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October 08, 2020


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If you aren’t keen on clothes shopping, maybe try Stitchfix - I know two people who swear by this. It is the most awkward time to go clothes shopping even if it’s something you enjoy!


So lovely to hear from you every day. What a treat!
Well done on the weight loss. I’m still prevaricating but I need to seize the moment and actually do it.
Looking forward to talking to you again tomorrow.

Mary W

THANK YOU for the link to Anna and the Willow. I found things I need before I knew I needed them. She is amazing and I wish I could afford a BIG rooster or rabbit for my yard - what fun. She certainly must enjoy her day of work. Your fire looks so welcoming.


Layers is good . Thermal cami / vest. M&S do a brilliant range called Heatgen, not the bulky old fashion type. Also leggins to wear under jeans.I couldn't live without them. Fit true to size

Jean Hurrell

Loving Blogtober! Try Robell trousers - really comfy and they do petite sizes too. In the styles "Marie" and "Bella" go down one size to normal - Oh and they do fleece-lines ones in "Marie" - I feel the cold too.


Love your blog and look forward to seeing you dress up your mantel each season.
The local walks around the area you live look amazing, I so wish we had some lovely local walks.
I can see why kitty loves the big chair and nabs it first.
Congratulations on the weight loss.
So pleased to be reading this blog again, as like your friend I’ve just got shingles and this blog cheers me up each day.

Elaine O.

I love your posts and have missed them while you've been gone. I'm glad your absence wasn't covid related and I'm so glad you are doing daily blogs for the moment. It's lovely to share a life filled with colour and kindness--and good food.
I was wondering how come you'd lost so much weight and as it's intentional, I congratulate you. How did you do it? I've been piling weight on in my isolation so I'd love to have some inspiration.


Thank you Lucy for the beautiful pictures. I live in the Midlands but just a short drive takes into the country side. We are so blessed to live in this Country and have beautiful green spaces around us. Well done on your weight loss. Probably due to walking. Wish I could say the same. I've put 1 and a half stone on and I'm suffering the result. I've got to get my mind right and start to do something about the extra weight.


I’m feeling inspired to give my mantelpiece an autumnal makeover! Try M&S jeggings, they’re inexpensive, good quality and nice colours! I bought three pairs this season and I’m wearing them every day. X


Love your blogs glimpse of your life.


I live in the US but have loved visiting the UK the past 2 years. The photos you post are wonderful and help me satisfy my yearning for another trip. Your crochet mantel decor is lovely.

Kathleen Alice

Loving your posts and congratulations on the weight loss 😃


Oh how I love autumn and your lovely mantel gives me all the good feels. Too bad we're heading into summer here.
I find that a clean out is certainly therapeutic and a good way to reinvigorate creativity.
Enjoy your evening :)


Love your blog. It’s all looking very autumnal and cosy right now. I lost 3stone last year and dropped 3 dress sizes. I have found charity shops and EBay a godsend. I can buy cheaply and it if doesn’t fit or suit I haven’t lost a lot of money, I have a whole different style of clothes in this new smaller body. I have signed up for dressmaking classes and I am learning to make my own as RTW never fits my 5’3 frame but I realise that isn’t for everyone. Whilst I get the hang of it second hand has been fabulous and there are some really good quality finds out there. Round here you have to book an appointment to go to a charity shop but when you get there you are more or less on your own so browsing is less stressful. Good luck!


I do love your chair in the window, a wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by no doubt. The newly made garden is wonderful, what a lovely achievement from lockdown. It wasn't all bad. I know what you mean about the satisfaction of a big tick on the to-do list. Fantastic. CJ xx


It looks lovely, your mantlepiece. I thought I saw, looking at your picture in the last post, how incredibly much weight you must have lost. I am fond of Pepe jeans as a small person. Fits and feels good. Decluttering, I think we all have that bug XD


Love your big chair! We don't have the space for something like it at the moment, but maybe one day :)

Mary Cross

Hi, I live just over the hill from you towards Ilkley. I love the walk through the woods and am so glad the willow horse and the huntress are still there. I have not been to Skipton for a while as not keen to use public transport too much.
I don't crochet but do cross stitch and a bit of patchwork. Love your colours, thank you xx

Teresa Kasner

I adore your seasonal decor on your mantel. I will be doing similar to my dining room table soon. Our mantel in in our rarely used living room, we "live" in our den/family room. Thanks for the inspiration. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Seasalt for frocks. Knee length. I'm 5'4". I've put weight on during the past few months, need to lose a stone to get into my frocks!


I know just what you mean about finding clothes to fit. I'm 4'8" and it's a nightmare. I can usually wear age 10 in tops and age 12 in tights and jeans. At my age it's hard to find kids clothes that aren't 'girly'. I always look for elasticated waists or I'm forever hoiking them up! Autumn is my fave season, but like you I hate the cold. Raynaud's and chilblaines drive me crazy. The weather here has turned cooler and I already have to wear wool gloves and socks. Take care and keep warm. J


Love your blogs makes Autumn very real. Busy crocheting pumpkins.

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