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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 26, 2020


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Nina C

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Floofy heads. I went through that phase a couple of years ago only there were times I left the the room laughing over something only to return like something needing an exorcism. Enjoy your coffee, fireplace, and settling in. I look forward to your posts, they are never ho-hum!

Tracy Bache

Glad I'm not alone with brain fog.I sometimes feel very disconnected and soooo tired. Hormones,who would have them. I'm currently working on you beautiful mixed stripe Dalihia blanket. The lovely warm colours make me feel happy,as I sit on the sofa with my SAD lamp on.


Your coffee always looks delicious but I cannot drink milk. Envy your fireplace. We have one and was enjoying it on the colder days but had a very windy day and discovered that because of roof angle and placement of chimney the wind came down the chimney and created a mess in most of the house. So no more fires in the fireplace. I am skipping from one project to another. Sewing, knitting socks and crocheting a blanket. Cannot stay focused so I just did an order with Woolwarehouse. Look forward to your post tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

Diane Ruel

So, I have days when I want to knit, crochet, make jams and chutneys with such enthusiasm and days when I can’t be asked. You learn to go with it. These gloomy, wet days don’t help. On the go I’m crocheting your beautiful Aria blanket and knitting Yarndale socks. Just go with the flow Lucy 🤗

Nicky S

Totally understand the floofy brain thing - that’s such a good description! I am using some delicious hand dyed yarn to knit Winwick mum’s Sanctuary socks - it’s the first time I’ve tried cables for socks and of course Christine’s pattern is written so well that it’s nothing like as hard as I thought it might be!


Lucy - so many of us appreciate a touch of familiar routine, and I have really enjoyed the certainty of finding a post from you each evening.(I am seriously thinking of having a go at daily posting myself in November - as someone who currently manages about 2 posts a month that could be more than challenging!)
I forgot everyone's name during the menopause, even my close colleagues' - really uncomfortable at times. But since then - amazing! NO MORE hormonal migraines that could steal 48 hours of my life. Not to mention the other obvious advantage...!

Miss Daisy

You know I love your posts . I've tried several things for my brain fog and what I have found that works for me is a herb "Ashwaganda", not sure of the spelling but it's close. It calms my insides and I can focus big time for 8 to 10 hours. I don't like taking prescription meds.

charlotte m.

Currently I am doing a ripple blanket for my youngest grandson in his favorite colors. I seem to chug along at a row or two per day. It now covers my thighs, almost to my knees.


Goodness, am I deprived of your daily coffee pic? XD If this is too much go talk with your GP, Lucy. As you got pre, full, and after menopause. It can take a while to come in a mode that is just fine. Not the same but just fine. Some count 18 years. You have a young family. Please think about it. Hugs.


Hello Lucy,
I'm following you for years already and finally 'getting in touch with you'. I love your blog very, very much. At the moment I'm working on a little bear, since the wife of my boss is pregnant. I made a little sleepy doll, but that was very much liked by my husband, so that he adopted it :).
Perhaps I can send you some pictures of my crocheting (is that English ? I'm Dutch living in Germany, therefore mixing-up several languages) results.
Have a lovely day and I looking forward to read about it tomorrow!


I've not got the floofy head but any day now! :( Love your autumn garland, we have a fire but no mantelpiece and have yet to get around to putting up a shelf in lieu. I've felt like I'm bouncing around inside a large balloon, trying to figure out new routines for us both. We didn't want to get too used to it at the start, but seven months on and I need to get a grip on the exercise regime if we're stuck indoors more! I'm sewing more masks (weirdest xmas present EVER haha) and machine knitting a bit, when I can himself out of my craft room!

Sarah K

Your walk in the woods looks beautiful! I love that sculpture with the twigs/sticks.


I've had times in my life when my brain felt like yours. It was hard to get anything done because no thought would stick. I found it helpful to have a notecard and pen in my pocket to write everything down. Just make sure you have the date on it.


I too am trying to persuade my youngest out on a walk as half term stretches out before us. I feel like the coast or river walk, but rain has stopped play so far. The weather should be better tomorrow. I am itching to light our fire but we only have one lot of coal at the mo so that will have to wait. I am keeping warm by sitting under the coastal blanket I am crocheting for my sister in law. It was for us but she fell in love with it! I shall just have to make another. I am well over half way, which is good as it's her Christmas present! Floof time will pass, enjoy being grounded in the moment and embrace the pleasure of just being x


Knitting and sewing this week Lucy. Sewing has been a project bag for my friend in Australia which I will be posting tomorrow, weather permitting. I made one for her birthday and she asked for another so that's a gift problem solved. And I've had the fabric for ages with her in mind.

