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June 03, 2020


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Angela-Southern USA

Glad all of you are doing as well as expected in such a time, same here. Except I don't have teens under foot. My elderberries are in full bloom, and I too had to toss some cows parsley for the same reason just today. That woodland path photo is gorgeous! Not much hooky time here of late, working nearly non stop in the gardens and general tidying up out and about, things get away from you before you know it. lol Have a fab weekend ahead! xxxxxx

Dorothy Rodden

Loving your pictures from your walks as they remind me of the great weekends I spent doing the walk from the castle and back past the Craven Heifer for a well deserved beer. Miss your town as brother-in-law moved to London. I have just finished your Moorland blanket and used the left over yarn for a Memory Blanket which will go to an overseas charity.

julie churcher

lovely to catch up. I remember when you announced on your blog that you were pregnant with little B, I'm really finding it almost impossible to realise that was 10 years ago!! Sounds like your days are very similar to ours, loving the slowness and the chance to be together, but also aware of how unnatural it all is.


So glad that you are doing very well. A resident nail technician is a great plus. Always enjoy a walk around your neighbor hood.

Ali Patel

Wonderful to read and thank you for mentioning the 17 year old in their lair - I thought I was just a bad parent that my 17 year old didn't want to spend much time with me! Feel like I've had a drink of nature after that post, fantastic.

Lynn Dee Butler

Oh my goodness! Your pictures of the English countryside are so lovely. I can almost smell the flowers on the hedgerows. I’m so happy that you share all these beautiful sights with us. Sigh! So peaceful. I’m glad you & your family are doing well. Your delicious food has made me hungry! I want some oat pancakes with maple syrup. Gonna do something about that tomorrow!


Enjoyed your wonderful post! And the pictures are beautiful as always.
Here in the southern U.S., we enjoyed one of the best springs we've had a years. Of late, it seems we've jumped from winter straight into summer with barely a spring in sight. But this one...perfection! And now we're in 90 degree heat, two weeks short of the first day of summer. I might be looking forward to fall already ;)


Hi Lucy, again a lovely post with pictures of the countryside that we are so blessed to be able to enjoy. Glad too that your new blanket is bringing you a lot of pleasure, looking forward to seeing it soon.
I remember my own lovely daughter being 16 and we still have a special relationship,glad you are able to spend some special time with your little lady. They are precious moments. Stay safe and have a good week x


Such a lovely catchup Lucy! I always love your posts, I’ve been following your blog for years and was surprised to hear Little B is now 10! Thanks for a few minutes of lovely peaceful of time from my busy day, it’s like meditating I guess, you transport us all into a place of peace when we read your blog! Thank you! From Angela, New Zealand

Christine Baehr

This was a BEAUTIFUL post! I love all your photos of the landscape in your area. I live in the U. S., and had been scheduled to travel to England in April with my husband and some friends, but, of course, that didn't happen. Have not been there since 2012, and I am making do by reading your blog and Britain magazine (and of course some English novels). We're in the process of rescheduling for April of 2021 - fingers crossed!

Mary-Teresa Green

Hi Lucy,
Great post as usual. Love the colours of your socks. Any chance you can remember the wool you used for them?

Cherie Moore

I so appreciate your wonderful posts with your beautiful photos. It’s such a respite...thank you


your are sooo lucky Lucy ,enjoy every moment with your lovely daughter,all my daughters live soo far away that i can not visit them as much as i want to my granddaughter lives thousands of miles away and i can not have part of her growing up it brakes my heart
also i envy you for your beautiful town, i wish i had a place like that where i could walk for hours you have such a beautiful place ... enjoy it , stay safe , hugs

Teresa Kasner

You're lucky to have a daughter who loves to spend time with you. My daughter moved 3000 miles away and took my granddaughters away from me and it breaks my heart every day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lovely catch up Lucy. Your nails look fabulous. Love Lenore x🌺

Bonnie Brocklehurst

Hi Lucy

Happy to hear that you are doing good. I love your new blanket and I look forward to buying it when it becomes available. I have completed your original Harmony and the Summet Harmony, I am new and I learned so much. I hope you liked The Dailia Harmony blanket which I contributed a Square too, thanks to Kaz for joining all thie squares and doing the border, we are all members of Hooked on Attic 24

We all love your blankets so much, Imlove reading your blog, it makes me happy🙂


I always enjoy seeing your photos of Skipton. It amazes me to see the road markings (the yellow stripes) so close to the sides of the houses! It's not like that here in Canada.


Oh, my, Little B is ten already? It was just yesterday you surprised us all with your baby bump. Wow, time does fly, doesn't it? When I saw the green woods with the green stream and the tiny white flowers I thought the colors would make a beautiful afghan. Thank you for sharing the beautiful English countryside with us. My dream is to visit England one day.

Mary W

Just planted an elderberry bush - first time I've ever planted, harvested, or even tasted the berry. I will be careful to cook the first as I know the seeds are poison and I won't nibble on the leaves, either. Your nails look wonderful - congrats to your super good nail technician. Beautiful pictures as I stroll/scroll through - I've enjoyed your walk so much. That new blanket looks AWESOME!!!!!

Bev from Denmark W Aust

I enjoyed reading this post, and the photos around Skipton brought back memories, especially around the canal basin and the canal below the castle! When I wear one pair of my socks I'll think of you as they are made from the sock wool (the pair on the bottom) made for me by a friend - slightly different as the top of mine are yellow! Keep well, keep safe, keep busy and be happy. Cheers Bev


Your town looks so beautiful! I also started going on more walks with the lockdown and continue them now. They are very restorative. I used to walk with the kids a lot, but try to find time for solo hikes now. It is very hot and humid where I am so the kids complain this time of year. I'm not into that :)

Winwick Mum

What lovely photos! I'm gearing up to make elderflower cordial too - I can't wait to have it bottled and ready to drink (gin may or may not be required ;) ! xx

Miss Daisy

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you , you make the simplest things so special. Everything is beautiful in nature over there. Thank you for sharing and have a Blessed weekend. Say hi to your family for me.


Thank you Lucy for your lovely blog today. I’m sitting in my cottage watching river boats go up and down with very long barges full of grain. Here in the US we are having terrible unrest and it affects all of us. Reading about your peaceful days is comforting. I do want to say your nails are lovely!!

Carolyn wood

Looks so gorgeous out in the countryside! We are in late autumn here In N.Z it’s wet and windy tonight! Yuk I miss the warm sun! At least we are out of lockdown so very lucky. I look forward to finally getting to my nursing job that’s waiting for me in Truro love Cornwall it’s so beautiful.

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