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October 29, 2020


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I have loved blogtober and don’t want it to end. I have enjoyed your potterings and seeing the photos from your daily walks. It is just a lovely end to the day to read and savour.


A year ago I was making your ginger biscuit recipe facebook tells me and I was planning to make somw tomorrow. Now I feel I need your lemon shortbread recipe. Would you share?


Your biscuits look mouthwatering! Well done.


I’ve loved reading your posts during blogtober Lucy and want to say thank you for letting me have a little peek into your world. I looked forward every day to opening the iPad and seeing how your day had gone and am looking forward to seeing the naughty bag when it is finished, such pretty colours! Well done on the leaf biscuits too, they look yummy. Will be sad when the end of the month arrives, although it must have been a big commitment for you to make. Thank you, thank you.

Merry L Barfield

Luckily, I discovered your posts in bloglovin.com in mid-October. What a feast of photos and descriptions of your daily life! I live in North Alabama and we, too, are having beautiful fall days with misting rain. Today is our first day of coat and hat weather. Take care and thanks for sharing.


Lucy, I love your blog and it’s inspired me to learn to crochet. I’ve found your tutorials wonderful and have now done a ripple blanket, patchwork granny blanket and a bag. Thank you x

Jackie Robertson

Love love love your pictures of Bolton Abbey, a place I used to walk around with my parents when I lived in Yorkshire.
Currently in Sheringham in Norfolk. Today was wet here too, but after a short walk into town, a quick look out to sea, I too went back for a comforting hot drink (cinnamon bun latte).
Loving your daily blogs 😊


Hello Lucy,
Wenn I saw your pictures all that came to mind was: what a perfect day :-). Thank you for sharing. Carine


I love the photo of the tree with roots snaking down the bank. It looks like it’s escaping from a fairy tale!
Yesterday was damp here in Dorset but not full on rain. We managed to get some jobs done and some squares crocheted for Woolly Hugs. Today we are off to meet family at a National Trust house for a socially distanced cup of tea outside. At the moment it is dry....!
Have a super day. I will really miss your daily blog but I hope it has inspired you enough and made it sufficiently routine to maybe treat us to a glimpse of the attic a few times a month.

Claire Hayden

Wow, your photos are sooo fabulous. The colours of Autumn such a feast for the eyes. The biscuits sound so delicious and look wonderful too. I loved your description of you sat in front of the fire. I could really picture it in my mind.

Mary Hennessey

I love reading your posts and enjoying your walks in the beautiful place in which you live...and the equally gorgeous countryside all around you!!! I live in a beautiful area in Colorado in the USA...mountains and valleys....keep hooking and crocheting the many delightful creations that you dream up!!! Mary in Colorado

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy! I enjoyed your Bolton Abbey forest photos. And that river is very full! Your cozy fireside area sounds divine. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I have made two of the cute striped pumpkins you designed. I put a link to your pattern on the other posts. You alway inspire me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Your area is so beautiful. Where I live in USA, MA. we do have pretty places to walk but I have to drive to get to them. Not so pretty around my neighborhood. Probably the reason I find it difficult to go for daily walks. It is also very gloomy here. Rain and cold. Predicting snow for tomorrow. I work night shift so I find these gloomy days perfect sleeping days.

Birgit Rosenberg

Here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, it rained all day as well. We had a cozy fire in our wood stove while I worked on row 8 of my Aria blanket. I baked a lemon pound cake.


Beautiful photos, regardless of the wet weather, and biscuits look wonderful love the leaf cutter 🍁

Linda from Boston

The dreaded “s” word for tomorrow...........snow!!! That will probably be the end of my beautiful Sunpatiens. Had to get the shovels out just in case the weather people are correct!!

Susie Bree

I would love to walk along that trail rain, hail or shine. And coffee at the end? Sounds like bliss to me. Take care.

Deneka Guyette

I do need to thank you for all the lovely photos of your area, and the lovely colors you use. I was a very lapsed crocheter. I now have 7 blankets under my belt. The area where you live is so beautiful I envy you your walking paths. Here in Wisconsin, US we have been having November, Hopefully October will show up in November

Christine Whiting

Thank you for your amazing pictures and posts. Envious of the cookies.x

Sarah F.

I so love your blog posts and looking at the beautiful photos. Thank you for taking us along on your daily adventures and cozy inspirations. ❤️


Ooh, lemon shortbread, delicious. It's lovely when the river is high isn't it. There are lots of streams here and I love walking by them after the rain. You have me thinking about the shortbread now... CJ xx


I find myself hating that when October ends, so will your daily blog posts 😢. I have enjoyed them so much and they have been inspirational to me as well, in the way of company during these still-strange times. Thank you for posting every day this month!


Dear Lucy, vous êtes vraiment un rayon de soleil. Merci d'avoir partagé votre mois d'octobre, c'est si bien qu'on voudrait qu'il dure longtemps, longtemps.

Josephine Firth


Deb, Wisconsin

Beautiful cookies!♡

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