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October 15, 2020


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Thank you for your beautiful photos showing the gradual change into Autumn. You have inspired me to make an autumnal display for my little side table. So far I've made 3 pumpkins and 2 sets of 2 acorns and an oak leaf. I bought some tiny lights on a golden wire to thread around them.
Hope you all stay well.😍🤗


I love the idea of that candle. I have a vetiver and sandalwood air freshener in the bathroom which is awesome. I love the smell of cut grass. I think it is a universal scent which brings smiles even to people with allergies as it smells light and green. Have you spotted how green is a smell, you get green peppers which sometimes smell really green, or a herb or cucumber which has it. It is its own scent.

Teddy Vogel, The Netherlands

Hello, Lucy. This spring I discovered your website and crochet two of the beautifull blankets you designed. The last few days I read your blogs and I much enjoyed them.
Nature is in many ways good for us. I wish you and your readers many days with the beauty of nature around. These are some of the things that are in your neighbourhood but many times you don`t notice. By reading the blogs we can become aware of this

Linda Rattie

Can you imagine having a job where you have to make up descriptions for candles etc. I think Elaine had a job like that on Seinfeld once.....with a hat or clothing company. Have to love those “adjectives” ...ha ha...enjoy—it sounds wonderful!

Els Den Braber

It's so good and cosey to read your every day stories! I still like blog posts! Till tomorrow.


Could you tell me about the willow horse. Who made it? Thank you

Diane Smith

Lovely to read your blog first thing in the morning with a cup of tea. In spite of the uncertainties of this year to my mind the pandemic has forced a slower pace of life on us all whether we wanted it or not! As I live in North Devon it has given me the time to go back into the countryside and savour the quietness and to just enjoy nature again. My sympathy often goes out to those who live in the larger towns and cities who do not have this escape on their doorstep. We are so lucky.


I can almost smell the candle from here such a lovely description

Katherine, New Zealand

I’m loving your daily chats, thanks Lucy. I’ve also been all over the place with the days this week. TGIF (in New Zealand)


I do enjoy this morning "chat". It's a lovely time in spite of everything and perhaps all the more enjoyable as the future remains uncertain.


I am loving the daily posts so very much and am wishing October to slow down so we can still get them each day! 🥰 Thank you


I like the willow horse, it looks quite realistic, plus the walk along the canal. Your new soy candle sounds lovely.


Again a lovely visit here Lucy. A big hello from Oz Victoria 😀😀🦄🦄 maybe a unicorn can help us all. Having a new front fence installed today something different to look at lol


I love how you are sharing the simple joys, and beautiful photos of your surroundings. Greetings from the central coastof California! Michele


Thank you for your posts of calm, peaceful moments in your day. Many of us need them during this unsettling time.

Evi Schumacher

Always a delight to find your blogposts.


I’m loving blogtober. Thank you so much for writing such lovely daily posts. They give us something to look forward to each day. I love Autumn too - wonderful colours and an excuse to stay in and craft in the evenings 😊

Lisa McEvoy

I love your everyday postings, they add a ray of happiness to my mornings! Your photos are wonderful, they look so full of natural beauty and the colours are breathtaking. I'm off to see if they ship that candle to Melbourne, it has all my favourite scents :)

Erica Field

Loving catching up with you every day and getting a daily dose of your colourful photos. It must be the week for confusion. I had a panic on Wednesday that I hadn’t sent my youngest into school in his pe kit and I had to check my phone to work out the day. His pe is Thursday so it was fine, but it really did have me confused most days this week. Take care Erica x

Sheelagh Franklin

Wow love the description of the late summer candle! I could almost smell it.
As always I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the photos, brings back memories when I came to Skipton last year for Yarndale and enjoyed several beautiful walks xx


Fresh cut grass, that scent is so delicious. I hate doing a lawn so no grass here but the parks in the town are mowed enough to keep the smell in my life. Strutless had a video today about perfectionism and procrastinating because of that. Very clear and food for thoughts. You should see it. Makes a lot more sense. The only reason I don't like the frost is that I've to cut down and cover my Gunnera and miss her for a whole 5 months. The rest of autumn and winter are lovely, the last of nature in one big blast of colour. Enjoy your quiet time.


The autumn colours really have appeared now haven't they. Gorgeous photos, it looks really inviting out there. And very cosy with you as well, I do love a scented candle. Lots of thinking about goals and timescales to be done here as well. I shall temper it all with lots of dog walks though, to stay calm. CJ xx

Moira McIlroy

I'm so enjoying your blogposts this month, gorgeous photos and descriptions. Very relaxing to read and good for the soul.

Christine Whiting

I know what you mean about appreciating the season I live in a fairly built up are but have a park a couple of minutes away where I'm fine solace in a walk through the changing trees and as we go into lockdown again it's more precious.

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