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October 21, 2020


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Sophie Howell

Extra fabric - you could make masks with it! Beautiful colours and I love all your postings <3

drusilla cleary

Looking good. Dying to see finished bag.

Teresa Kasner

That bag is going to be so beautiful that you will need to frame it! LOL! I look forward to seeing it all done and dusted. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jools Morgan-Jones

So looking forward to the Ta Dah moment! Also looking forward to the tutorial, as I have recently bought a sewing machine but have made nothing more complex than some simple face coverings. Your tutorials are so clear and well explained, I might just manage to make a bag of my own at some point 😊


Love love LOVE your granny squares. What a delightful project. The lining fabric is PERFECT for it. Can't wait to see the finished bag. Cats are very special creatures... some have the weirdest manners... I saw a cat on Instagram who picked up hair elastics from the bottom of a makeup bag, her whole head diving right in and moving around all the makeup to pick it up and then toss it on the floor... I'm not surprised at Tilly's ability to pull out pins... I just wonder why she does it... Hmmm... attention seeker?


I am enjoying SO Much your daily posts. In my day I pack it full of bright wonderful things. I am retired, with cats and dogs and piles of creative projects. I am enjoying this post so much, I’ve gotten a little twinge of worry. Please continue on through November. Everything about these daily reads is uplifting, beautiful and fun. Thank you


Getting excited!💕

Beth in Maryland

Hi, Lucy, thanks for keeping on with these wonderful posts. They are always such a gift! Looking forward to that bag, and sending you a big hug.

Mary W

My cat made a long distance phone call one day. Back when the phone sang out the sound of each number differently, she liked the sounds. So one morning she climbed up the dresser, knocked the phone off the hook (long time ago) and proceeded to tap dance some pretty tune she made up on the keypad. When I walked in, I heard the phone and quickly hung up. I had to check the bill when it came in to be sure we didn't have an expensive surprise waiting to be paid. Cats are such an independent lot. They own us not the other way around. Cute pin cushion!


Beautiful colours of the autumn woodland!
I'm very eager to see your bag in all its splendour... with embellishments of course!


Firstly thank you for your blogs, I am really enjoying them. Years ago when we first got married (28 years ago!!!) my husband complained that there were pins all over the house, I couldn't understand this as I did all my patchwork and dressmaking in the spare bedroom. I discovered a while later how they got everywhere, when I was shortening some curtains we had been given to go in our huge bay window. I had then all laid out on the floor, yards of them, pinning them, I got to the end and turned round and there was not a single pin left in the curtain!!! our cat had gone behind me and removed them all!!! after that I kept my pins and needles in a tin with a lid firmly on!!

Linda Trompetto

Sadly I no longer have any cats but years ago I was doing a fairly large sewing project and naturally had my cat sitting alongside me. A few weeks later, for no apparent reason, she became very unwell and an X-ray was called for. Unbeknown to me, she had swallowed a needle and thread which had become tangled round her intestines. I was told by my vet that whilst a cat generally does not swallow a needle, they do pick up thread and in this case in swallowing the thread, she had inadvertently ingested the needle. It was a happy, albeit expensive, ending after a major operation and she fully recovered. Let this be a word of warning though and I now never let animals near me when sewing.

Tracy Bache

Love all of your pictures. Especially the cherry tree leaves off J's phone. I wish I could live as somewhere as beautiful as you do. But I'm thankful for your stories. Can't wait for your Ta Dah moment. I know it's asking a great deal but please continue this in November.👍😂


Lucy, your daily blog posts are a joy! I have autumn vacation at the moment and the first thing I do in the morning is not thinking about ends but reading your blog. It makes me very happy.


I don't often comment but the bag is delightful. I love your pesky ends story. I once crocheted a queen size blanket and every winter when I pull it out there are new ends flapping at me.

Charlotte (MotherOwl)

Hm, seems I can't link ... here is the adress: https://itsdaffycat.blogspot.com/2018/01/a-totally-useless-stitch-long.html

Charlotte (MotherOwl)

All those pesky ends. Have you ever heard of the TUSAL challenge? Look here: TUSAL
It's sleeping a bit right now, but it's on Facebook as well, and quite fun.

Angela Glae

The bag is going to look amazing! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!! I’ve been really enjoying your blogs this month (I always do anyway), but I particularly enjoy your general day to day stuff. It makes me feel like I’m catching up with a friend whenever I read your lovely posts. Thank you, from me in New Zealand xx


Love your eye for detail... I'm the same. When I was in Croatia, on one of the islands we sailed to, I saw small (obviously not hot house!) Cyclamens growing wild alongside the bike path - glorious!
Bag will be a project for me - not so many squares as Aria! Hugs Lucy x

Lynne Creech

Beautiful bag. You say you have got too much fabric, do you think a fat quarter of fabric be enough to order?


Can’t wait to see this cute little bag completed. That lining fabric is so pretty.
Hope tonight’s sleep is better and no early morning tossing and turning.


Love how your bag is coming along, it’s so satisfying to be near to completing a project. Looking forward to the Ta- Dah photos x


I have a cat that does that, getting out the pins of my work! You've got the other ridiculous cat! My little Apricot wants attention and out of pure malicious, he gets them out to tease me. I've to put my pincushion away as I am afraid he hurts himself. The pins hang on to his hair (Persian gentleman there) and some are quite dangerous as being Ekebana pins! The bag is becoming stunning <3


I love how cyclamen buds do that as well, such a satisfying twist isn't it. Maybe you could make some divisions with your extra fabric? I am a devil for needing lots of bag divisions and pockets. I add them in if there aren't enough! I knew you would have those ends sorted without delay, it's all looking lovely. CJ xx


Looking forward to seeing the finished bag, as for Tilly, our cat, Steel, decides to help hubby when he's painting miniatures by taking the paint brush out of his hand whilst painting and then tipping over the paint water glass.

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