Knitting is socks. A local fishmonger asked me to knit him some warm thick socks because his feet get so cold on the stall, so the first pair are finished and blocked nicely. But the thick yarn, WYS Fleece 100% Blue Faced Leicester Aran, and bigger needles than I'm used to, made my hands a bit stiff and achey in the mornings. So I'm taking a break and knitting WYS 4ply in Peony and a pattern called Lovefool by Veera Välimäki for for my neighbour downstairs for Christmas.

I love knitting socks, my favourite thing. I'll be delivering Christine Perry's Seascape socks in her blues yarn to a nurse who was very kind to me recently in the Royal Free Hspl. She said she's never had someone knit anything for her, so I put that right and they're done, blocked and dry, ready to go.

No superb coffee, but lots of lovely brown tea and lovely Italian grandmas cabbage soup from YouTube! There, done a soup request at the same time!


Lucy, I've been lurking here ever since you taught me to crochet before my grandson was born (so 5 years now). Thank you for your honesty and your truly inspiring photographs, which are a joy to turn to every day this October. The floofy head (how well I remember it!) DOES pass - just be kind to yourself and go with the flow... My blanket obsession has now filled all available niches at home and family, so I'm now blanket-making for Project Linus (children in care), and it's getting me through these lockdown times brilliantly. There's nothing like some meditative, repetitive hooky occupying the hands, and some colour to delight the eyes, to make the day feel better.


I love your daily posts Lucy and will be quite sad when they end. I can totally relate to the coffee thing something so simple but so pleasurable at the same time. Your Autumn mantle is lovely, I have made the Autumn garland but I think I need to make some pumpkins now. I'm looking forward to seeing your carved pumpkin so show us please when it's done and yes you are never too old for chocolate treats. Have a lovely Tuesday. xx


How much I enjoy your daily posts. I said it here before, you are an excellent promoter of your country and I already told my husband that once travelling will be possible again, England is very high on our list.
Anyway, your posts are such a treat in this crazy time, it's like a peaceful haven for a couple of minutes while reading. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, it really helps me to appreciate the small things in my own daily life as well.
Currently I'm working on a huuuuge granny square blanket which has been WIP for a long time. Colorful circles on a warm red background (...and so so many ends to yarn in - next will be one of your stripy blankets again :D).
Huge thank you from Germany, take care!


Hi Lucy, it’s good to know that mine is not the only life that seems to plod along the same well worn path every day.
I’m working on a Sophie’s Garden, which is taking forever but will be amazing when it’s done xx


Know what you mean about trying to concentrate on things in this funny old world! Finished one of your charity bears (in doubled DK) today for 3rd grandchild due Christmas week. He now has matching blanket, poncho and teddy! Phew! The pattern has worked well (again) thank you.
Now looking forward to creating granny square cosy toes for the grandchildren’s camping sleeping bags. Lots of exciting colour planning..and 2 sizes of squares .... And probably more walks, puddle hunts, and coffee, over the next few days.Take care.

Helen C

Hi Lucy just loving your daily blogs, very comforting to read, definitely going to miss them when the daily blogs stop. Love the great photos and the daily ups and downs it grounds me as I recall memories' of my three growing up. I am knitting huge man socks too for my dad using the peacock colour way from WYS. Loving the colours unfolding, searching for the peacock in there! Post menopausal here too so well done you for discussing it, its still so poorly understood with such confusion out there to make head nor tail of what to 'take' to help.

Winwick Mum

We've got early pumpkins this year too, and have remembered not to carve them yet or they'll be a disgusting mush by Hallowe'en - although perhaps that would add to the smokiness! 🤣🎃


Apparently beer helps with the peri-and-menopausal hormones. I’m thinking of giving a daily glass a go. It’s can be as effective as prescribed hormones (apparently).


Can’t wait to see your pumpkin💕


Hi Lucy,
Floofy brain here too, along with hot flushes. It’s a joy isn’t it!
No crochet here yesterday as we were in Bournemouth dropping off and picking up son who was doing the autumn National Citizenship scheme. It was great to see the sea and watch the surfers, although we kept up on the quiet cliffs as the virus is rather too prevalent. We drove out to Kingston Lacy National Trust garden where the Japanese garden was looking amazing with all the different Acers in their autumn plumage. Second day today and it’s raining so I will have my temperature blanket to work on in the car. Enjoy your day.

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