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October 20, 2020


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Elisabeth  Sams

Love your post have just come across it .


Thank you once again for your uplifting post. Lovely colours contrasting with the grey wet day I've been "enjoying"

Jean Jeffcoate

Oh Lucy I so love your blog! You provide so much inspiration in the middle of down-to-earth honesty. Half term’s coming up -hope you make it to the sea...

Barb Baines

Can't wait to see the finished bag. I love the colors. In the states we call your mushroom Shaggy Mane


Love the look of the Granny bag! Could you post the approx measurements please, for those of us who prefer rows?! Am making your Aria blanket in Cosy stripe. The colours are sensational! Thank you for your daily blogs. So reassuring to realise that we are all having similar feelings. xxx

Rachel Alexander

Am absolutely loving your crochet bag and all the delicious colours - I'm right in the middle of your Moorland blanket at the moment and enjoying every minute.
I recognised your mushroom find straight away - a few years back we had some growing in our garden, I looked up what they were and saw they were edible, so excitedly but with trepidation, cooked them up in butter and ate them with some toast - they were delicious BUT after lunch, I had very slight tummy ache, no idea whether the two were linked, maybe I brought on the tummy ache by worrying that I may have poisoned myself, the mind can bring on all sorts of false symptoms - anyway, never eaten one again, which is probably a shame.Rachel x

Sara Read

This bag is going to be just lovely. What a satisfying project and I do hope it is giving you comfort. Thank you for your honesty in the last few posts. It really helps to know that what can sometimes look like the perfect life from the outside is in very real terms, full of ups and downs. May the close of your week bring you energy and more joy.


Chuckling away the cat omg they must think we are mad. Day interferances to go look at the gorgeous scenery and pick children up, when crochet is calling!!!!! And the shouts from the yarn ends ha ha ha
It made me laugh even more as I woke at 6.15 and thought ooooh crochet and that was it up cuppa tea crochet out tv on (dog on lap) ha ha


Do you have to darn in the ends if you are lining the bag? Or is that bad practice 😂 l💕


I love reading your blogs, always interesting, and beautiful photos which remind me of my early years living in Derbyshire. I'm not sure where your home is, but there is something similar there to my home place. Your crochet always inspires me, even when I have a yucky day. Thank you so much for being real!


So did you get up to darn in ends at 3o'clock? This is something I've done some times. Wiggly ends can be very noisy at night...


I Love your town and your granny bag!! Photos are beautiful!! Take care!

Evi Schumacher

Always a delight to find your posts, glad your mood and the heavy skies lifted. And what beautiful surroundings you have. I am in Northern California where we’ve had no rain since May I believe and none in the forecast until Novembers, so much enjoying your verdant forest and lovely places you are sharing.
Great colors in those granny squares as well, will be nice to see the finished product.


Hello, loving the colours of your local wood, I really should get out into mine but I don't suppose I will.
Could you please post a picture of the reverse side of your bag? I'm interested in seeing what it looks like with the additional ridges of the seams visible, as well as the textural difference. Many thanks.


Hi Lucy, I love these colors for your squares. I’m hoping this will be a “kit” offered sometime! Thanks for all you share 💕


Shaggy mane mushrooms are delicious! At least here in the US, there isn’t any other mushroom that looks anything like them, so they are easy to identify. Such a lovely treat after the rain.


Love your scenery photos & your crochet work. I’m becoming an avid follower & hope to learn some crochet tips from you.

Mary Lloyd Jones

Hope the wiggly ends behave themselves tonight! Sleep tight.


I’m playing in my yard, so grateful to be feeling an autumn vibe. No rain here in California. Planting fall food, listening to birds and bugs in my yard, dreaming of lightning a cozy fire soon.

Sue Woodhouse

Love your little squares. I’ve crocheted a pile of your 2020 granny squares , well most are square as I’m pretty new to it. Love to follow your tutorials. Sue

Tracy Bache

I didn't darn some ends in on your summer harmony blanket. Even though you told us to. I lived to regret it and wished i had listened to you!😂Glad you felt a little better today.👍


That sounds like a pretty good day, rain notwithstanding. The mushroom is fabulous, I've never seen one like that before, love it. Such pretty bag squares, I shall look forward to seeing it tomorrow and I know you'll have the ends darned in by then. CJ xx


I would love to make this as a Xmas gift. Get darning those ends,,, x

Freda Maxfield

So inspired by your blog. I'm about to start one of my own and I hope I can make it as lovely as yours (haven't got your perfect crochet skills but I dabble a bit). Mine will be with an emphasis on tips for home- making, gardening, my paintings etc. Thanks for a lovely blog.


It’s such a joy to read your blog Lucy . Thanks for saying it as it is- it’s a real encouragement. Isn’t it great to take note of all those special things in our ‘ordinary’ days?
Thanks for your inspiration. A real friend. Take care. Dawn

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