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October 11, 2020


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I love the picture of your town with the bright but lowering sky over it and the gorgeous hills beyond
Id love to see you make a wuthering heights blanket palette out of this WOW


As someone who hates slim fit jeans with a passion, I feel you! (Then again, I don't even like leggins) I think your decision to try them a few days is a wise one, best of luck with it! We're gonna have salmon tonight, which is also nice, and I'm really looking forward to it. :)


Jeans are devilish aren't they. Not built for comfort. Mine aren't anyway! Gorgeous autumny photos, I especially like number 5, the view, with the hill in the distance and all that fabulous stone. Brilliant pyracanthus too, I bought one this year. It's just tiny though, so I may have to wait a few years for berries. I am a patient gardener though. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

Lily Veenendaal

Love the trees. Really nice autumn colours in your place already!!


I loved reading about your Yorkies. My son insists on having them with any roast I make. I made a roast chicken for dinner on Saturday night.


Just give it a go, it will look lovely on you. With some sturdy boots and rolled up legs. I've had two knee operations in a short time so don't bare the jeans fabric on the scar tissue. I wear leggings, warm socks, and dresses. Perfect with a warm long tee underneath it. Stretching the summer a bit here. I can assure you I am a jeans girl, still in the boyfriend jeans stadia though ;>p Soon, very soon XD


Thank you, I really enjoyed your Instagram posts through September and I am really enjoying your daily blogs. Each evening after I finish creating, sometime after nine, I read them. Thank you.


I’m hopeless with Jeans. I can never find any I like the fit of in the price bracket I am prepared to pay. My most recent purchase was a denim pinafore from White
Stuff. It has stripes and fits my rather pear shaped figure beautifully. I would highly recommend.
Autumn is underway here in the south too but not as advanced as you obviously. We also went a walk yesterday and I got to shuffle through the fallen horse chestnut leaves which always reminds me of childhood. We were gifted a bag of walnuts too from a wonderful tree in someone’s back garden. What a lovely gesture!
Enjoy your day Lucy.


Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. And I'm impressed you managed to manoeuvre (copied and pasted from online dictionary...) the kids to go outside. That is something I just can not make happening in my household anymore... Like the sound of "add in two loads of laundry" as I so much cab identify with that. Miss Washing machine is an underrated electronic device for sure considering the hours and hours she is working hard massaging and rinsing our clothing in a life time... Looking forward to some yarny deliciousness in the upcoming week and I have no problem with trees, trees, trees. Nature pitures never bores me.

Robin Summers

I hate buying jeans. They never seem to fit my body right. Roast is a huge favorite in my house. I love my crockpot!


Dear Lucy,
Your daily blog is very comforting to read. I’ve been an intermittent Reader for a while but never commented. Well done you on the changes you’ve managed in your life when I feel I’ve only just kept my head above water. I must get back to sock knitting, my comfort project is needlepoint! Currently, a fabulous Klimt design which is so colourful.


You can share your Trees with me anytime. I swear I could smell Autumn coming out of those picture today.... so wonderful.
Thank you


Trees are fine! Thank you💕

Claire Slade

The roast dinner washing and all sounds a lot like my Sunday. Back to wotk today, But will find sometme to crotchet later

Beverly Vinson

Jeans stretch beautifully for me after the initial wear. Great job facing your fear and doubts and improving your pudding. Three cheers for pressing on! It’s often a scary thing to do. Love your blog!


Stick with the jeans: they always loosen up, and you can always scrunch 'em up, and swing 'em about your head to help the process along. Really enjoying you Blogtober posts.


Sounds as if you had a perfect Sunday. Totally understand where you’re coming from with the jeans. I have a pair upstairs in the naughty corner whilst I ponder their fate !

Tessa B

Trees and more trees suit me fine!


Another lovely Autumn post full of sunlight and changing colours. Your blogtober is making me smile. Glad your roast was a success x

Estelle Salem

Pretty much the same day as me, except my Yorkshire’s were Aunt Bessies!

Fiona T

Manoeuvred just has to be a French word with that spelling! Yay I wanted to try your oat pancake recipe so I'm happy you posted it again.


Loved the Skipton Woods when I was visiting a few weeks ago. Beautiful walk from the town and back. You live in a very beautiful part of England.

Eileen Lees

You live in a truly beautiful part of the country!

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