I was so thrilled about for him. Just simple things, but it's good to think about them. The necklight is genius. I reckon with one of those and a pair of glasses there'd be no stopping me. CJ xx

Tracy Bache

Lucy thank you for you post today.I'm locked in my small spare room working from home. I feel after seeing you pictures I can really smell the fresh air. It's very gloomy here in Dudley as you can well imagine. To be fair we can get into the car and in 10 minutes be near fields. You have inspired me to get out and that's what I plan to do on my day off on Saturday.Living the cross sticch. I wish I could do it.

Teresa Kasner

It sounds like an idyllic weekend for you and your family. I even like your landscape and city even if it's kind of gloomy. You know how I adore seeing your canals and especially the canal-boats. *LOVE* your stitchery project! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hello Lucy, with all your walking you would be a fab mum for a fur baby labrador 🐾... I always had cats growing up but my husband wanted a dog as he was used to having one as a child so I gave in and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. A labrador is the most stupidest, loving and loyal fur baby and loves going out wherever you go and is most definitely a family member.

Charlotte Pountney

You are racing through that cross stitch. These gloomy November days have a beauty of their own...I really love the changing seasons...another thing to be grateful for!

Victoria Margerison

That light looks brilliant might get myself one. I am doing LW-R abdo exercises this week phew a good bit of cardio as well as cross moves.

Deb, Wisconsin

Cute cross stitch pattern! Sometimes mundane days are the best!♡


Oh that fog looks deliciously gloomy! It reminds me of that old movie Brigadoon! Where a little Scottish town disappears into the fog and only emerges once every hundred years. The photos you took of the fog over the rooftops and that little bit of fog on the river around the canalboat are divine!
I remember the first few weeks of lockdown here in Melbourne. It feels sad and quiet. But then everyone starts to adjust and find their own spots of happiness to get through it. Just keep reaching out to us and we'll reach our arms through blogland to hug you back and remind you that the world is still here and we're all in this together!

Susie Bree

Lovely pics - even if foggy. You do live is such a beautiful area and it's really nice you appreciate it also. It's all about being grateful at the moment. That is what got me through our Lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne Australia. We've just come out the other side some 112 days later (three kids at home schooling remotely, another story), and happy to say we've just recorded our 11th day in a row of zero cases and zero deaths. We did have mandatory mask wearing and a curfew. Everything helped. Take care, we are all wishing you the very best in this.


Oh Lucy that cross stitch is so cute, I’ve found my love for cross stitch again during the March lockdown. Like you I find it a bit addictive.
I’ve stitched lots of little Christmas gifts.

Helen Hawksworth

Didn't really do much this weekend, went for my daily walk to the shop.
Did a full roast dinner Sunday after watching a movie with my youngest son.
I'm loving you photos, brings back memories of when I was a child of walking for hours with family & taking a little picnic with us.
Have a good week,stay safe.x

Caroline King

Lucy you are so talented.I love reading your blogs in front of my fire ,keep safe xxx

Robin Summers

Ups and downs! We have some warm days before the cold. Laundry as well and taking close care of my cat named "Lucy". She is a bit poorly today. Love the stitchy goodness!

Shelley Corcoran

Ouw weather here in Australia has been strangely similar for the last two days, hot but foggy and rainy. Very strange weather. Love the Christmasy vibe of your beautiful stitches. What joy. Not long till Christmas now. 🎄

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