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October 02, 2020


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It's November 9th, but I am enjoying catching up on your Blogtober posts that I missed. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I love seeing all the "little things" from your days. It makes me so much more mindful in my own. I'd love to know how you make your milk so frothy and what it is that you sprinkle on top! (Cinnamon? Nutmeg?) It looks delicious!

Wintu Nancy

I too love how the self striping
yarn works. Good job on the matching. I love how it is so easy to accomplish a matching pair of striped socks. I need to try another pair. I've unfortunately discovered I cannot wear wool socks, feels like a sock full of stickers! I've found some other yarn to try, now to motivate!


Thank you for posting the link to the self-striping yarn video - so pleased that I now know how it is made, it's puzzled me for ages.


Ahh! "Die Sendung mit der Maus" - they explain so well all kind of complicated stuff. We here in Germany - we love it. And I have a lot of Opal sock yarn in my stash. The best sock yarn ever!
Lucky J :-)


Look fabulous!!!! I am amazed at your nice, short circular needle, mine are all way longer than that... what brand of short circular needles do you currently use? I would really appreciate your suggestions! Love every single post of your blog!

Tracy Bache

I'm a terrible knitter but I've started to crochet some socks using Tunisian crochet technique.x

Shirla Ghadaki

I enjoyed following your blog posts in the past and was left without my daily dose when you quit posting. I also enjoy your cal's. I am glad you are back so please don't stop at the end of the month.


Thank you for the link to the sockalong. I need all the help I can get knitting socks so I'll be joining in as soon as I can get to a yarn shop.


Oh happy days indeed! Much as I adore your beautiful blanket tutorials, I do like your little everyday small adventures with yarn, food, walks etc. And they're back for October, every day if you can manage it. You needn't say much, photos tell most of the story.

So good to have you back Lucy, it's raining here in Cricklewood but this is a lovely day!! I'm knitting Yarndale Hope socks and will be all day. I've got a sore leg. The oven door fell over on it and shattered After cleaning it, grrrr. Having swept the kitchen floor loads of times, it still sparkles like fairy dust in certain lights! Life eh?


I’m soooooo glad to see you back in the attic and feeling able to open the door to us all...
My sock, yes sock, is still a WIP, that I aim to conquer at some point..😊 loving those stripy blues

Teresa Kasner

Those socks are coming out spectacular! Lucky J! Do you knit socks for the kids, too? I'm glad you're keeping happily occupied. I had eye surgery a few weeks ago on my right eye and will have it done on my left eye in a week. Everything is brighter now and more colorful. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jane McLellan

Wonderful video. As a hand spinner and dyer, I spray different colours on with a repurposed toilet cleaner bottle, but the process is essentially the same.

Helen Mathey-Horn

Opal is so great for socks and their colors/patterns are so fun to knit and see what emerges. Great looking socks.

Jen Keast

I tried many times to knit six and always failed until I read Christines pattern which you are referring to - game changer!!


Love knitting socks on mini 😀😀 Yours look fabulous and pretty wool. Hubbys socks perfect. But hooking is my real love ❤❤


Ooh socks , I’ve never made socks! Going to try the finger mitts for my thumb joint too

Winwick Mum

Your socks are looking fabulous - I love that you just fit them in amongst your blankets these days and I really must get better at fitting blanket crochet in amongst my socks! Glad your hands are staying toasty too xx


Goodness!Every time I see you knitting socks I feel I should be making a pair. I've got all the equipment but need to take the plunge. I know what you mean about lack of crochet MOJO. I hope with the nights drawing in I can cosy up to finish my coast blanket and imagine a sunny beach. Looking forward to your on going blogtober x


Through you, I found Christine and then many new friends so thank you Lucy. Personally I struggle with short circulars; I'm a magic loop girl and have probably knitted over 20 pairs of socks in the last 3 years but I'm not as neat as you.


You're right, sock yarn is absolutely amazing, the results are brilliant, fun to knit with as well. I find my knitting mojo comes and goes. Autumn is always guaranteed to find me starting something new though. CJ xx

kate bates

Those are fabulous! he's a lucky chappie!

Pamela Hooked

Ooooo,socks!!! I'm trying to crochet my first pair ever & what a learning curve!! Your knitted socks look fabulous :)) Loving blogtober <3

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