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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 24, 2020


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Hi Lucy, I’ve loved reading your blogs this month and it’s been lovely to see pictures of Skipton. We visited whilst on holiday this year ( down from Aberdeen). We loved the market and had a ride on Sam the canal boat. I’m originally from a village near York and always love to drink in its beauty and culture when we visit. I’m making some crochet socks just now - Cupid by West Yorkshire Spinners - tricky but I’m getting there! 😊 Good luck with the bag! My next project will be the Woodland blanket as the beautiful autumnal colours up here in Scotland have really inspired me! Thanks for all your lovely patterns!

Bonnie  Brocklehurst

Oh Lucy you look like a teenager in that picture💕 Thank you for sharing your day with us, it all sounded so perfect. We have had a beautiful Fall here in Newfoundland, starting to get colder the past few days, have to wear my hat and gloves when I walk but I am cherishing my time outside walking and in the garden. Looking forward to cozy days doing crochet and watching Britosh TV, love to you and your family💕

Hena Tayeb

Sounds like a lovely routine.
We are in York just last year.. we found it so charming.

Jill Wilson

Just eaten your chicken and pearl barley slow cooker recipe it is definitely a winner thank you for sharing the book with us Lucy

Brigid de Jong

I was suffering from SAD in a big way when my doctor found that I had a severe vitamin D deficiency--a pretty common problem, I have found. It took over a year of 10K IU a day to bring it to normal. While I still have some "hibernation" effects from the days getting shorter, it's vastly better now.

Tracy Bache

Hi Lucy,Mr B brought me a day lamp. It's amazing. I sit under it on the sofa and make sure your summer harmony blanket is drapped over me. If there's a little bit of sunshine coming in through the Windows it makes me feel happy. Can't wait to see your bag,once it's been allowed out of the naughty corner. I hope you have a great half term.


Loving your daily updates! Enjoy the half term with your chiddlers, hope the weather is fine for you!

Beverley Fleet

Love your daily posts, Lucy, they really cheer me up. Thank you.


You look fabulous, Lucy. So nice to see you in a photo. So sorry for the winter months that lie ahead. I have some friends who live in colder, darker regions and they experience SAD, too. We get little rain here. When my children were little I remember picking them up from school just as the very lightest of sprinkling rain was coming down and you would have thought all of the Marvel characters had landed on campus with the shouts and squeals and rush of excitement the school children displayed. At the sight of faint rain! Thanks for sharing your days with us. I look forward to your daily posts!


I love the about town pics as I love google map holidaying where you pic a place to visit and walk around the town on the map and look at things. Your market town is a great one for google wanders as it has such a mix of places. Your houses area which is lovely old stone terraces with their stepped rooves, the other side of the canal near B&M which has those newer buildings waiting to age into the stone look. The area where the canals meet which looks awesome and the place where the canal and river fun side by side. I think that is one I would love to wander along in real life. So many cool little streets like chapel hill which is so cute and of course the castle. Such a diverse and interesting little town.

Jacqueline Farrow

Always a pleasure reading your blog. You make a ordinary day in your life
sound so special. We are the total opposites when he comes to the weather. I come alive in the cooler months. I think that’s why I tend to book our trips to the UK Mid Sept to Nov. have to be back home for lead up to Christmas. I had plan our next trip to have been March next year but of course that won’t happen now, crossing fingers 2022-23. I love the idea of walking to a market to buy fresh veggies etc. we are hoping sometime soon to grow our own. My “Leo” Granny Square blanket is coming along nicely. I gifted it to my daughter for Christmas. Once again thank you for sharing your day to day life with us all. Take care. ❤️🧶


Lucy I have so enjoyed visiting you here each day and draining up all the beautiful pics and love your Tilly kitty ❤ Here in Oz spring but you would think winter as been rather wet and cold in my area. Keep safe out there as are we trying.


