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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 07, 2020


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مولتی کالا

It was very beautiful and spectacular.

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Victoria Reid

Hi Lucy. I bought the pattern and wool for your aria blanket but I can’t master joining the squares :( do you have a video at all? Thank uou!!!

Heather Milne

Thank you for transporting me, I could almost smell the mulch and that intoxicating smell of green wood and the promise of wild garlic to come. Loving the oat pancakes and have made them two or three times now, a real joy!


Dear Lucy, as always I adore reading your blog. Your photos of your lovely part of your lovely country is a delight to see.
I have a question to ask and I am beginning with you because your blog was the first one I ever started reading so the others that I read might possibly originate from your blog. I am looking for the Thistlebear blog. It seems to have closed down although one may still read it if you are invited. But how does one get invited if the blog is closed? Do you know about this blog or can you tell me how to get invited to a closed blog? I read it for a long time and then just one day, zap!, it was closed. I miss it so!
Like your new blanket's colours!
Regards and sorry if I overstepped the comment mark, but you are the only place I could think of turning to. From Cape Town in South Africa...

Trudi Partridge

Thank you for taking me on a walk through the woods. always a highlight in the week x

Carol Moran

Hi Lucy! I have not ever posted before but have loved your posts and your work for several years now (so shame on me!). You have an incredible gift and I treasure the time I spend with you. Photography, stories and crochet are all heartfelt and real and I think that is why I love your site so much. Many days I read your feelings and feel right by your side, and tho I am many years your senior, I can understand the life balance you revere. (I have been a single parent for 22 years.) I am working on Polyanthus flowers for a wreath and will eventually make a blanket based on your moorland blanket. Keep safe. I hope to one day make a trip to England. Your photos draw me. Thank you for being you.

Angela southern-USA

The blanket is pure eye candy! I also LUV the mug, my favorite color combo too. I've been cross stitching more than crocheting of late (although I did hook up some new bunting for my garden bikes), and working in the veggie garden. I adore spring, with all the shades of green and the flowers waking from their long winters sleep. I hope you have plenty of sunshine during this stay at home time.xxxxxxxxxxx

Jayme Morris-Hardeman

Your blog brings me so much joy! I wanted to follow up on the dahlia yarn - early in the CAL, there was mention of a pattern someone was working up for using this yarn pack with the summer harmony pattern. Will that be available any time soon? Thanks for providing me with inspiration!


Greetings from Maryland! Just stopping by to say that your color sense is amazing. You know how to select colors that make my brain alive and always bring out a smile. I never knew that just seeing colors could be such a lift!


It was very beautiful and spectacular.

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Corinna Mazzotta

Loving your posts keeping me going through this strange time Lucy. I'm on the shielding list so haven't left the house for 6 weeks and I so miss getting out into nature. So thankful that I can watch the changing season via your lovely blog & take a virtual walk with you. Glad you and your lovely little family are safe and well. I'm keeping busy with baking, my hydrangea blanket and an embroidery from my Craftpod subscription that I'm making for my sister as well as keeping the house going and 2 hungry teen boys well fed while hubby still goes to work every day.
Take care & I look forward to my next virtual walk with you! 🥰 x


My son and his family live 'up the road' in Riddlesden and go to Bolton Abbey several times a month before the lock down. They both work in emergency departments of Leeds and Airedale hospitals and love taking oud granddaughter there when ever possible. Frequently in Skipton too.

Heidi Clarke

Thinking your fire might get used this week, the temperature has dropped this morning Sunday in Essex, I saw it was snowing in Aberdeen ❄️😱

Daphne Goodenough

Hi Lucy, you spread happiness every time you write another blog, your beautiful photos lift ones spirits, all that luscious green, so sorry you have felt a bit poorly hope all is well again now, your healthy food looks so delicious you are good to be eating so healthily, but you always have it seems to me. Your blanket is gorgeous, so glad it has given you so much joy. Take care of you and yours dear girl, I shall be so looking forward to the next blog, no pressure!!!!!!! just kidding happy days. Xxx Daphne


So much colour! Thanks Lucy. I love your new mug 💕


Love the colours of your Aria blanket Lucy. I'm sure it will be just as lovely as all your other blankets when it is finished. Thanks for sharing all your pictures on your walks,they really are so uplifting at this time x

kate bates

Hi Lucy, I know a lot of people have found this week a difficult one. As you said, you have to look for the little pleasures and be kind to yourself. One day we will look back on this time and try and remember what it felt like!

Linda from Boston

Things are possibly going a bit better here in the Boston area. I actually found yeast at the supermarket (limit one). Limiting meat. Shelves somewhat bare. But found an abundance of vegetables. Very taxing this shopping. Weather tonight is record cold; possible snowflakes!! Have to bring my pansies and herbs in for the night. Hope it warms up soon. Boston Pops just announced that the 4th of July concert is cancelled!! Nothing to look forward to. The golf courses were allowed to open yesterday; maybe I should learn golf!!


Hi Lucy,
I so enjoy my vicarious walks in the English countryside with you. And the remembrance of the smells you describe. Due to nerve damage, I have lost most of my sense of smell. Next to no flower smells get through. No candles, etc. On the other hand, I can't smell skunks either, so there is that! Ha!


Lucy, can I just say that those oat pancakes have me hooked too... love Love LOVE them, served with berries and natural yogurt also... although I have tried with crispy bacon and maple syrup... but not as good as berries.... I am truly saddened when my breakfast is over 🙂 thank you for sharing this fab low fat recipe. x

Esther Bartlett

Hello Lucy, it is such a blessing sitting down and reading your blog. You soooo capture the beauty around us. Also, I love your adapted/made up words and phrases, they make me laugh every time! I would have commented before but only just realized I could! My tech/social media skills have greatly improved with this lock down: case of having to!

Esther Bartlett

Hello Lucy, it is such a blessing to sit down and read your lovely posts. You sooo capture the simple beauty around us. I also love your made up words/phrases, they make me laugh every time! I would have commented before but only just realized I could! My tech/social media skills have improved immensely since this lock down: case of having to! Esther.


Getting huge pleasure from my allotment and cycling along empty streets at the moment. For the first time in a long time, I feel safe on my bike! Small wobble when my boy (grown up!) was ill earlier in the week, but he's fine, we're fine. We're very lucky and I never stop being aware of that.

Denise Fordyce

I just feel like I'm in the movie, "Groundhog Day"! I've generally had to ask my husband what day it is...and he has to look at his watch to be certain. Great news here in Oz that we have a bit of a plan to open up, even if my home state (Victoria) will be a little behind some other states. We do still have too many new infections. There is light ahead, though


It's been so beautiful out there hasn't it. And the glorious weather has really helped. You really do live in a very pretty area, your local walks are lovely. I used to have asparagus at the allotment and it was amazing. Loads of it, every year. The children would get fed up with it and couldn't care less that it was a luxury thing. I could eat it every day at this time of year, quite happily. I've taught the littlest boy to make your oat pancakes and they're a real hit. I also tried Smitten Kitchen's carrot cake pancakes and they were good too, but involved a lot more preparation. Your new mug is a thing of beauty, and it's so good to support English craftspeople. I am rather in love with the light green one. CJ xx

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