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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 26, 2020


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Oh how I sometimes crave airy floor so I can get on with knitting a blanket for a Christmas present! Love reading your blog but slightly envious it isn't me!


With a chronic condition I have been hibernating for the whole year it feels. Only going put when the numbers felt safe during the summer. Back indoors now I am afraid. So my trusty crochet is pulling me through. I am making yet another dahlia blanket, but with the Aria pack this time.


I'm currently crocheting a long scarf/stole. I began last July but then soon it was too hot for such a project. The point is, now I can't keep crocheting for long before my cat settles on my lap forbidding any activity but stroking her.
I love reading your blog it's a lovely idea why not keep writing in November at least every other day?


Your fireplace & mantel look warm, cozy, and inviting. 🍂🍁🍂


Never boring Lucy and I too on my blog and insta can be repetitive with drinks food sewing crochet lol
Love your blog and glad I came here so long ago even before little B and was inspired to crochet more and do a blog. Need that fire here in Victoria Oz even though spring weather has turned backwards lol
Keeping safe as our side starts to open up again.......... 🌻🌻😀😀


Love your blog, first off. Always wanted to see England, and I can see it through your eyes. I'm working on a shawl with variegated yarn. Diagonal, garter stitch. Started with 2 sts., up to about 155, add a stitch every other row. Very ZEN. Stay warm, cold here too. Had snow in northern New England today...


Call me what you will but as far as coffee is concerned, it's instant every time for me! And if I want to make it a little different - demerara sugar instead of white, yum! I've lost track of how many wip's I've got at the mo', but I'm mainly working on a block stitch "thing". I also need to start a DK scarf, hooked lengthways, but I'm not sure how many chain to start with.


“ my brain feels like a big floofy thing with holes in it, incapable of any kind of decision making or anything that requires me to pay attention for longer than a few minutes. Thoughts and decisions kind of waft away before I can grasp them which makes life quite interesting”.
Hahaha, thanks for putting into words my life for the past few years!!!😁 I write lists now, all the time, instead of just at Christmas or planning holidays which is highly amusing for the family, but oh so essential(!) if I am to get anything coherent done!
Cheers to you and your coffees, thanks for the daily chats and wanderings, love them!
Jenny (Ipswich, Q’ld, Australia

Kelly Stoker

Since Covid began and my husband started working for home, he makes cappuccinos at 3pm. It's amazing. It's just a little thing to look forward to each afternoon. He's like my own personal barista. I totally understand your coffee pictures.

Kristine S

"Floofy brain" (not floozy brain like predictive text changed it to) is my current, ongoing state. So wish for company wish someone could throw a line & fish me out...
Have a wonderful family day xxx😘👌


Wow! such stunning scenery Lucy, absolutely beautiful. I too have been reading your blog just before bed and it’s nice to dream of the time we can travel and visit different places properly again. I am also suffering from hormone related ‘floofy head’ and it is really wearing! I’m so looking forward to getting back to my old self again too, hopefully. Thank you for your posts they really do brighten my day and your humongous celery was amazing, I didn’t realise celery could grow so big! Take care and look forward to catching up again tomorrow lots of love and hugs Becki xx

Jacqueline Farrow

Boring old food shopping for me yesterday (Monday). I did sit down to a coffee before embarking on that task. Plus I bought some clothes for the Grandsons for Christmas. I’m Christmas shopping already as I do not intend to be in the shops around Christmas time with so many people. Had to do some phone calls in the afternoon. After dinner it was time to sit down to watch some of my favourite programs, Escape to the Country, Bargain Hunt, Dr Martin and Foyles War. While watching these I finished knitting the back of a dolls rumpersuit and then crochet some of the “Leo” Granny Squares. Jackie Perth Western Australia.


I have started my first ever crochet project today, the sweet pea blanket. I have completed the tension sample and very excited and amazed I was able to do It! Four weeks ago I had no idea how to crochet , thanks to you I have now found a new hobby which I think it’s going to be quite addictive!