It cheers me to read your blog every day.
I too suffer from SAD October-March, my crochet helps me through it. Thats all thanks to you and your awesome blog. I don't believe I would of even started crocheting if I'd not found it.
Good luck with the bag

Lynne barnbrook

Lucy i read your blog every night...i just love to hear about you incomplicated life.I have had a very hard year and so yearn for simple pleasures again and lovely frothy coffee...you are an amazing person dont stop what you are achieving xx


You have made me realise that celery wasn’t bought today when DH and I visited our weekly farmers’ market. The car park in which the market is held was busy, I am considered extremely vulnerable, we are in Tier 2, I stayed in the car and hovered whilst keeping an eye out for the parking wardens.

I noticed in CL that arrived today that the cast of All Creatures Great & Small stayed in Skipton during filming - did you see any of the activity? I do wonder who made the 1930 knitwear worn in the series.

Jo McGee

Hello Beautiful you. Your 24 past days of blogs have sure kept me going Lucy i cannot thank you enough. It's exam time for me and my 48 year old brain has been in a hormone funk too. Finally my sleep has normalised. Ahh, Hallam's Yard-the cobbled street is where i stay when i visit. I love to hear all the people pootling too and from the market. I have the same bag and it always has celery popping out i think i like to go green veg style with it too. Your life is one i dream of being a Yorkshire lass in Australia it is still a dream but so lovely to see snapshots of your wonderful life. Thank you Lucy, you are an amazing lassie. I wish i could transport you here for some sun anyhow sending you lots of rays, and happy soup and sock days xxx


I too suffer from October to March with SAD...but for me it is the Summer SAD in this very hot humid part of the world ☹️ I dream of living in the Northern Hemisphere one day and experiencing all the seasons in their time .... Stay well 🌺

Jennifer Larking

Wet and wild here on the south coast today so we didn’t even get out of the house. I also lit the fire at 4 pm and sat down to watch Sherlock with the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch and work on my Shetland Wool Week 2020 hat. I love making these annual hats, makes me feel part of the Skye knitting community. I spent the day making Christmas crowns for the family which I hope we will all wear when we have a Zoom meeting at Christmas. I know we won’t see all the grandchildren and of course it makes me sad but at least we have Facetime.


Oh Lucy, I hope you've had time to set your wonderful creative mind spinning and have thought of a way to finish the naughty granny bag without needing to undo all the work you've accomplished. Perhaps you have some lovely bit of fabric lurking that will contrast and complete the lining for the top of the bag in a truly designer fashion?
You are a brilliant young woman and will triumph!


Cats <3


Damp chilly day here too, but I got a new espresso maker this week and now I can have my espresso and a nice foamy milk to put on top. (And I figured out how to use it without resorting to outside help...always a win when the technology doesn't out wit you.) Warm Sunday to you. (Also, I too have recognized SADS in me for a long time!)


I love the shape of those glasses, so elegant. Your Saturday morning sounds great, and that's such a lovely photo of you. I used to love going to a little street with a wonderful farm shop, an Italian grocery shop and some really individual cafes when I lived in Bristol, you have reminded me of it. Shocking weather here as well, but it made it lovely to be at home. The dog got wet twice and wasn't very pleased though. CJ xx

Jo Hyde

What a lovely picture of you!! I said before, Dorset maids wear well!

Sally Spragg

I had a terrible nights sleep last night, so am hoping the extra hour will put me back on track! Not been too well these last few days, but have loved your blog!
Skipton, to me , is lovely , as it something of everything! It can be bustling or it can be calm! I love the quirky side streets with their small shops and cafes. The canal always has a pull for as I love seeing the boats. Think they are marvellous and I love seeing the larger canal boats. They don’t fit on most canals!
My daughter uses a light box every day and says it really does help her! Can’t believe it’s only nine weeks to Christmas! I was sorry to hear about your bag project but you will find a way to satisfy you!
Enjoy your extra hour under the covers!


It sounds like a lovely day, and I am joining you in spirit working on the cupcake blanket in hydrangea colors. Not only do you have lovely Canadian glasses, but you also have some of their thinking. B.C. Motto is be kind, be calm, be safe, and have gratitude...all of which you seem to be doing❤️🇨🇦.

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