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October 12, 2020


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Wishing you a very belated but very, very Happy 52nd Birthday. Your birthday is the day after mine, and I turned 52 this year also!! This makes me feel very, very happy. I don’t know why but it does. Maybe it’s that feeling of interconnectedness. Just like the stitches in knitting or crochet. One next to the other, but together making up the whole. Although I’m half a world away in Australia 🇦🇺. All the best for the year ahead. Xxxxxxx ❤️🎂🍾


I'm a bit late reading this as I'm catching up, but I thought that you and readers might like to know that in 'normal' years RSPB and National Park volunteers man a viewpoint just below Malham Cove to watch the peregrine falcons who nest there. You can also follow the birds' progress on Twitter (@malhamperegrine). This year sadly it was suspended due to Covid, but hopefully back soon - such a delight to see them.


52 for goodness sake! 😂 You look all of 25 in that photo! You must have some good genetics there, I'm very jealous! X

Janet Johnston

Happy Birthday. Lovely to hear you enjoying the important things in life family, health, nature and crocheting. A huge thank you for you superb instructions and pictures of your blankets. I Only learnt to crochet this time last year. My sweat pea blanket that I made during lockdown was such a joy and achievement. The bright colours will delight me for years to come. Thank you Janet 🧶


Dear Lucy,

Happy belated birthday! I must say you are looking good in your selfie :) Reading your blog is one of the perks in my day. Especially the beautiful nature walks, so different from where I am in Singapore! Thank you for bringing color into our lives and may you be safe and healthy always!


Happy belated birthday!
So glad that you share your every day life with us and of course the crochet adventures you head out on.


Belated birthday wishes! 🥳🥂🎁🎂🎉💐. So glad you were able to get out to such a marvellous place and celebrate your day. Just a hint on the menopause nights - avoid coffee (eek!) and sugars while your body is feeling this way and drink lots of water. Hugs x


Happy Birthday!
It looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating! The hike you took is definitely one that I would love to do in the future.
We live about 4 hours from Malham Cove, so maybe one day I'll be able to convince my husband to make journey.
Maybe for my 30th birthday in February. Can I just say I hope that when I turn 52, I'll look as graceful and young as you do now!
Also, a good salted caramel and chocolate cake is probably the best invention on the planet.
Glad to hear that you enjoyed every bit of it!
I've just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did!



Happy Bithday. You look fantastic!

Rita Willetts

Happy birthday Lucy. Sounds like a perfect day. Going a walk in beautiful countryside with your husband. Having cake, Prosecco, open fire and family, what more could a girl want! Love your blog post’s ,and your beautiful work. Enjoy life 🎂🎉


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful way to spend your big day. Just perfection, that frothy coffee, the foggy views, Prosecco and cake in front of an open fire. (How I wish I had a fireplace...) SOunds like heaven to me. Big hugs my dear.

Before I go, thanks for bringing up the pre-menopause ebbs and floods... Oh my, it's been a roller coaster for me this last year or so. Worse than puberty ever was. It's good to know I'm not alone in these new waters that almost no one talks about. I wrote a piece about it this summer but never published it... maybe I will... We all get there at some point and we all experience it differently, but the silence can be frustrating as I find it all being scuffed under the carpet instead of accepted, seen and understood. It is not always easy to navigate through hormonal tornadoes. I came to a point where I had to see a doctor and she gave the opportunity to try out a "magic pill" (from nature) which has changed my life and made everything so much easier. I'm so happy that I gave it a go. Less are the tears and emotional outbursts, the stress, the hot flashes and restless nights, paranoid thinking and constant over analyzing, anger and irritation feeling like a cactus with poisoned thorns. I feel a bit more in control. And the kids has noticed a positive change just as Jay has done too. Win win for everyone.
Enjoy the rest of your celebration all week long.


Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had the perfect day!


Happy birthday Lucy, it looks like you had a lovely day. Wishing you many more x

Mary W

Happy Birthday! That cake looks a treasure prize. I saw the fireplace strung up with a beautiful fall banner and thought maybe you had given it to the cafe you were eating at. Then I saw your stocking feet and realized you were home - best place in the world to enjoy a fire place. Where is the cat on such a perfect moment? LOL

Angela-Southern USA

Sounds like a wonderful birthday, wishing you the best of days! I'm in that same hot sleepless night foggy boat too, it's been a long ride. I finally caved and the doctor has prescribed hormone replacement therapy for a short time frame, it's starting to work on the sleepless nights. Love the yellow mums, so cheery, I have some in my garden blooming at the moment. They are a bright spot outdoors amongst the dark rainy days of late.

Miss Daisy

Happy late Birthday and mAh you have many more.


Happy belated birthday dearest.

Sara Read

Happy Birthday Lucy ,for yesterday. Sounds like you had the best of days and the perfect way to just 'be'. Your beautiful photos are so uplifting and keep adding to my 'must visit' in 2021 too!
I am around the same age as you and also going thru a lengthy peri-menopause, so can sympathise. The anxiety side of it has been a tough addition this year of all years when all seems so wretched. Your fantastic blog and very positive and thankful writing show that the world continues to have magic in it and it's wonderful that you take such joy in each day. Sometimes I can even fantasise that in a small corner of Yorkshire there is no dreaded pandemic. I hope you continue to thrive with your family, enjoying the simple pleasures and transmitting hope as you do.

Ilona O

Happy Birthday. Love, love your pictures. Here in Las Vegas area Nevada USA we could use some rain. It's been 177 days with no rain. Yes that is a record. Temperature is wonderful now, high 80's. I love the desert and all its color and vistas. I so enjoy your pictures, so different from here.
Again Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday! May it rock your socks!

I had mine on the 7th and spent a chilled day relaxing and opening some presents - crafting and gardening ones. Hope you had something in a package to open while savouring that cake and tipple.


Happy belated birthday to you Lucy!!


Belated Happy Birthday from me. What a lovely way to spend a birthday.
What another amazing walk, you live in such an beautiful part of the country. You look amazing, I’ve been going through the menopause also, it’s not fun is it? Loving the daily posts. ✒️

Diane Ruel

Happy birthday 🥳 Lucy, hope you had a fab day. Mine is tomorrow xx


Happy birthday to you....what a lovely way to spend your day 💖
I went on a school geology field trip back in the day and your brilliant photos
brought back happy memories for me too so thanks.
I remember we chugged up the side of the cove to explore the limestone pavement on top....amazing!


HappyBirthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂

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