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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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August 16, 2020


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The scarf she made is so beautiful

globle game

This information is really appreciated. What you have to say on your blog is fascinating. You've provided readers with a blog piece that serves as both informative and enjoyable reading.


Hello, I crocheted Dune, Dahlia, Moorland and Woodland with your yarns.
Do you think I can use the leftover yarn for an Aria blanket ? I'm a bit bad at mixing colors.
Merci Brigitte de Belgique.


The colourful Rainbow Granny Square Blanket is the perfect pattern to learn how to crochet


Nice, classic crochet blanket pattern. This large granny square crochet pattern is perfect to make a as a gift or to keep for yourself!

Angela-southern USA

Love the new design, granny squares are a favorite of mine too. It's like visiting with an old friend, whether it's been awhile or just yesterday you fall back in rhythm as if no time has past at all. It's my go for scrap busting or a quick need to give a gift pattern. I'm not thrilled either when everything in a square form is called a granny, but it's still crochet so I love seeing all the squares. Have a lovely day!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Annette Frater

Your last two posts were wonderful to read, pleased you are back again, great hearing from you, many thanks for EVERYTHING you have done to help me and so many others on our crochet journey. Take care. Annette


Such a bounty of yarn beauties. I learnt to crochet by reading your blog, and then knit socks following your venture in to sock land! During this lock down I have said a quite thank you many times for this blog that gave me a gift of making that lifts the gloom and doom of the news. I also made a harmony blanket for a friends baby girl. ( I hope you got the “coffee” I sent in lieu of the pattern as Wool Warehouse did not have any packs so I bought the individual colours but knew you wouldn’t get the commission) Finally just wanted to say well done to your young people during what must have been the most stressful summer on record. X


Hiya, I've been a lurker for a few years and its lovely to see you back - taking time off is a must, not a nice-to-have - and I thank you for your delightful, uplifting blog. I found you on News360app when I was consulting for months at a factory far from home - reading and looking at your pictures, usually late at night, reminded me there was more to life than a business hotel and work. I've taken time during this endless lockdown to go back and read from the beginning - your honesty and positivity, even on your down days, is such a tonic.

FOR ATTIC24 READERS: I see Lucy is nominated in the British knitting & crochet 2020 awards! If you have the time before 28th August (I think its 28th august, can't remember this second) please go ahead and vote here https://www.letsknit.co.uk/awards


I do two versions of a granny square, one with a circular centre and one that is all square. Made a blanket a couple of years ago in these alternating centres. It made up so fast.
The correct name for a crocheted small piece that is sewn or crocheted to other small pieces is MOTIF. :-)


Beautiful new pattern from you. All squares are not granny squares but granny squares are timeless. The choice of yarn colors makes them suitable for any decorating theme.


Another brilliant pattern. Thankyou so much


Thank you for posting this! I read that you taught yourself to crochet in 2007. Can you recommend a tutorial or guide?

Thank you!

Lynn Dee Butler

I enjoy your exuberance about granny squares! Such a happy read and the comments are wonderful to read too. Earlier this year I purchased a wool granny square throw at an Estate sale. I just couldn’t pass it up and as it was the end of the sale, very inexpensive. It has beautiful colorful squares put together with black. So striking! Very IN now but I think it is very old. It was kept safe from moths and has 1-2 repairs with acrylic yarn which I find interesting. Lucy your blog introduced me to the beautiful colors of crochet. My treasured blankets, etc from my Grandma Nell were all in the harvest gold, orange, brown & avocado green palette. Not my colors. In fact, the photos in crochet books/patterns at that time were all in those 70s colors too. Your blog was the first to show me how pretty crochet can be. I had always associated crochet with the 70s colors until your blog. I’m proud to say I have made several of your blankets and am happily wrapped up in bright colors! Thank you Lucy for all that you share. You are a delightful treat!


