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October 18, 2020


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Barb Polan

Is that recipe from the slow cooker recipe book you talked about before?

Lesley Irwin

I wondered which slow cooker cookery book you used. The casserole looks so good. I have a slow cooker but rarely use itand you’ve inspired me to try again. Your blog is lovely, we are in tier 3 lockdown here and the photos of your walks are so beautiful, sadlythere is little that is scenic here in Greater Manchester so I comfort myself my looking for photographic beauty instead. Thank you.

kate bates

Will cross my fingers for LB!

Hena Tayeb

Looks like a lovely walk.. my eldest was all about his dad when he was little. It was perfect on the weekends because he only wanted daddy at the crack of dawn.
The younger one is all about me..
Hot chocolate is always a wonderful reward.

Sara Read

Another uplifting and joyful post. Thank you. I have, on your recommendation, also just paid a visit to the Botanical Candle Co and ordered some lovely items that I hope will bring comfort in the darker days we now enter.
Keep up the writing Lucy - you are helping so many of us more than you could know.
PS. Also would recommend vege suet!

laura k

a bright spot here in the covid ridden U.S. is that standardized testing has gone away.... no giant exams to sweat thru and so much less anxiety for the students and their ever loving supportive parents..... I don't really know how it will all play out in terms of university for our daughter but I think it is just fine- fairer for students in so many ways as the tests can have many bias opportunities in terms of preparation support and use of language... we will see- It does seem that we are just rolling along "adjusting" as we go. On Sunday here I hike with the dog, shop for the week's groceries and cook for all of the lunches for the week, deliver some treats to a friend who had surgery and then we went to the drive in movies! our first time with such an experience- was fun to car picnic and see a show after all this time.... wishing you a joyful Monday and week ahead


Another colourful and interesting post,Lucy. Have you come across vegetable suet? It stands well in place of beef suet and does everything the animal fat does with equal efficiency.Well worth a try if you prefer to make your own dumplings, and also makes excellent pastry to cover a meat (or vegetable) pie. I hope Little B gets his wish with the chocolate and that he passes his 11+ and goes on to enjoy high school. Have a great week.


Did you ever come out of the rainbow stadia then? XD I can imagine that little lady being all about whites and grey having such a colorful home. My own was an old castle full of browns and pluche. So fond of whites and light wood;>p It was garden day here as they get to empty the recycling bin on Monday. So cutting back the huge Euphorbias, cleaning the leaves of the Rhus Thypina dissectra in full fall mode, and tidying up the borders a bit. Cut some Sempervirum flowers for inside on the table to brighten up all. The fishes in the ponds are still wanting food and the chickens, in molting season, feathering half their coop. Poor girls. Unbelievable that there are lots of flowers, the roses still have buds, the Anemona Japonica, the Bacoba's, and Dahlia's flower like no fall is there. Love to hear how you reward your children's efforts. Thanks for the lovely vlog.


It sounds like a lovely day Lucy, I love your home town too it's such a special place, I rented a little cottage for a couple of nights right next to the canal with a couple of friends when we visited Yarndale a couple of years ago, it was lovely. Have you tried making dumplings without lard? - old measures 4oz SR flour, pinch of salt, 1,1/2 ozs butter. Sift flour with salt, rub in butter, add as much water as needed to form into dumplings. My family like them anyway but I do buy the packet mix sometimes too. Have a great week.xx


Oh I've been so grateful for those delivery men phone calls many many times! They enable me to look as though I've been up for hours.....

I love your description of Little B's emotions written on his face. I think mine still are and I'm 62!

I am loving your Blogtober posts. Your life is quite ordinary but so special in your appreciation of the small details and the rhythms of the days. It's something I try to do in my life too. A lot of people would describe mine as boring but I love it.

I read Unless by Carol Shields a long time ago, and I was deeply struck by a beautiful description of doing the washing up. And then a quote from the Roman philosopher, Epicurus, which said, "A man who cannot be satisfied with simple things will never be satisfied". That makes me content, which is the closest thing to happy I think.

PS. I make my dumplings with butter rubbed in as in my very old Stork recipe book from school! Just 4oz Stork (butter these days) rubbed into 8oz self-raising with a pinch of salt, and then use 4-5 tbs water to form the dough. I like to add fresh parsley, rosemary, thyme - mustard, cheese, chilli flakes. And I love my slow cooker too!

