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October 19, 2020


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Diane Ruel

I have days like you’ve had today Lucy and really push myself to do anything but more often than not always feel a little better for it. 2020 has been strange for us all. You just need to go with the flow and take care of yourself 🥰


Oh dear, it happens, does it? I still can't walk after the umpteenth knee operation. I miss my riverwalk. Luckily my fluffy men came to me this night, when I toss and turn, to hug me. One sleeps close to my face so I hear the snore going through the mattress, and the other lies against my belly giving that deep vibrating feeling of utter comfiness only cats can give you. I stood up way happier than when I went to bed because of them. I send you some cat vibes to comfort you. Lucky people, we are with crochet and cats to keep us straight <3


I also love and admire your honesty, I am also really enjoying your daily logs. We all have down days, that is life. The current times are also stressful for everyone. Cut yourself some slack and accept that “this too will pass”.


I’m sorry you’ve felt out of sorts today, I definitely get those days just recently but hopefully you’ll feel much more yourself tomorrow. I really enjoy your posts and your red grouse clip did make me smile, thank you! I’ve not heard them before , very funny little things.The flapjacks look very tasty too. Take care and catch up again with you tomorrow. Love and hugs, Becki xx


Thanks for sharing-even on your "blah" day! We are all having them during this time of covid! It is ok!!

Take care of yourself.

Heather coady

I felt down on Saturday I think it is the increase of COVID that doesn’t hel

Irene A

Hope you feel more like your usual self soon and thank you for still sharing with us despite how you are feeling. I feel inspired to bake up a little flapjack now too!
I've had a few off days recently and catching up on your bogtober posts last night was a real joy and spirit lifter. I made some homemade soup today because of it! Going to settle down now to some lovely colourful Aria hookey this eve ... nearly half way through the squares!
Be gentle on yourself and enjoy a cosy night. 💛

Tessa B

My boys, on days like that, used to say 'go withe flow mum's and I try to remember their wise words.(doesn't always work!) Hope tomorrow feels a bit better


I really appreciate you sharing your off-day. It’s so easy on social media to only share the happy things, the positive things. Life isn’t always like that but even off days can have good bits🙂

Louise Blackwell

I love your honesty. We all have down days. Thank you for the recipe it's made me feel I need to bake which I usually put off because of low mood or energy. Take care my friend x


I have been the same today Lucy!!! Snap. X

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