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October 31, 2020


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Lucy your pumpkins are amazing!! It’s been a delight reading your posts each day and (selfishly!) I hope you do continue 😉😘


Limitless talents you have!!


I am amazed at your pumpkins. You are a true artist in so many ways. Thanks so much for sharing a part of your life. It is such a treat to read you blog posts as you are a wonderful writer (a lady with many talents 🙂). Your walks have taken me on a small adventure everyday. I feel like I’m visiting life in the UK, something I have always wanted to do.
Looking forward to future posts. Stay safe and thanks again.
Stefanie from Wisconsin, USA.

Nora Mcgrann

Have thoroughly enjoyed all your blogsfor October Lucy..
Many more to come I hope as I look forward to reading them and admiring all the wonderful photographs.
Many congratulations on your boy's achievement..very well done!!
Continue to delight us with your comings and goings...Nora 🍂❤🍁


Great looking pumpkins. When my son was small, I used to raise pumpkins in the garden and let him carve them all. We lined our driveway on Halloween night with them. I got a little saw made just for pumpkin carving which made it a lot safer than wielding a knife.
I enjoy your walks! Our leaves here in Vermont, USA, are all down so now "stick season" has begun.

Hena Tayeb

A marvelous job on those pumpkins.

Jacqueline Farrow

I’ve had a few busy days and have sat down this morning 2nd Nov for me so decided to catch up with reading your blogs. Again always a joy to read. Thank you for sharing your photos. It makes me happy to see the Autumn over there and sort of helps the disappointment of not being able to travel to the UK next March. I hope to see in your Spring plenty of photos to keep me going . Take care and be safe. Hope you get though your next lockdown with out any problems.


I have loved your blogs and read them alongside attempting one of your blanket projects. Please carry on!


Wow Lucy - your pumpkins are incredible! Carved pumpkins have been out around here for a few weeks now, so by Halloween they have pretty much slumped (for lack of a better word). I like that you first did yours on the 31sts, and they are very artistic to boot. Your "peeps" don't know what they are missing. Thank you for your lovely blog Lucy. I do so enjoy it, especially when there is a crochet pattern within it.
Annie in Wisconsin


Love the pumpkins! Top effort, Lucy


Thank you so much for your daily blogs! I enjoyed every word of it and I love your beautiful photo’s. Thank you for allowing me to walk with you.

Claire Breach

Thank you for all your Blogtober posts - they have been a daily pickmeup in the current world. Not only that, that have reminded me that its ok to have a bad day and to reflect on what we have and can control. It also reminded me that I have a coast colourway version of the original granny stripe blanket to continue for my young man! He unwillingly will admit to snuggling under the original stripe blanket during the evenings he sits with us which is adorable. I too secretly hope you will continue your frequent blogs but appreciate time is oh so precious. Finally, a mahoooosive well done to Little B on his 11+ - been there and understand- well done !!! Take care, Claire


I so enjoyed your daily blogging in October, I can't wait for more of it! I always loved your talent in highlighting the beauty in the small mundane things, and now more than ever reading your blog is so uplifting! Thank you for always bringing a smile on my face. Your blog is a happy place I always come back to when I need a little "lift me up".

Chris Shibata

Lucy, I only discovered your blogtober about 2 weeks ago, but immediately went right back to the beginning to get caught up. This pandemic has basically confined me to my house and the garden with my two ‘furry’ children, waiting for every second Wednesday -the day I buy and deliver groceries for both myself and a friend- to arrive. Reading your posts and looking at the pictures you share, has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
Chris in Canada 🇨🇦


Thank you for the daily posts this month. I work in a school in the U.S., and it’s been a challenging time since we re-opened to in-person classes in September. Reading your posts has been a good reminder to get outside for exercise and to make time for knitting and baking. I have some work to do today, but I also ran with the dog, have bread rising, and a sock on the needles. When you share your daily life, you encourage me to care for myself. :)


Thank you so much for sharing your October. It has been a real joy to me as I am unable to get out of doors much at present.


Really enjoyed the daily glimpse into your life and life in England. Normally, my family and I visit our friends in England every October. I was so sad not to be able to go this time. The two things that helped me cope with it was reading your blog and crocheting a Littlehampton beach blanket (Littlehampton is where we normally go). :-)
Your pumpkins look fantastic!
Jeannette (from Berlin, Germany)


You are a master at pumpkin carving. They are outstanding. Thank you for a glimmer of hope in this pandemic. Looking forward to your next blog.

Kim Krause

I’ve loved October, knowing there would be a post from you every day! It must be time consuming, but what fun to get a glimpse into your day. Thank you!


Thank you so much for all the time and energy you have invested in the "Blogoctober" I would not mind a "Blognovember" ;-)
Take care


Lucy, I've really enjoyed your blog, its meant a huge deal to me, moreso as this covid mess goes on. I hope you are able to continue it as much as possible. Thank you for bringing colour and optimism into our lives xxx

Miss Daisy

I really miss it when you don't post , yours is the first I read and I'm disappointed when it's not there. Your pumpkins are very good. Have a great day.


Thank you for continuing to blog. As I have said previously, it is a comforting read at the end of the day. Something to look forward to and savour with a cup of coffee. As we head back in to a national lock down, we all need to savour the little bits of our day.

Roz Peel

Thank you Lucy for sharing your life with us. It’s really made October more interesting even tho the autumn colours have been so spectacular this year. Will look forward to more blogs through November xx

Christine Whiting

Thank you so much for considering carrying on with your blog I do enjoy reading it. I know that with a family and also all you creative side it all takes time. Best wishes Christine x

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