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October 31, 2020


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Carol Premack

I have really enjoyed reading "Blogtober". I love your photos and descriptions of your walks. And congratulations to Little B!


So enjoyed reading this post as I do all of yours. I’ve loved Blogtober in the Attic, and I am so happy to hear you plan to keep sharing your daily doings with us ... be lovely if it was still every day, but don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure just for us!
Looking forward to hearing about your keep fit routine ... well done you for keeping it up. 🏃‍♀️

Katherine, NZ

I’m so pleased you’re going to continue with your regular blogging. I do like to read your daily blogs. In New Zealand, we were able to go trick or treating. It’s not very big here, but there is one nearby street that fully gets into the spirit and all the local kids head there. Sorry to hear you’re going back into lockdown. We’ve really been very lucky here and are able to do most things as normal. We even had a yarn festival last weekend 😍🧶

Denise Connolly

So pleased you will be continuing with your blogs. I've really enjoyed reading about your daily 'doings' A ray of sunshine during some gloomy days! Love the 🎃


Thank you for opening my world a little bit with all these wonderful blog posts. I discovered you only recently, and have looked forward to reading about the moments of your life from the attic. I have also fallen in love with your town and all of its scenery. This has been a perfect way for me to leave my restricted pandemic life in the US for a little while and share some little moments of yours with you. So glad and relieved that you will continue with your blogging.

Marta Taylor

It would be wonderful if you continue with your daily blog posts. I find them so interesting.

Annie B

Hello from Canada! I’m so glad you’ll be continuing for a bit. I have loved your daily posts ...you’ve shown me how delightful it can be to take the time to savour simple joys as well as the beauty around us. Happy Hallowe’en!


Just looked over at your Gathered Wreath blog post. I remember the red corduroy coat with the crochet cuffs! The wreath was good too ;-) I do the 'me' thing when it gets really cold, I make ice pictures with berries and leaves, and a bit of string to hang them up. They only last a day, usually, but they are worth the time and effort.


Thank you for the month of beautiful photos, sharing snippets of your daily life, etc. I looked forward to your daily post. I envy your artistic skill in pumpkin carving.

Stay well!

Christine Burton

Thank you for Blogtober. I have eagerly awaited your posts each day. Thank you for sharing your daily walks and photos of the stunning scenery. You've certainly brightened some dark days. Hope you will carry on.


Oooh yes please, Lucy! I've loved looking at your photos and reading about your days. It's been a ray of sunshine amid all the gloom and doom mongers. Stay safe!


I have so enjoyed your daily blogs....(thank you) while having my first cuppa.. what will I do now.. You could continue!! your pumpkins look amazing 🎃


So glad you made it to the end of the month (and are continuing!) I've really enjoyed reading about your exploits, and your lovely photos. Pumpkin carving all round here today - even husband does one - and first year no-one cut themselves! xx


Yes please Lucy, I have so enjoyed an early morning capuccino in the quiet of the house and reading your Blogtober. Your passion for appreciating your surroundings has rubbed off on me as the view from my window has taken on a new perspective and beauty!!


I've loved your daily posts, I'll be here reading if you are here posting.
Also very excited to read about your health and fitness schedule.
Cheers Kate (from the bottom of the world)

Maureen C

So pleased you are going to continue the blog especially after the news this evening of a full lockdown coming. Love your photos and following you around Skipton,long may it continue.


Thank you so much for the daily chats, photos and reflections. Appreciate all the effort you put in Lucy. Would love for you to continue as much as is practical.
Take care. X

Helen Hudson

Thank you so much for Blogtober, Lucy. Delighted you're planning to continue!

Lisa Lancaster

Great news. I’ve loved my daily trips to the attic and look forward to hearing from you. Long may it continue (very selfishly 😂)ps super job on the pumpkins xx

Kathryn Grimshaw

Lovely Halloween Pumpkins Lucy!
Thank you for your month of Blogs I have thoroughly enjoyed walking the streets and woods around Skipton with you. It makes up for not being able to visit there at the moment.
I will be back there as soon as ever I’m allowed!

MaryLloyd Jones

Yes do please continue! Love it.

Deb, Wisconsin

It has certainly been joyous reading of your adventures and savoring the beautiful pictures. It has been a bright part of these ugly pandemic days.

Sally Spragg

So pleased that you are going to continue with the daily blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily piece about your everyday life and what you have been doing! Enjoy your Sunday! Wonder if we will see the blue moon tonight?

Cam T.

Thank goodness! I was feeling a bit of a hole to think that November would come and Lucy would stop -- I'm so glad you will continue to brighten my days!



O what a super bit of good news in amongst the gloom!

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