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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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August 07, 2020


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Diana Healy

Hi Lucy. I just have finished your hydrangea blanket and just love it. I am in Melbourne and have nearly (hopefully) finished 7 months of lockdown. Crocheting and working through your colour palette has been perfect, sitting on my couch in late winter sun often with my cats interrupting for a cuddle Now I’m wondering if I can complete another before our summer heat. Am thinking of woodland ?? Aussie cheers and thanks. Di

Arlene Bomback

We all go through tough times and I'm glad to see you are coming through to the other side. Clearly you have been missed Lucy. Know that you are special to so many.

Stay Safe and Healthy ~ Arlene, Canada

Mary Lloyd Jones

Have missed you Lucy.


Hi Lucy,

I have to say I have been just quietly reading your posts for years, without ever really commenting. But this post, oh I just had to share how much it has touched and encouraged me. Living in the states we don't have pretty areas to walk like you do, though I really wish we did. :) And though we are slowly coming out of the lockdown, we are to wear masks everywhere, which I can't do. So for me, there is still a sort of lockdown going on personally. But this post, just reminded it doesn't matter if we are in lockdown, masks have to be worn, or completely back to normal, we have to take time for ourselves, and slowing down to see what is around us is the best place to start. Thank you for sharing from your heart, it was so very encouraging and just what I needed.

Denise Briese

Love this post! Cannot wait for blanket kit! Sooo excited.

Lucas Martin

Hey, This is a great article. I was searching for the same and I found the best content here. Thanks for sharing the info. keep on doing the great work.

Tine Mannaerts

Hello Lucy
I started crocheting when I was very pregnant of my daughter.
Your blog was what inspired me, when I read your stories over the years they often remind me of myself.
My daughter is 5 years now and she has waaaay too much amigurumi animals and also a lovely blanket. My son of 3 is watching me crochet every stitch of his blanket for his ‘big boys room’ .
We love our garden, it has been my safe place during the last months.
I just wanted to say hello and that your stories help me with my own dark thoughts, luckily most days are nice and happy :-)))
All the best from belgium

Rose Red

How lovely to read your post Lucy! I’m with you on both the alone time and the shopping locally. Very much needed! Take care xx

Namari Myburgh

Welcome back. Love your stories and missed you, especially in lockdown. Wish you happy days ahead!!!


Enjoyed all the lovely glimpses into your area and ‘doings’once again.We are in lockdown again in Victoria in Oz and really missing close contact with loved ones.Our world is so different to the one we knew in 2019.I am enjoying time with crocheting and knitting.Stay safe.Cheers, Kath


Dear Lucy, Thank you for such a beautiful and honest post. I love the pictures of the places you walk and the snippets of life you share with us. This is a strange and challenging time in many ways so am glad you are Ok and taking things at your own pace. Wishing you good health and much happiness xx


The shooooort hours of daylight during winter feed my soul like nothing else. When autumn announces itself, my exuberance knows no bounds. Autumn's in the air! My favourite season is called Auwinspring. I do like sunny days, but anything over 25 degrees is too much. Walking and cycling longer distances is so much more promising and tolerable in cooler temperatures! Little did I know after having lived in the southern hemisphere for a few decades (I almost wrote centuries here) that summers had warmed up in the Netherlands. When I left in 1983, summers as well as winters had never really quite taken off for many years in a row. It's been tough dealing with the heat since 2012. The drought, looking at the ponds and small lakes in the area, makes my heart cringe. Poor water birds. My 75 year old birch in my garden is hanging on. I give it bucketsful of water every day until it rains again. So I'm writing this because for each truth (your truth) there is the opposite (my truth). :) Dropping a bit of a bomb and then not elaborating on it, is not very kind.


I know what you mean with feeling sad when Summer is over. We live in the North of the US pretty close to the border with Canada. We get snow in early October. Beautiful crochet blanket. I love crochet! Shopping small is great!! You live in Yorkshire, I always think of Hannah Hauxwell when someone mentions Yorkshire. My husband is 79% British ancestry so maybe someday will visit.

Carolyn Dietrich

I am so happy you doing well and to see a post from you. I missed reading your posts.


What a beautiful place to live. Wish I had walks so close. X


Hi Lucy,
I was so glad to see your post. I have been worried about you. I am a big fan of yours from the United States, East Texas. I love reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures. I, too, have a hard time with the summer changing to autumn and fall. I always find myself on your blog because of all the beautiful and cheerful colors you use. I can't wait to hear more about Aria. Please take care of yourself. Sending big hugs and love- Tam

Karen oakley

Hi Lucy, it is so lovely to hear from you, I have waited eagerly for your next post. I love Skipton and the area around there.... I also love my own space , enjoying it when I can. I have worked in.a Nursing home throughput the pandemic, caring for covid patients..., wearing masks and visors is so hard on a warm summer’s day....Crochet and knitting keeps me sane.... we call it a snicket by the way, much love to you and yours x x

Maria Louka

Heeeellooo Lucy, it's sooo wonderful to hear from you again after all this time - you had me worried there for a moment that you may be stopping your wonderful blog. But as I see and read all is well (at least I hope it is ). You have such amazing way with words that even the saddest of faces turn right way up into a smile. I missed your posts :)This lockdown has taught a lot of us how to appreciate ourselves, our families and surroundings that's for sure. Whatever happens you have all of us wishing you well and are perhaps coming up with our own way of yarny inspiration. Stay safe!!!

Nora McGrann

Another wonderful meander through the " life of Lucy "

Really enjoyed this time Lucy...and once more your photos
are absolutely beautiful..

I have not been doing any crochet stuff all, but always
love reading your blogs

Keep well...keep safe...and keep on bringing us joy....

Nora 🙏🌞🌸😘

Carrie McCulloch

Thank you Lucy for the lovely photos. I’m lucky enough to live near the beach in NE England so that’s where I have escaped to, a dog is a wonderful excuse to leave a similar family for a precious quiet time. Where I originally come from in Derbyshire the word is jitty or twychell, here it is a trod path! So many word s for one thing in this small country


Oh yes, the loss of alone time! I've missed it so much. Luckily I have an allotment and get to claim a couple of hours a week up there to myself.

Wobbles are to be expected right now. I'm just coming through to the other side of mine too. The most important thing I've learned from it is to pace myself gently. Be kind to yourself at all times.


So glad you are doing okay and a very big thank you for your post :-)! It can't have been easy to write one after a long pause. But it was just what I needed, so you made at least one person happy and I'm grateful for that!


What a catch up after all these weeks... I have thought about you lots and regularly check the page for an update... I hope your doing well in your slow lane, I don't think there are many of us that could say our lives haven't been a bit slow, unexpected or off kilter as you so gently put it... I cannot wait to buy the kit for the Aria blanket it's so colourful and vibrant.


It's all so beautiful. I love to see the things you do. I guess I never comment but I've been reading this blog a few years in a row and I always love the colors in the photos, but today I was surprised eith the beautiful river you have near your house. Stay safe and keep doing that beautiful crafts.

Hugs and kisses from Portugal.

Becky DuBose

Hi Lucy from the hot and humid and right now dry Mississippi, USA. I love reading your blog and I miss being in the UK. Stay safe and healthy.

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