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July 10, 2020


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geovanna conejo

Saludos desde Costa Rica, feliz que estes bien

Gaina Owen

Hi Lucy! Lovely to hear from you again. I so look forward to reading about your walks and the lovely photos from your area. Take care.🌸


I've been thinking of you Lucy. You are allowed to take time out for yourself. As if life isn't tough enough at the best of times, then Covid-19 comes along and makes things harder to cope. If I didn't have crochet (or knitting in the past) to look forward to every day, I hate to think where I would be now. I am not very good at crocheting, but I battle on in the hope I improve at some point. I love your patterns and have always had great intentions of making your blankets. One day I will surprise you (and myself probably) and actually start one. Like I said, I'm not good at crocheting, but I think I have worked out that sticking to Stylecraft Special DK (my favourite yarn)is probably the best thing for me to do, as thicker yarns seem to be a part of my problem. Well, maybe it is just that I am worse at it than I think I am. I get a lot of joy from your blogs, but I do know and understand you need to take time for yourself. Please take care and look after yourself dear Lucy. We will all be here when you return. Big hugs to you xoxoxox


Have been looking in, and started to wonder a bit if something had happened to keep you away from the Blog. Like covid19 ... an accident ... etc. You know ... in these times it is easy to start thinking the worst. But "to stay quiet and lay low for a while," is a good thing (although we miss you) and I hope it will bring you forward on a safe and meaningful path.
Take care

Zoey Brock

Welcome back, missed you 🤗❤️🧶 (so happy you took time for you)


Whoo hoo!! soooo lovely to see your post Lucy, thank you, for the gorgeous stocks they do smell absolutely heavenly and are one of my favourite flowers. So an extra special treat! Take as much time as you need, stay safe and carry on taking care of yourselves. Love and hugs, Becki xxxx


It is so good to know you are all safe and well. Being from Sydney, Australia, we only get to see what is happening in your part of the world via the news, and it has been scary not hearing from you in blogland. I was starting to fear the worst!!! Your blog also helps me escape the world around me for a while, and I sorely missed that. Hang in there, weather the storm, and look for silver linings. Its all we can do right now.


Hello Lucy, it's good to know you and your family are ok. I hope you'll soon feel again like sharing your beautiful pictures and some of your greatly inspiring projects. Do take your time though! All best xxx


Good to hear from you! Welcome back!

Kimberley Hutson

Sometimes you just need some quiet space to process your thoughts. Do what you need to take yourself into a happy place.

Please take our enquiries into your well being as our way of caring for you, as you never fail to brighten our days when you blog about your daily happenings.

With Love and Care, Kimberley

Pauline Greaves

Hi So glad to hear you are well. I enjoy reading your blog posts.

I'm trying to subscribe to your blog but having problems with the subscribe link. It doesn't go to a proper sign up page. I'd really like some help please.


Susan Barr

So glad you re-emergence finds you well and moving forward! Good for you Lucy!


Glad to hear you are ok! Stay safe and look forward to hearing more from you when the time is right.

Tracey ogden

Glad your ok , I read your blog and worried about you , but so glad you have postEd ❤️


Stay safe and take your time.
Hope it´s ok, that I set a link on my blog to your side. Kisses and Hugs

Vicki Blizzard

Dear Lucy! I always hesitate to contact someone who is a regular blogger who hasn't posted in a while. I hate to intrude on someone's personal life and journey just to let you know I'm thinking about you, when you have absolutely no clue who I even am. That doesn't mean you haven't been in my thoughts going out to the universe, though, hoping that all is right in your world. I'm glad you were able to take time for yourself - we all need that. Come back to us when you're ready. We'll be here to welcome you with warm virtual hugs.


Welcome back, Lucy! Taking the time to nurture yourself and your family is always worthwhile. I'm so glad the news is just "I wasn't ready to share" rather than something more dire. Your posts are a bright spot in many of our lives but never feel you owe us an apology for not writing.

And the stocks are lovely! I always wondered what they looked like. Thanks for a lovely photo.

Cheryl, Newcastle, NSW.

Dearest Lucy, your "return" gave me a Ta-Dah! moment. Not that you've ever been away, really; your life went on, and so did ours. But I am so glad those lives have intersected again. Not being able to hear about your day-to-day triumphs and occasional doubts -- the things that make up the shared landscapes of friendship -- brought home to me how it must have been for migrants in the 1800s. Wondering, in the middle of daily tasks, how those "back Home" were doing; seeing family resemblances in children who would never meet that family; knowing that somebody could be dead, or married, or born, and you wouldn't know unless you got mail, maybe six months later. We readers are so spoiled, worrying just because we haven't heard from you for a few weeks. (But I hope you can keep on spoiling us! :D)

Suzanne Jones

Ah there you are sweet girl. You have been missed, but take your time and say hi when you feel ready. What lovely messages on here - I hope you are feeling a world wide hug. Thank you,

Suzie (ambling along Suzie on instagram where I look forward to your daily walks too)

Joanna Worthington

Lovely to hear you are ok. I’m happy to hear from you whenever you feel ready and able to write your blog. Please never feel under pressure: it is always a joy to read and I love your photographs too. A ray of sunshine in an uncertain world. Take care! 😊


Goodness me, no apology needed! You are welcome in my feed if and when you wish to be. No pressure to share what you don't want to. But I am happy you are well and I enjoy your summer walks bringing sunshiney brightness to my winter days here in NZ. Take care.

Annette Frater

Good to hear from you Lucy, you have been greatly missed. Take care x


Dearest Lucy I am so relieved to know you are ok, but totally understand your need for solitude and introspection, strange times indeed that we are in at the moment. Just so very glad you are here now 😍

Susan O'Neill

Dear Lucy, can't tell you how relieved I am to know you and your family are ok. I was getting very irrationally worried about you. I've only recently discovered your blog and and for a couple of weeks I read it all from the beginning. It was a wonderful way to start my day. So full of colour and wonderful things. I can relax now and breathe easy. Take your time, dont rush, none of us are going very far.xxx

Sharon Miles

Blessings to you Lucy...
When we decided to buy a computer, yours was the first blog I favorited. That has been a long time ago. Before Little B and your other children were still small.
Every morning with breakfast I check in with you.
I was missing you and growing more concerned by the day.
Imagine my relief to see you posting again !!!!
Prayers and hugs for you. Sharon

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