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October 14, 2020


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Oooh, so pretty & inspiring...looking forward to seeing the finished bag. If we ever get out of the miserable heat waves here I’ll be crocheting again.


At the risk of adding to your workload, I would absolutely LOVE a tutorial! I've got some groovy bamboo handles that have been waiting patiently for JUST THIS SORT OF THING! They feel like they have found their destiny. It's a rough time here in America, and this bag would definitely go a long way toward healing. For me, at least. Cheers!

ann clawson

oh those colors! yes please finish it!


This looks so beautiful, I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Julie Hodges

I have also started making granny squares with leftover sweet pea and dune wool, with no idea what I am going to do with them. Looking forward to seeing your finished bag.

Hanne Abrahamsen

Lovely colors!

Connie Clark

It is going to be a beautiful bag!!! You are an inspiration to us crocheters and have been for many years! Thank you!

Mary W

Gorgeous potential - don't you love that word, full of numerous possibilities. Colors are mesmerizing and I can't wait to see what your vision is.


I'm so enjoying youre Blogtober-posts! Thank you :-).


So fun! Enjoy your project :) I am looking forward to seeing the final product!
The Blessed Homemaker UK (.com)


Lovely, just lovely. So curious about the finished results. I have a cardi in the corner of a closet, it moved houses 3 times already. There's always someone worse XD

Nora Mcgrann

Looks gorgeous Lucy...
Goodness me..whenever will I find the time for all your beautiful ideas?? thank you for brilliant creativeness 🍁🍂🙏❤

Tracy Bache

I wish I had your eye for colours. You just put colours together and it looks so right. That's one of the reasons I hate shopping for clothes. Plus the fact that I've jumped from a size 14 to a 16 this year!😯Thank you again for your posts. They cheer me up on a grey damp day in the Midlands. Stay safe.💖


How lovely! I have a beautiful stash of Tilda fat quarters awaiting being made into quilt blocks to decorate my new sewing room. The patterns are really lovely. I bought mine from Midsomer Quilting in Chilcompton which has an excellent website and mail order as well as the most incredible quilt shop you will ever visit.


I'm dying to make something like this!! Anxiously awaiting the TA-DA!!!!

Norma McPherson

Pretty squares & looking forward to seeing your new bag.
Enjoying your October blogging again, just like an old friend it makes me feel warm & fuzzy, but maybe that's just my Aria blankie coming together ! Looking forward to it joining my squishy pile of colourful goodness.

Take care Lucy. Xx


Oh how beautiful! We need to see this finished please - can’t wait for the ta-dah moment x


I am so enjoying your daily blogs... love your walks and the The beautiful countryside....


Noooo! Don't scroll past the boats! Trust me, they are the most happy-making boats ever. Can't wait to see the bag. How do you take all the colours I usually pass over as boring & make something gorgeous? Every time. lol


It's going to be lovely, and oh my goodness, gorgeous fabric. I have checked out Tilda and it has reminded me how much I love to sew. Somehow I stopped when we got the dog, all those pins and needles you know, but I do miss making a nice quilt. I really should start up again. CJ xx


I'm not sure about the stripes or fabric (not a tilda fan) but will be interested to see the final thing. Also, I think the handles may be problematic as unless glued on they could be pretty unstable and uncomfortable in use.

Francesca Spalletta

Can't wait to see your bag! I love Tilda fabric, I made a quilt with it a couple of years ago and the colours are so beautiful!


Love all of this color! I was going to suggest you look at some Kaffe Fassett fabric. He lives for color.

Ruth White

So excited to see how the bag turns out. The colours are delicious as is the fabric for the inner. You have to finish it now as we’re all waiting with bated breath.

Nella Butera

Oh wow. Bag is going to look amazing

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