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October 30, 2020


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Such a great piece of writing.


Cool! What great news! Very happy for little B. Good luck to him in school.

Stanley Koop

Wow-what great news. Congratulations to you.Thank you for sharing this with us.


Congratulations to Little B - fantastic news!


Your day sounds lovely, and apparently your area is open so you can go to cafes, etc. We are starting to open up more here in my part of California. I had not heard of exams to get into grammar schools. Congrats to Little B.


Congratulations to Little B. I have been a follower of your blog for years and remember your post with a pregnant belly the first time you announced you were pregnant with Little B and exclaiming to myself that you were pregnant, so feel very blessed to have followed his progress through the years. Thank you for the daily blogs. I know what the 11+ is being an ex pom. The doughnut looked YUM.


This sounds like the best sort of day! Congratulations on Little B. Love the photo of Skipton market

Bev Farrall

My mouth was watering when I saw the cream doughnut - called Kitchener buns in South Australia (unsure why) and they are still my treat whenever I go 'home'! Hope you enjoyed it to the very last crumb Little B. Congratulations and best wishes for your new adveture at Grammar School. 🙂


Congratulations to Little B and to you. We don't have entrance exams to grammar schools nor do we have markets like those, so your activities of the day are quite interesting to me. I too am envious of the cake!

Debby Hornburg

I too am curious about what happens if you don't pass an entrance exam. Glad that Little B did. I'm also fascinated by the houseboats. They are a lot more common there than I would have guessed!

Mary W

I'm going to show my ignorance once again concerning the differences between sides of the big pond. What are entrance exams into grammar school? Does your school system continue all year with several big breaks between? Are there exams to get into other levels of school? What happens if you fail one of the exams? just don't get to go further in your schooling? Congrats to Little B for his achievement!

Marjorie Sanderson

Huge congratulations to little B so pleased for you all. Lucy just a thank you from me for your blog this month I have enjoyed every one and looked forward each morning sitting down and looking at your lovely photos and reading what you have been doing
It has made the month. Take care stay safe very best wishes to you and your family

Miss Daisy

Congratulations Little B , love the suspense and excitement. Glad you remembered time for self , we all need it - just that little something. Enjoy your supper.


Congrats to Little B. That is an awesome looking cake as well for his celebration.

Kathy Nichols

I can "hear" your excitement and pride - you GO lil B 👏👏👏 nice to read you had some down time too!


Congratulations Little B such great news. xx

Rebecca Selby

Yay! Go Little B :-) in this house we're still waiting for 11+ results until late November- that's a lot of impatient coffees! Have a lovely weekend x

Debbie McCaffery

Congratulations to Little B, you must be all so proud. What happy news for you all. Also I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog everyday. It has brought a little bit of happiness into my life at this present time. I lost my mum at the beginning of October so this month has been very difficult. So thank you for your daily blog. Xx

Karen Dodgson

Oh that’s such wonderful news! Congratulations to Little B on such a fantastic achievement! With love from your Fan in St Anne’s! xx


congratulations little B and proud parents!💕


I want to join my congratulations !!! You're great !!! I absolutely love your photos!

Kimberley Atkinson

Congratulations! Here, Grammar schools are open to all who live in the zone for them (and some take out of zoners too) - no exams, you just turn up on day one. The real estate in Grammar zones though is a MASSIVE premium. 2/3rds of my kids went to the local grammar and it's just a typical normal school and both kids weren't wow about it - one is hoping to finish high school a year early next week - he detests the school and the conformity/tradition of it.


Many, many happy congratulations to you all. Such an exciting time ahead. I can remember that wonderful feeling of pride when we heard too ( a few years ago now!) so nice to have some good news in these strange times. Lovely to see the High Street again, brings back happy memories of our visit there. Take care, love and hugs Becki xx


Such great news, congratulations all! I am absolutely addicted to this blog, and although we’ve never met I feel very invested in the happenings in your world. And btw, quite envious of anyone who can hit the butcher, the baker, AND the candlestick maker all in one walk to the village. Such a delightful glimpse in such un-delightful times. A sweet little escape I selfishly want never to end. Your photos have me homesick for a home I’ve never been to, and then your writing helps me feel as tho I have. Been there, I mean. Sorry bout the syntax. Thank you so much for your daily contribution, your efforts have been well worth it from the point of view of this new fan.

Teresa Kasner

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to mid-sized B! How sweet of you to give him a surprise for a reward for good work. It sounds like a perfectly lovely day for all of you.

*H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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