Val Hayward

Hello Lucy,
Like other posters here, I am thoroughly enjoying your daily postings, and there's nothing wrong with showing the very drinkable coffee pictures.
Floofy brain? Welcome to the club!! :-)
I found a company selling up, with their varied items being at knockdown prices. I saw that packs of tapestry wool were a silly low price, so bought four of them. Each skein is making a granny square. Each pack of twenty are co-ordinated but no two are the same. I have chosen all autumn-y colours. I will have 80 at the end, so I guess I will be making a blanket!

Mary Lloyd Jones

Thank you Lucy,your blog is part of my bedtime routine....make “Sleep”tea! Put the moisturiser on my old face .Have a quick look at e.mails etc.I missed the ‘naughty granny bag’ report so is it still around somewhere? Lovely blog and love the fireplace!

Linda from Boston

I enjoy the coffee pics. Makes me wish I was sitting with you having one!! I’ve taken a break from my second Coastal Stripe afghan to knit some socks for the holidays. I use Paton Kroy yarn and they’ve come out with some new colors. Mostly stripes. The one I’m working on (for myself......imagine that!!) is called Sidewalk Chalk. I love the name. Pastel colors which are soothing on the 👀.


I love your photos, and the daily coffee works for me! It is just so nice to read and see photos of someone enjoying and showing gratitude for their life. That is certainly a life well lived. I am slowly crocheting the cupcake blanket when not puttering in my yard or taking long walks. We don’t have much autumn color so I enjoy yours...and without the cold. You have a lovely writing style and your voice comes through. Thank you!


I've been dealing with bouncy-hormone lack of sleep, too, as it's time for me to say bye-bye to hormone replacement -- ugh!! I've just started with melatonin before bed and it helped a bit I think, so maybe that's an option for you? I LOVE my coffee! In fact you got me started on Nespresso with milky froth from the Aeroccino (except I like cinnamon-sugar on mine!) My Dune blanket is slowly making its way toward completion (with various life interruptions), but I love working on it and I equally love your blog posts and pics that make me wish we had such beautiful country walks so close by! Take care!

Margaret bolton

Having missed my yearly trip to England to visit family due things out of my trip control. I love readin your blog and the photo. Thank you and keep up the good work

Rita Willetts

I love your cosy musing on your simple things that bring you happiness. Sometimes these things are taken away from you very quickly. Then u realise how important they are. I personally know that. So that pleasure having a regular coffee with your husband. Find happiness and joy everywhere. Carry on writing and creating beautiful things


I knit on socks just about every day for a few minutes. Since I learned how to knit socks, I can't seem to stop. Just ordered more yarn for five more pair! Love seeing your everyday life. It' makes me happy to know all's right in your world.


There's a remnant of covid-brain still going around, as the disease picks up again here in Michigan. I'm sitting at my dining room table trying to figure out which project needs my attention first, but after 30 minutes I'm still sitting at the dining table . . . thank you for your cheery approach! I'm needing some cheer!


I am loving reading about your homely days and really look forward to catching up with you each evening. I don't want it to end!
I am enjoying making a daisy centered granny squared cot blanket for one of my old ladies who gave me a load of yarn, yey!


I remember well the floofy brain and emotional chaos of menopause, but life after it has been soooo much better!Hang in there Lucy, it will pass xx

Frankie  Rees

Thank you so so much Lucy. Your warm and descriptive daily blog is a wonderful escape from the crazy world at the moment. I love your golden beautiful autumn walks and the amazingly fabulous coffees. It feel so special to be allowed to be part of your life- Thank you - This has really brightened up my whole month and look forward to your posts everyday.Don't worry about the Floof - It will pass - it's totally understandable.. Life is not normal . During Lockdown I lost my Cro-jo and it made me totally miserable . Luckily it returned in the summer when I wasn't working from home - it's my mental saviour being able to relax and crochet and read your blogs and savour your colours. Thank you

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