I think that, as with most things, granny squares have simply evolved and moved on. The non traditional ones are still granny squares (worked from the centre outwards, and forming a square), but just look a bit more modern. All of them have their place, and deserve to be celebrated on granny square day.


i also love the simplicity of the granny square & it was with a granny square blanket that i first learned to crochet too; though i haven't learned much more crochet (i prefer to knit) i am currently crocheting a Bavarian blanket, it's quite a few years in the making (in it's 3rd) have watched you design & make all your blankets over the last few years & absolutely love them, again you have generously shared your knowledge with us.
thanx for sharing

Katie Coupe

Hi Lucy, your site is new to me, but not the content. How refreshing to see so many people with like minded ideas on crochet. I am very involved in charity work for cats and crochet is always a good way to raise money so thank you for all the inspiring designs on an old and loved favourite.


I don't normally comment but I felt that I had just had to say that I agree with you entirely about Granny Squares and the fact that any crochet square design seems to be called a Granny square these days which seems to make the term pointless. I love the fluidity of Granny style blankets square or stripes and the thermal quality of all those holes. The first crochet blanket I made used your granny style hexagon and all my own blanket designs have been granny style.


I never fail to be amazed by your energy, skills and creativity Lucy! Love the granny square and will always be indebted to you and your wonderful posts that started me on my crochet journey. I’m about to join my Summer Harmony squares, the making of which has kept me sane during lockdown! Thank you! How great that you’re in the magazine - big congratulations!!


A lovely post Lucy & it's just what I need to use up all the scraps from the three Attic 24 bundles I've used over the years. I really like your Leo Granny Square. I don't do Instagram or FB, so thanks for telling us about this & I'll be on the lookout for the magazine when it eventually arrives in Australia in a few months time. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

Karen Dodgson

Hi Lucy
I’m glad you feel like me that a granny square should be a granny square and not an equally lovely but not granny appliqué square! My Grandma taught me to crochet and the humble Granny square was my first project. They were then joined to make jumpers for my teddy bears and ponchos for my dollies. I remember those times with my Grandma with such love.
I'm so happy you’ve been to the seaside....it’s so good for the soul isn’t it. I don’t know if you remember, but it’s me who loves St Anne’s and I taught my sister to crochet, then we both crocheted your beautiful Dune blanket and worked on them at the beach huts in St Anne’s. Well, big life event.....me and my hubby have just bought a flat in St Anne’s! We’re both 60 this year and beyond excited that our lives have taken such a wonderful turn. So we’re packing up our Yorkshire home ready to downsize and you can be sure my Dune blanket will be coming with us on our new adventure and taking pride of place. Thank you for all your inspiration, and next time you come to St Anne’s the kettle will be on if you fancy saying hi! xx


My husband’s granny was an extraordinary lady with many handcraft skills. Among them crocheting. She had made a blanket with traditional granny squares (same pattern you use) but after she had passed away the blanket was put in a box and forgotten about until it was discovered again many years later. It was not in a good shape but I began to think that it could be worth saving as a memory of her. I took the blanket apart and tossed away the tattered squares, and rearranged all the worth-saving-squares on the floor. All this while listening to (and laughing to) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Strangely, (she was very thorough) the squares were in different sizes and not easy to crochet together again into a blanket, but in the end it worked. Finally the blanket ended up in the washing machine (while holding my breath) and a miracle happened. All the squares were the same size. She had used wool yarn so that might be the reason that the granny squares got the same size in the washing machine. So when I read about your granny squares (and others) I think of her blanket and how it was restored. Her name was Kristina and lived 1898-1978.

Pippa Sherval

So good to see you back here, but also in the wonderful world of crochet Lucy. What better moment than this celebration of the Granny Square.
I’ve been knitting recently but I’m off to get my hook out - these squares are absolutely darling! Pippa


Love the Leo square, very pretty. Also just back from a much-needed break (in the Lake District) and feeling energised. It's amazing how you don't realise how much you need a change of scenery and a stepping-away from the everyday work until you actually do it! CJ xx

Miss Daisy

Should have been Good Morning Lucy , hate it when it adds or changes words.

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