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October 10, 2020


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Anke Lindenhols

I've tried your soup today, it is delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

Sue Leedale

Made my version of your soup. Really delicious. Thank you.
Love the daily gentle, kind blogs.

Tracy Bache

We brought a soup maker from Tescos last year and it has been used non stop.I make similar soup to yours but use butternut squash in place of sweet potato. Same process. It's really yummy. Thank you for your blogs. I find them very grounding and somewhat peaceful in these troubling times.xx

Jackie Farrelly

Hello from Ireland Lucy, I tried your red soup recipe today, it was delicious..thanks for sharing 😊 love your blogs keep them coming x

Evi Schumacher

I am enjoying your blog so very much, thank you for sharing your days. My blog has been laying idle for much too long this year, maybe I’ll get inspired again. :-)

Karen Dodgson

Hi Lucy
I’m loving your daily posts, it’s like catching up with a lovely friend after a long absence.
I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the lady who LOVES St Anne’s and posted pictures of me at the beach huts last year with my sister...I’d given her a quick refresher course in crochet then we both made your Dune blankets and took them to St Anne’s where you were inspired to make the pattern. Anyway, this year we were at St Anne’s for our annual family weekend...and me and hubby finally BOUGHT A FLAT! So on 1st October we moved here forever, and we are just so happy. We have a tiny little balcony that looks down to the Beach Cafe and I keep pinching myself. And of course your Dune blanket is the star of our new home! Thank you for inspiring me to make a blanket and fulfill a lifelong dream! Xx


Lunch it’s sooo gooood to read you again! I’m so glad you got your blogging mojo back! Love your photos, your chatter and your creativity! Thank you xxx

Lunch Lady Jan

Swamp soup is a go to in our house! It's basically a leek and potato soup but with frozen spinach chucked in and then whizzed up with the stick blender. It's bright green and was dubbed Swamp soup by my boys.


Thank you for sharing the red soup recipe Lucy. I will be trying it out soon as I was looking for a new soup idea. We have had a lovely day here in the Midlands and spent a fair bit of time in the garden just pottering. Love it.


I’ve just been out and bought the ingredients and made your soup Lucy, oh my gOodness it’s delicious!! Also I’ve started knitting my first Ever sock!! I’m not a natural (or good) knitter so it’s my Autumn challenge! Thank you for the inspiration xxx😀


I wish we had markets here like yours we could walk to, sigh...But it’s a beautiful fall day here with orange and gold leaves on the trees and we are leaving in our caravan for a weeks holiday though 5 state parks. I turn 75 on Tuesday and I had plans on visiting the Navajo Reservation to deliver used sewing machines and fabrics. But the virus is too strong there so my plans are changed until next year. We have 4 dogs and I’m looking forward to long walks with them. My favorite soup is a hamburger soup with vegetables and a beef broth, quite tasty. I usually have to freeze or give away some as it makes such a big pot for just two people. I love coffee too, but I’m a straight black coffee drinker with nothing added. Yours does look nice though. Enjoy your lovely weekend.


Lovely reading your blog today. Been scribbling down all these soup recipes. I am currently making a big baby blanket, it’s all in white, just wondering if I will need to buy more for the border. Enjoying making it and creating something pretty for a 2021 baby girl 😍

Sandy Chilvers

Hi making a colourful blanket for my 2 year old grandson you have made me want to make soup for lunch. So pleased you are feeling more like your old self. Feel like i know you through your writing



Love reading about your days, so uplifting and hope giving. I've made an autumn wreath and now starting a winter one which meant a big session in the loft yesterday sorting out wool. I'm not the best crocheter so I'm trying to learn as I go along. I'd like to say how much I enjoy reading everyone's comments on here. I wish you all the very best. We are fortunate to have our crafting. To the lady who is looking after her mother who has cancer,I send you both a big virtual hug. Bless you all.


