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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 05, 2020


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Really love your job, your passion and your adorable model.Keep inspirig

Lucy @ Attic24

Hi Sandra
I’ve just looked right back through my sock archives, I made these ones in 2016.

The yarn is Opal
Sweet Spicy 3, colour 9127 Fruchtgummi}

I’ve no idea whether you can still find this range, Opal bring out new ranges and colours all the time and often the older ones then get discontinued.
I hope this helps!



Lucy, I love the colour palette of the socks you are wearing in the photograph above. Do you remember the yarn/colours that you used? Thank you for being so generous with your blog, it is most appreciated.

Shelly Rawlins

Thank you for sharing! I love crochet more than ever because of you and I have gained some great skills because of you! I am also a lover of colors and I get so excited to see what you have put together for the projects. I haven't gotten them all finished yet, but soon. I am excited with a new job I begin next week. The school where I will be a nursing instructor encourages everyone to crochet and knit red hats for the hospitals we have our students do their nursing clinicals. The hats go to the babies in the Neonatal Units.


Such an amazing feast of colour- beautiful. So many fabulous crochet blankets- a real photo treat. Thank you Lucy x

Mary W

I've gained 20 pounds eating up all this eye candy!

Jo hyde

Ha! Looking GOOD for 50+ !! Dorset Maids wear well!


Beautiful colours xxxx


Absolutely beautiful and inspirational. I'm glad to have seen your face as when I talk to my yarn friends about attic 24 it sounds like you are my absolute best friend. Thank you for giving me the tools to indulge in this new passion of mine. I have a large comfy chair that I would love to make this cosy, my head is sometimes to controlling for things not to 'match' but with all that's going on in this world and having seen things I wish I never had seen since March 2020 I am trying to breathe and fill some time with this art 💜 I am loving the little 5 mins of reading your blog daily and the space it gives. Thank you Lucy 💕

Ellie Williams

Love your daily blogs, I’ve made quite a few of your blankets, even managed to keep one for myself! I’m now using up leftovers to make the blooming flower cushion.
The life is too short for beige struck a cord, this summer two nieces and my daughter asked me to make them shawl/scarfs, ok picked a stitch, your hydrangea stripe pattern ,now colour, black please! Aargh..
Never mind, two down one to go then back to a blanket.
Thanks Lucy you brighten our days

Nora McGrann

What a feast for the eyes....truly BEAUTIFUL, Lucy!

You are not just one VERY talented and creative ladies,
But a lovely looking woman...your photo is so reflective
of who you are..beautiful soul x

PS...I hope to resume crocheting ..would love to make
your Paeony rose blanket.....one day..

Thanks for all you share with us...keep safe x


I really enjoyed the #yarnfriendsrock on Instagram! It was so inspiring seeing people's makes and joy of making. It inspired me to get crafting again - making my first ever snood now!

Miss Daisy

It's good to see you back again , you have been missed. I thoroughly enjoyed this post , the pictures are AWESOME ! And girl , you look great (southern talk).You don't look your age at all , whatever you are doing keep doing it. I should be as introverted as you, haha. I will check you out on instagram if I can figure out how to navigate it. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous weekend.


You thank us, I will certainly THANK YOU Lucy for all your yarn creativity and inspiration!!

Amanda Smith

Wonderful photo Lucy. You are,without a doubt, the Queen of Colour. A visit to your house would be proof of that!! I do instagram but only just I still have to understand how to use it! Keep well Amanda x


The photo of you is absolutely lovely. I often think about dipping my toe in Instagram - I follow a few people there, including you, but I have never posted anything. I am often short of photos though, nothing very exciting to photograph here! So I am still not sure. We shall see. But it was lovely to follow you there throughout September. CJ xx

Victoria Oyama

Thank you Lucy, for sharing your creations, your love of color and some of the more personal side of you and your family. Absolutely love your blog. Love those colors! Stay well and safe in these crazy times.


Oh, those lovely colours. Which colours have you used in the granny stripe blanket shown in the Yarny Home and Cosy Corner pictures? They are different from the colours in your granny stripe blanket-tadah. I would love to make this blanket with these brighter colours, they're so cheery. Lucy, thank you for so generously sharing your creative mind and being such an inspiration.


What beautiful colours, I loved looking at the photos and seeing all the love you put into your work. I have to say that the photo that really caught my eye the most was the 'Colour your world'stash of blankets! So colourful and the colours are so calming. Your colour mix is wonderful. Nice to match the face to the work and blog.

Tierney Davis Hogan

What a lovely post and the photos are wonderful! I love the display of deliciously colored yarns and wow - did you make all those beautiful blankets?

Kathleen Alice

Uplifting, pretty photos 😃


Oh so colourful and wonderful to see YOU This aussie met you 4 years ago at yarndale while we tripped around UK and Scotland ❤❤ Love your kitty too.


You had a very busy month in September. At the end of September I thought that you had become a once-a-month blogger. So very glad that I was wrong. Love to see the pictures of your yarn adventures. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing those instagram bits here. Instagram came up on the morning show on TV. Hubby & I both said, "I don't do instagram." :-)
I too haven't been crocheting. I did pick a scarf that is half knitted and been working on that when life allows.


So nice to see the photo of you - you look lovely. Your writing is inspiring and your eye for colour is sensational! Thank you for all you do. I’ve just got the kit for the Aria blanket and my daughter and I are going to make it together as a winter project.
Love and Best Wishes. Pat x

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