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October 23, 2020


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Jackie Wright

Hi Lucy

I laughed when I read you had a naughty corner for recalcitrant crochet....so do I and sometimes they're in there for ages!!


So sorry about your bag☹️ I would leave it in the naughty corner until it is very very sorry😂 Love the socks.💕


That cheeky little bag playing a trick on you. I wouldn't let it out of the naughty corner unless it promises to behave. I so know what you mean about peri-menopause brain fog. I lost most of 2015 when I turned 50, I was convinced I had dementia, but no those pesky hormones and the menopause was to blame. I'm not sure which I am most jealous of Little Bs chocolate extravaganza or that natty bottle of prosecco!


Hello Lucy,
That is such a seriously impressive chocolate! I’m taking my thirteen year old to the ice-cream parlour as a treat for a good report. Your school holidays sound so different to mine, there is so much school work to get through. How do you manage? I’ve enjoyed your daily blog, it must be hard on you, thank you!


My first thought reading about your bag, was that you mentioned had ordered more material than needed for the bag lining. It hurts to have to undo your patiently put stitches, but on the positive side, you won’t have to order more fabric. It’s funny how things work out. You’ll know when you feel ready to work on the bag again. Can’t wait to see the finished bag.


Hi Lucy, I feel your pain...sometimes craft projects can be so frustrating with many 'undo' involved but the final results always make it worth it. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs, I'm sure it's not always easy.
I'm really enjoying your daily blog posts and I wish you a lovely half term! I hope you can see the sea! A day in the New Forest is at the top of my wish list this half term. xx


You poor love - it’s so frustrating when projects go haywire. It will all work out now I’m sure. So envious of Little B’s hot chocolate treat - looks amazing.


Dear Lucy, I'm a follower for more than 14 years, but rarely posted a comment before. Your colorful crochet always makes me smile and the pictures of your beautiful! surrounding always want me to go outside myself. But what I do appreciate, is how you describe the struggle of the peri-menopause... Struggling myself with it, it is a relief that you're describe it. There's still a lot of denying about it, by men and also by women... After 7 years I'm almost over it, and it was a really instructive time, I'm proud that I found my ways to get it through, nowadays I can handle it. I'm convinced you will find your own way! A big hug and kind regards from Holland, from Sandra


That's life! It happens and many people would have hidden the fact. Thanks for your honesty: it is what makes me want to read you and I' m sure your bag will in the turn out finished in the most beautiful and colourful way.


How are you all dealing with Covid right now? Are you wearing masks? Are all children in school? Are shops open to full capacity? Just wondering how different it might be across the pond!


Could you... unpick the lining from the top 2 corner squares, swap the squares out for triangles and just have a smaller bag? It feels like that could work to start with? I do feel your pain though. Nothing more infuriating when something that’s supposed to be fun feels like it’s slapped you in the face. Dagnabbit!

On a side note, can I just say what a stroke of genius your sock knitting is? The fact that you just literally knit 2 socks on 2 different needles and switch between each one, so you don’t get second sock syndrome. It looks so fiddly knitting 2 on the same needles, but this is perfect :)


Wow that hot chocolate looked amazing no wonder little B was stuffed.
Looking forward to seeing the finished bag, sounds like the sort of thing I would do when I get over excited about finishing a project.
I hope you enjoyed half term with the family and maybe a trip to the seaside.


So nice to be with you everyday!! And I Love enjoying hot chocolate!! Have a nice weekend, today is my birthday so I'm having a great family time!! 😉


Oh no, oh no!! Oh, I am so sorry that this happened! It must suck big time, I'd be discouraged as well. (Good thing that you had bought more cloth, right?) I was relieved to read that you had at least notes for the half-square!!! PHEW.

I hope you can get to it one step at a time, I'm sure the bag will look lovely - as lovely as little B's chocolate, which looks downright amazing, honestly. (The socks look great, too! Opal makes fantastic sock yarn)


Happy Friday to you!! The hot chocolate looks so good - my favorite. I have a bottle of prosecco in the fridge with my name on it. So looking forward to pouring myself a glass very soon! Have a lovely and relaxing weekend.


Oh my, my youngest would be VERY happy with that hot chocolate as well, amazing. How frustrating about the bag. Redoing stuff is harder than doing it the first time somehow. It sounds as though you have a lovely week coming up. I'm hoping for a sunny day or two as well, I shall try and drag the youngest one (or even two) out somewhere. Fingers crossed. Have a lovely weekend. CJ xx


This is my crochet squares bag, mentioned earlier.
...just an idea...

Sue Rostron

I would just make a mini lining for the extra and join it to the top of your bag. Then cover the seam with a pretty ribbon or crocheted trim.


I agree with Val. Surely it would be better if the top section wasn't lined? It would fit much more snugly over the handles without the extra bulk that the lining would add. The turned-over squares can then be sewn to the lining on the inside, which would stop them stretching. Then some crochet draw strings threaded through for added strength. Have a lovely half term hols. xx


Why not relax by crocheting up the needed extra squares and half squares? It won't take long at all. Then you will be all fired up and ready to go whipping out the lining and cutting and stitching on the new one. You can be back to final finishing by tomorrow and it all done by Sunday or Monday.

Linda from Boston

You made me laugh with the naughty corner!!! I feel your pain. Good thing you have all that extra fabric!!!


Can you just make a piece of lining the sahpe of the top and sew it to the main part? Seems a shame to waste all your time and effort so far.
Sorry about your day, maybe it'something in the air! Mine involved losing my mobile phone,then finding out my prescription glutenfree rolls weren't in, so I'm now making girdle scones for tomorrow's breakfast as I'm right out of my favourite rolls. Phoned my mobile when I got in and the police station answered, as it had been handed in, and the kitchen smells lovely. Don't think the scones will last until tomorrow!


You have made me smile! I know you will get your bag sorted out eventually...once it’s allowed out of the naughty corner!
That hot chocolate looks amazing! Worth travelling all the way to Yorkshire for!
I expect the Prosecco is finished by now. We’ve just had fish and chips as a treat for half term. X


Awful, hun, just awful. Could it be you make a different handle to this one and make the next one with the planned handles? As it's such a pity to undo all your neat work. I haven't seen the sea for a long time and won't be seeing it for a long time too. I want to go with retirement, this pandemic is way too much. Oh well, that's life. Have a lovely break with your family ;>*


Lucy, do you have to unpick your beautiful lining - it doesn't necessarily have to be right up to the handle after all - does it?
I made a bag from squares many moons ago, but I used crocheted handles, and a long crocheted 'tie' that I wound through the top squares to pull it together.
Perhaps an idea just to crochet a long strand and thread through your unlined squares, leaving your lovely lining in place.
Good luck with whatever you decide. :-)

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