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October 19, 2020


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Thank you for keeping it real Lucy. I hope you’re feeling better now. I’m reading your Blogtober posts back to front, from last back to first and am enjoying them immensely. I listened to the red grouse, very unusual sound, sort of like a duck and a chicken. The flapjacks sounded delicious. Will have to make those someday.
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 💜💙❤️💚🧡💛

Evi Schumacher

Always enjoy your telling of the days in your part of the world, good mood or not, we all have them, don’t we?

Tracy Bache

Thanks for your honesty Lucy.We are all entitled to have off days. Especially in the current climate. We are all here to support you and we should support each other. Stay safe.xx


I think it is healthy to feel the blues and talk about it in Blogland. Most often a picture is painted of us bloggers to be SuperMums, SuperWives, SuperCrafters, SuperDoers, SuperEverything with lots of prettiness captured, happy moments, hot frothy coffees and yummy cakes together with an occasional selfie of a smiley face screaming "My life is perfect!". But it is not. We just choose to show the best side of ourselves and our worlds because it makes us feel better as every cheerful blog post is like a positive affirmation... but we all feel like blaaaaahhh at times. It can be hard to share but its enough to just say "Hey I'm not on top of my game today, tomorrow is a better day". That to can be therapeutic as it comes down in print and an acceptance within settles that it is okay to feel all the feels of a rainbow. So, big comfort hug. Tomorrow is a new start, a new day, a new life. I'm sure you will feel better. And if it is of any comfort I didn't do ANYTHING today... Well, I took a shower, I made a crochet heart and sorted my closet. Organized some yarn, wrote a grocery list and read a couple of chapters in my book. That's about it. I skipped the daily walk, the laundry, the blogging... I just sat on the couch all day pretty much, crocheting and listening to Swedish radio. It makes me feel bad to have pointless days like this but hey, maybe I needed a day of just nothing. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm so excited to see what it will bring. It's a surprise every single morning.I hope it will be a good one. Cross fingers... Xxxxxxxxxxxx


Grouse! Such crazy sounds! No wonder it's a verb and an adjective. And flapjacks -- in the U.S. they're pancakes. And you are always luminously true, and that's why I love your blog.

Lyn Z

Oh Lucy I think if folks are honest there are more of us who feel the same way!! It’s impossible to feel too shelf every day - day in and day out there are so many things that can and do effect our energies. I like you thinks it’s always best to take our cues from within and to honor them. Sending you some virtual energy boosters and hoping you find your level of good feelings rising! 🥰

Mary W

Vitamin D to the rescue! Happens to me each year as the days shorten.


Thank you for your wonderful posts, each and every one of them throughout this wonderful Blogtober.

And thank you for keeping it real.

Miss Daisy

The moors are just lovely and I love the view behind the cottages. Sounds like a touch of menopause (men - o - pause ) . A thought . If you were happy all the time I would think you were up to something or on something , just kidding. Hope you are feeling better !

Nora McGrann

Hoping your spirits have lifted Lucy..You are always so honest and true to yourself..

No wonder we all admire you...

Wishing you well on this very damp day in N Ireland

Keep safe...xx


Sending hugs Lucy, hope you feel a bit lighter of heart today, we all are in the same boat I fear, I have an underlying anxiety all the time, it's because of the awful times we're living in right now. I'm going to make your flapjacks today to heck with the calories. xx


Love to you and wishing you a speedy return to your effervescent self💕


Hugs Lucy! It is easy to feel murgh in the grey autumn weather. Have a cuppa and look at the pretty pictures you have given us so far this month. It is a glorious Autumn filled with crisp air and crunchy leaves most of the time and it is counting down to the snow, lights and Christmas dinner. Spring hurries fast behind and then the long summer days will be with us again. Living in Edinburgh I expect that around April in time for rain again in the proper summer, but for you down south it may be a glorious long 2006 like summer.

Jools Morgan-Jones

It's ok not to be ok, Lucy, and it's better to be open about it than try to force a cheerfulness for the sake of appearances. I am so enjoying your Blogtober posts, they are really lifting my spirits, so thank you xx Hope you feel a bit brighter soon xx

Margaret Bolton

I live in London,Ontario and I am really enjoying your daily blogs. My flights to see family and friends in the U.k. was cancelled. Thanks for the lovely photos especially the blue bells in the woods reminders of ‘home’.


Thanks for your lovely blog posts and your honesty. I love your moorland posts they stimulate memories of growing up in Scotland.
Take care Lucy, you are precious to many xxx


Hello Lucy, you give so much inspiration to so many people that of course there will be days that the energy levels are low. Your patterns have kept me sane during our most recent 3 month lockdown (Melbourne Australia) and the one mantra I keep repeating is simply - Be kind to yourself x

Gail R

Me Too!
Even my crochet projects didn't help. Yikes!
But YOU did get me to smile listening to the Grouse.
Thanks, Lucy


I cannot tell you how wonderful your posts are. They lift up my spirits, and I feel hopeful again. Thanks for this; it's wonderful!


Thankyou Lucy for sharing your days with us even though you are feeling down. I too am enjoying your blog each day seeing all the photos and hearing about your life. I read it whilst having breakfast. I do find a walk is always helpful even though I have to push myself to go sometimes. You have lovely countryside to walk in like I do. I live in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia and we have been in lockdown since July but lucky enough to be able to go for refreshing walks most days and I do feel much better afterwards. I’m crocheting your hydrangea blanket at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing your Granny Josephine bag!
Thanks again and keep well Lucy.


What beautiful countryside! Wish I could apparate myself there. LOL Thanks for sharing your 'perfectly imperfect' day. We all have them. :) Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks again for sharing the beautiful scenery that you get to enjoy. We have had a dreary, rainy day here in the middle of the US. It really seems to have an effect on our moods. I have started reading "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser - good book to while away the hours.

Anne Kennerley

Is that Barden Moor ? I love it there, it's so peaceful. Hope you feel better tomorrow x


Sorry you're having a flat day, I hope it passes soon. Good that you're not often irritable though. I am finding that I am hugely irritable a lot of the time at the moment and it's horrid. My eldest son, the birdwatcher, would be very envious of your red grouse, we don't see them around here. CJ xx


Yes I know how you feel too. I am going through a marriage breakup and feel very sad some days. I have to leave my lovely home and find a rental while I build my new wee house. I feel lucky to have my beautiful boys who keep me going and my crafts! I love your photos of the lovely countryside and town you live in it’s inspiration for me.

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