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July 10, 2020


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Quardle means Wordle quadruple. The principles of the game remain the same--players assume a five-letter word every day, and the video game also indicates if you have ideal letters in the best areas using eco-friendly, yellow, and gray squares.

dinosaur game

Wow, this is really interesting topics. I am glad I found this and got to read it. Great job on this content. I like it.

Willy Russchen

Dear Lucy, just to let you know I enjoy your creativity. And of course hoping this finds you and your loved ones in good health. We miss you but please take all the time you need. Love from Amsterdam, Willy


Lucy, I hope you are OK...continuing to rest and take care of yourself and your family...and that it is nothing more serious. I enjoy your blog and FB posts so much and I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned about you and missing you. It's a topsy-turvy time for sure. Please let us know that you are alright.

cathy dutnall

hi Lucy, just thought I would drop you a note. it's OK to not be OK you know. I keep telling myself that. so hard with coronavirus and all the problems in the world. but one stitch at a time, one breath at a time, we ate all in this together. I'm going right back to basics and doing a granny square blanket. just easy and something to hug. so good for my mind. one stitch at a time xxxx


Lucky good to hear from you and I am happy that you are fine. Now please stay connected with us and keep updating us.

Kathryn Christine Ashe

I am enjoying your blogs from past years--it was a different world we took for granted when we were able to come and go freely. Take your time and do what you need to do for yourself. We understand and love you lots.

Pat from Sydney, Australia

Lovely to hear that you are okay. This Covid-19 is sending us all off kilter.
Never mind the 'normal' things that life throws at us.
I am experiencing one of those and in down times, I am re-teaching my sister how to crochet.
Take care we will get through this.
Keep crocheting, it is good for your mental health.

Lisa Smallridge

Dear Lucy, you have been my inspiration to get back to crochet, after decades away, thank you. And your serene, delicate photographs of nature help to calm my spirit. Every evening my Sweet Pea blanket warms my legs, in this icy-cold winter season in Melbourne, Australia. This was the first and largest blanket I've tried and finished. My friends & family still admire it - I give all credit to you! Now I've started the gorgeous blues and sands of the Ocean blanket, which I ration myself to 2 rows per evening - slowly - I want it to last! It is helping me dream of summer days to come. Just a week before our lockdown started in March, I had a premonition - and suddenly decided to order your Woodland Pack from the UK. It arrived in quick time, and shortly after, the Wool Warehouse stopped shipping to Australia. (Much to my daughter's dismay, as she's just caught the crochet bug). I'm so pleased it arrived in time - just looking at that gorgeous bag of colour, waiting for me is enough to lift my spirits with joyful anticipation. The past week has been very difficult, in Melbourne, with a 2nd Stage 3 lockdown, and the threat of Stage 4 restrictions coming in the next few days. We all need to reach out to each other, whenever we can, to help us through these dark days. Thank you for your regular blogging over the years - I'm comforted by the fact that I can always re-read your gentle words and thoughtful reflections - and it will make me feel better. You are a treasure to the world! Be well, stay safe, protect yourself and your darling family, and know that you are making the world a better place! Like all the others virtual friends posting here, I look forward to hearing from you again, when you are ready. Take as much time as you need. We love you! Best wishes, Lisa Smallridge, Melbourne Australia. (1st August 2020)

Amy L

It's been good to see snapshots of your weeks. I know I have lost track of mine since March. Definitely been feeling some of the same introspective things lately, too. I have to remember that there is a season for everything and to give myself space to grieve and process through this weird season.
Much love, Amy

DeAnna Reames

I've enjoyed your blog over the years and have made several of your projects. Love seeing the beautiful pictures of your area in the world. I hope all is well. I think of you whenever I crochet.

Angela- southern USA

The stocks are beautiful! I currently have a big bouquet of sunflowers (from my garden) in my grandmother's blue jug on my kitchen table, a nod to how you would do it. Thanks for the inspiration even when you are taking time away from the cyber world. I hope you have a lovely day! xxxxxx

Judy Walahoski

So nice to hear from you and thank you for sharing. Thinking of you! Take care!!


Gracias por comentar que estas bien, saludos desde la ciudad de México


You’re in our thoughts; take time for yourself, it’s been a difficult year for everyone and very unsettling.
Sometimes we need time and space to heal and grow.
Thank you for the beautiful stocks - sending you virtual daisies with their happy faces and honeysuckle for the incredible scent. Xx

Evelene Sterling

Sometimes we need to slow down and take stock of our lives in order to move forward in a healthy way. You were smart to listen to what your body and mind were telling you. Be safe and healthy🌹

Joan Sample

Glad to hear from you. I understand laying low right now. Stay rested. I wanted to thank you for your patterns, your ideas, your help, your colorful web site especially during this covid time. Its been hard to stay motivated and up beat right now and your web site has helped a great deal. Here in the US it is only getting worse so I'm gathering yarn and staying home as best I can!! Take care Lucy, Joan Sample


Lucy I do hope you are ok. I’m just about to embark on my first ever crochet adventure by doing your. Moorland blanket, you are so inspirational. These times are hard, take time out if you need it and don’t feel bad!

Sue Brown

Lucy, it was so lovely to hear from you again a few days ago. Please come back to us soon - I am looking every day for another post from you. Don't worry about sharing the bad stuff sometimes - we all need to do that and we are all here for you. xx


Hi Lucy, Thank you for creating the Neat Ripple Pattern. I’m crocheting away on my third one, and it is amazing to me how tranquil this pattern is as it flies off the hook. I so appreciate how you give us such careful instruction, and beautiful color palettes to inspire us. It was your children that prompted me to make the first one as a shower gift with a plea that it be used for fort making at some point. Three years later I received a picture of my Grand niece poking her head out of this fort Daddy had constructed just for her out of that very blanket. How great was that! Memories made by a Dad who was quite the fort builder himself. 💕


Hi Lucy, lovely to hear from you and glad your OK. Stay safe x

Dina Warde

Dear Lucy,this is my first time leaving you a message. Your blog brings me such inspiration. I have taken up crocheting again after about 45years! I'm loving it. My daughters bought me the Woodland Walk pack and thanks to your brilliant instructions I am loving making it.
Your sense of colour is amazing.
I hope all is well with you and yours in this difficult time.
Best wishes
To you and all your followers from the South East of England 😊🤗😊

gloria Walls

well....still hope you are okay. its been another 8 days since your last post, but know how things can happen. Best to you and yours.....look forward to hearing from you once again....Be healthy, be safe, we are trying the same, North Florida.....gg

Annika Gustad

Happy, happy, happy!!!
You are back!
Thank you!
Annika Gustad


Lucy, It is great to hear from you. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. Today I read where Yorkshire is having a great increase in Covid 19. Stay safe and know that we will be here when you return.

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