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May 18, 2020


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Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I am so glad you posted.. your honesty and sharing makes the rest of us feel better as we experience the same feelings. I enjoyed seeing your countryside and especially the river with the canal boat there.. I also would love to even spend one month living in one of them.

I lived aboard my 26 foot sailboat in the San Juan Islands of Washington State USA for 4 months and I just loved it. Except for having to use a public shower and plug quarters in it to keep the water going. LOL! So.. hang in there my friend and we're here for you.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Thanks for a lovely blog Lucy :-) You can check out The green bean podcasts on you tube, where Katie shows her knitting and drawing projects, it's very calming to watch, it may be ideal for your little relaxing times xx


I’m with you about feeling rudderless. At first, I thought I’d get so many jobs done around my home. But now that it’s gone on so long and will go on longer for me and my hubby, I’m starting to set small jobs for me to do or I’ll just goof off. That’s an old American expression meaning ‘not accomplish much while kinda playing around’. I do love your posts and pictures since they are exactly opposite of the type of area I live in. I so wish I had your area to walk through. We do need to be grateful right now and that’s what I keep my mind on daily.


You're so lucky to live in a beautiful place. We're getting into lockdown part 4 here in India. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Take care!

Paula Miller

I love your writing and photos and find I relate to many of you musings. In particular this struck a cord "even if the dreamy aspirational quality of the photos makes them ever so slightly deflating at times", as this always happens to me. Like you, I am thankful for daily walks through lovely woods, kitties, and crochet. Thank you, Lucy.

Susan koszak

Be kind to your self Lucy.Just writing your blog is so reassuring,I think we all feel unsettled and it’s lovely to hear your honesty.Keep safe and well.😎

Alison Hillman

Thank you for your honesty. We have to be kind to ourselves in these strange times. Driving to be over productive belongs to old times. Do what you need to do to get through. Lovely pictures of Skipton, we’re just down the road in Halifax.

Sally Spragg

I too feel like a ship with no direction! I hear and see other people being very busy with everything, but I just keep doing odd bits! I do miss the normal things I used to do but at the same time, every week day, I have been doodling along with Barbara Grays live video! I'm nowhere near brilliant and some weeks are better than others, but considering I stopped art in 3rd year at high school, I'm quite impressed with myself! We have found some different areas on our daily walks. Nowhere near as pretty as your lovely area of the country, i enjoy reading your blogs. They are honest and straightforward and quite often I feel the same way! Your blog makes me feel that I'm not alone in the way I feel! Love the latest blanket!

Tracey Ogden

I have been feeling the same Lucy; just not myself and could easily cry. I worry that I’ll come out the other side wishing I had done more , I have crafted , updated my blog , tidied , baked , but somehow this week and last have felt different x


I think you'd enjoy The Last Homely House on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWKp6lHakdUNsy49_TLDzA

Tineke Joldersma

You need fingerless gloves for those cold hands, I wear them often. A day at the computer writing reporst always ends in fingerless gloves with hot tea and a cookie. I am alone in lockdown, job, and kids far away. Miss them terribly as they light up my existence with their joy and adventure. Thank goodness for my garden and cats. Clumsy June bugs in the garden in the evening and watching my cats follow them with big eyes is such a joy. Love your little views of your crochet colourfull life and the pictures framing it.

Adele O'Leary

I love reading your blogs Lucy over here in New Zealand. You have such a way with words and your images are glorious! I was born in Manchester and emigrated here as a 6 year old, so your blog connects me to my roots. I think Yorkshire is a wonderful spot in the world! xxx

Mary Green

I really love your writing and your pictures, it's like a little retreat for me to go over.
I wish you would write something on how you choose your colors. I'm really drawn top your combinations.

Linda Harvey

I have been feeling much the same. The longer the lockdown goes on, the more listless I feel. Not depressed but just not much motivated. I'm feeling my age (71) and low energy level but I do really enjoy hearing about your walks and seeing your pretty pictures!


Beautiful as ever.
Talking to others and reading your blog there are many of us lost souls,we have so much time to get stuff done somehow we cant summon the will.Days are just melting into each other strange times.
Hopefully life will return to some kind of normal soon.

Val Hayward

Hi Lucy,
I think we should be thanking YOU - for your beautiful pictures and your amazing crochet. Long may it continue!
Always look forward to reading about your days.

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