Lovelypost as ever. My fave home made soups are red lentil and bacon curried butternut squash. Will def add your red soup to my repotoire he he
I have just come home from holiday and the cottage had a big pair of workmans boots in garden real ones and the moss was covering them and a few fern like plants beginning to grow looked lovely. Trying to find some big leather boots now. Love your winter basket.

Christine Emberson

I am so enjoying your daily blog posts - thank you. Lovely makeover of the basket and admire the sock making. My sons made two names for all my home cooked soups depending upon what colour they came out - red soups became Fantasy and Fireworks, less than red - Bottom of the Pond! xx


My favourite soup is potatoes, carrots, parsnips, leeks, one small onion and some garlic. Served with some milk or not.
I'll try yours.😀


I make 'leftovers in the fridge' soup every week, just before the big shopping trip. A chicken thigh plus onion, carrot, parsnip, potato, whatever, all cooked up with a Knorr Stock Pot until ready. Add parsley and some milk. Then liquidise. I have one of those liquidiser stick things. Best tip is for a helpful husband to hold a towel over the top of the saucepan whilst I use the liquidiser so the kitchen walls don't get their lunch before we do! Loving your daily blogs. Charlotte in Dorset


Lovely warm sunshineY spring day here in South Australia-so we took the dogs for a walk along the beach and watched the surfers as we strolled along.Perfect
Came home to find our apiarist taking honey filled frames out of out hives so I am hoping our bee agistment fees (aka honey) will be paid soon!


Hooray for your October blog! I'm in Ballarat in regional Victoria where we are low on Covid 19 cases but effectively locked away from family in Queensland (state border closed) and Melbourne, under very tight lockdown & where my other kids & grandkids, good friends and family are also completely shut off from me.
Every day I check in and cheer up. Thanks Lucy !

Diana Sullivan

I am taking care of my mother who has cancer. I try to do what she likes or entertain her the way she did when I was growing up. She still likes to eat. Today I made pizza which she loves, tomorrow I’ll make shrimp stew. Her favorite soup is red pepper. We don’t use sweet potato so I’ll try that next time. My schedule is hers unless I go out to shop. If it wasn’t for the virus I would wheel her around everywhere in her wheelchair. We have good friends who have a car so we’re planning a trip to her favorite sites. I know this is about what I did today. I do live in my head a lot. So, I did housework & pizza making mostly. When I had a minute I looked at yarn, trying to decide what to make next. My mother has always supported her children in creative pursuits. When I was five she made a spare room into an art studio for us. By 8 I was crocheting. So today we decided on the woodland colorway. I may use one of the square designs. She likes those. She has never been interested in any of it herself but has always adored her gifts. She wants to pick out something Christmas tomorrow.


I spent my morning doing some electrical maintenance work on my home. My main breaker was bad and I had to change it. It’s super easy to do once the electric company comes out and kills all the power to the panel. That was such a big task and relief to get it over with, I’ve been wandering around the house today being lazy. Stringing my fall garland for my mantle right now. I may change it into a wreath. Or just make a wreath as well. My biggest fear is when I get my fall decorations out I’ll have already had something made from last year.
That soup looks yummy!

Linda from Boston

Soup sounds great. A favorite of mine is potato and corn chowder. Leeks, onion, potato chunks, creamed corn, chicken stock, milk and a big handful of cheddar. The weather is getting cool here and soup is a welcomed addition. I did find a recipe for lasagna soup that intrigued me!! Might try that soon.


That sounds like a fantastic soup recipe! We don't have soup that often, but did try out a tomato soup recipe we both like, it's fast and very delicious, so this will become a staple, I'm sure.

I wish we could buy from the farmer's market, but the prices are downright outrageous here, and the quality doesn't always match the pricing. :/

Have a great weekend!


I love soup too. Our favourite is a red lentil with chunks of potato carrot onion Yummm Even my teenagers can cook it with minimal assistance. My sisters in scotland tell me if all the time of the lovely plants they get at the shops. Those plants you bought would have cost ten times that much here in the states 😞😞😞
Loving your wee snaps of life. Thank you.

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