Victoria Margerison

Love your mantelpiece, I have mantelpiece envy. Your bits of beauty for over your desk look so good together.
My old chap is also from Dorset a little village near Bridport we left land locked Wiltshire for North Norfolk just 4 miles from the sea. I know exactly what you mean when you get sea yearning.
Sunday, hmmm well we sowed a small area with wildflower meadow seeds. Put down a net to hopefully keep the seeds out of pesky pigeons beaks. I tried to tidy pond, took off old waterlily pads, tried to take out some plants that had some blanket weed but I saw damselfly and dragonfly nymphs in it so I put it back. There were also waterboatmen and water beetles.
I made the old chap liver and bacon with roasties in truth was in freezer we are down on shopping! But L&B gets me brownie points.
I got on with Sophie's Universe which is for my gd Chloe. I have made each of my grandchildren a blanket for Xmas sort of a forever hug from me. I started with your neat ripple so see where you took me.
My hands started hurting after a few hours so switched to a bit of knitting trying to to a top down, slip stitch jumper but pattern is and carry on til...... which I will struggle with as haven't done enough pattern to have in my head. That was it for another day in retirement in Norfolk. Hope your week goes well.

Janetta Howarth

Sounds an idyllic day. The autumnal colours in the trees are so lovely in the low sunshine of this month. I spent sometime at the waters edge watching a current of sea spreading it’s frothy spray over a calm beach. Church was watched via an online service and an afternoon with knitting for the grandkids.
Thanks for your lovely words to brighten the chill of an approaching winter. 😊


Love the Yorkshire scenery near your home


Well, I'd love to have the lovely scenery you have near your house - it's pretty flat here and certainly no waterfalls (though there is a small brook, it doesn't really do much). I almost couldn't get more landlocked if I tried, I'm hours from the sea in any direction. This year I'm trying just to be grateful for the things I do have - health, food, a job, a roof over my head, and enough yarn stash to keep me going through most of the winter. And I've always loved rainbows, so seeing them in people's windows cheers me up no end.

Tracy Bache

Today for us seemed...unconnected.Mr B went church at 1pm. First time we have opened for prayer. He was there to organise,as he is one of the leaders. I cooked a Shepherds our for lunch. Not the usual roast as normal. Boys were out with Girlfiends. So the day just felt odd. It didn't feel like a family Sunday...unconnected.😞

Rebecca Selby

We had a Very Big Day with the 11+ on Saturday too - similarly calm and collected little person and stressed out parents! So Sunday was quiet relaxation and a film on the sofa all together in the afternoon. Hope Little B gets his chocolate cafe treat soon, much deserved I'm sure. x


It must have been a lovely lovely Sunday indeed!

Charlotte Pountney

PS Atora vegetable suet makes very good dumplings!

Charlotte Pountney

What a lovely Sunday you've had! Always enjoy your photos...and the rainbow colours! I had a lovely walk today, too, over Caer Caradoc in Shropshire, with Turbo (dog) and friend Sue. Came home for a latte, made with a new toy, a hand held (not electric) milk frother...it's so easy, I'll have to work hard at not drinking too many!


Thank you for popping by my blog. I can imagine how you miss the sea. Feel free to pop by to get your sea fix anytime :) The area you live in is beautiful too and you have regularly inspired my crafting...thank you. Have a lovely week. B x

Debbie Tristram

Loving your daily Blogtober posts Lucy. Your recipes are tempting me to buy the slow cooker book!I guess one more cookery book won't hurt!We had a quiet Sunday,visiting in-laws, little walks with our newly re-homed 14 year old terrier and crocheted some pumpkins.


Thank you for sharing your day with us again. The trees are looking so beautiful right now. I'm sure your young man will pass his exam with flying colours. Your young lady has good taste!

We went to church this morning. So good to be back again, even just once a week! Home for Sunday dinner - gammon this week - using up out of the freezer to make room for Christmas food. Went to see my dad this afternoon and did a video call with both daughters for him to have a bit chat with them. Tonight I've made some more of your Autumn leaves for my side table and watched half of a Miss Marple DVD before we started to nod....

Mary Lloyd Jones

Lovely blog Lucy,anxious time for your laddie! It will be fine. Liked the colour of your boots.what have I done today.Made a telephone call to a friend who had had a bereavement. She was coping well.Went for the Sunday paper and sat in the sun with a coffee ...my husband in about five layers of clothing! Lunch,dog walk down by the Menai Straitwhich changes daily and is always beautiful.Meant to sew in the late afternoon but fell asleep instead. Think we’ll hear tomorrow that our Islan d will be in Lockdown as from Friday...and we will only have come out of Isolation this coming Wed.! For the greater good,we hope. Keep safe and keep well .


What a lovely walk, and a very good hot chocolate. I love the sound of the bedroom colours, as you say, all sophisticated. CJ xx

Becca L

I'm definitely missing the sea. We didnt get our usual double dose over the summer this year so even though we were back home (Isle of Wight) at the end of the school holidays the current situation makes the longing for the sea greater. We're lucky to live on the edge of a city near a country park but it's not the same.

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