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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 18, 2020


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Jania Rosario

Hi Lucy!!!
Thank you for sharing pictures of your daily walks especially the ones with the beautiful animals. The sheep are my favorite. You do live in such a gorgeous place.

Melissa Draper

Hi Lucy, it's lovely to read your blogs. I'm glad that you and your family are well. I'm trying to finish a blanket that I originally started 5 years ago. Not good I know but, I have made other blankets for new babies born in the mean time 😊 Stay safe. Take care. Melissa

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Frankie Rees

Dear Lucy- I have read your blog now for over three years and you always manage to write so eloquently- and with humility and love - and I just am in awe of how you manage to sum up the atmosphere and the feelings in your life. I often feel like Im living a parallel life having three children myself - 2 who are in the their teen and then a much younger boy who is now 9 but sadly I am not such a gifted Crocheter and only came to crochet 3 years ago now. Here in the Netherlands we are gradually coming out of Lockdown but my Lethargy is prevailing. I had promised myself I would finish my sweet Pea rogue blanket which was for my daughter to take to University but it looks like she will not go now as the British Unis are looking like they will continue online and I was planning on starting the Coastal for my youngest. However I have started 4 other projects and have settled on the positivity mandalas to send as gifts to my family and friends still in Lockdown in the Uk - I have completed 2 now and so excited to get their phone-calls when they receive them, It had always been on my list to add a comment here to let you know how you brighten my life with your blog and photos and wonderful patterns - Thank You Thank You Thank You.


Hi Lucy,
Thankyou for your honest words.
I am lucky i”m back at work, but still like to have 5 mins alone in the house. Felt bad thinking it but glad i”m not the only one.
I spend alot of time looking at kitchens:) we are rebuilding our house (5 year plan) so its something i”m always busy with.
Do you know arne and carlos? I float between you guys.
They are taking a break at the moment but there’s enough youtube blogs to feed any me time.
Take care ❤️

Jennifer Tapsell

Hi Lucy...my daughter who lives in Birmingham told me about your blog before Lockdown. I live in Fiordland, NZ and I have so enjoyed journeying with you at this time....have made the oatcake breakfast several times ( today I added an old mashed banana)...I have begun crocheting polyanthus and went to the nursery ( we are currently in Alert level 2 so can move about, but with restrictions), and brought some polyanthus which look very cheery in the garden and will continue to do so through our winter. We are in the last days of autumn, so it might be time to work on the autumn garland.....our daughter and her family were due to come out for holiday this July but it's no longer going to happen...so it's been helpful and inspiring to walk through your springtime countryside...helps me feel closer to them......thanks so much for all you share.


Dandelions: I’m 60 and in Australia we also grew up “telling the time “ by them. Small world!


Loved this little catch up with you, Lucy, as I crochet my own Harmony Blanket. I'm at the join-as-you-go part and it's just so much fun to watch it coming all together. We have dandelions but have never heard of telling the time with them. One of my very favorite YouTube channels at the moment is Kirsten. She and her husbands are Germans living in the UK and renovating their Victorian terraced house and they are the cutest couple I've ever seen! Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Thanks Lucy as always for the lovely insight into your days. I love to read these. I'm still working full time in quite a stressful job but have discovered I can crochet little flowers during online meetings to keep my hands busy. There is a lovely little initiative for the local children's ward who are giving out these little flowers for the poorly children's families who are unable to be there with their sibling, child, grandchild, during these ever such strange times. I feel blessed to be able to help in a tiny little way. Needless to say I'm using odds and ends from my Attic24 blankets to create these colourful little blooms :-) Sending lots of love. Hx


How thankful I am that I'm not lazy or unmotivated! When lockdown was first announced here I was visiting my husband in temporary nursing care. Suddenly I could no longer visit and felt my legs were cut off. I should have got on with the long list of things to finish as my classes and sewing groups were all cancelled. Thought I would prepare my class stuff ready for my ladies when we were allowed to meet again but my mojo was also locked down! We are very thankful here in Australia as our leaders shut down international borders as well as state borders and even regional borders within the state's but we are grateful now for the strict measures. We are really saddened by the terrible time so many are having overseas but also gladdened to see the wonderful things people do to help others, especially that wonderful Captain Tom who walked to raise money for covid projects. His love and generosity has touched many hearts.
One thing about this time, it has made my husband and I appreciate family especially our grandchildren - little ones not really understanding why they couldn't hug us. Loved your beautiful photos. It looks to be a beautiful part of the world.


Hello, here across the pond the dandelions are for wishes. If you blow them all off with one blow you get your wish. My youngest would get so excited whenever he saw a 'weesh flower',and now he towers over me and time went so fast.


Hi Lucy, I only recently discovered you and your blog, in February actually. I ordered the Dune blanket yarn pack as I had a sudden urge to crochet a granny stripe blanket. I had not crocheted in over 40 years but sudden inspiration is always exciting isn't it? During the past weeks, I have ONLY wanted to crochet my gorgeous blanket, to walk with my sweet lab and watch comforting movies. Like yourself, and many of these lovely ladies who have commented, I found it difficult to focus. Crocheting my blanket has been truly therapeutic and comforting, exactly what I needed during a strange , frightening and difficult time. Thank you Lucy from the bottom of my heart, for your blog, and your gorgeous happy blankets. I am very grateful that I discovered you in your lovely corner of the world. I live in a small town named Brighton but in Canada, not in UK.

Joya Roy

Dandelions! Here in Los Angeles I grew up making wishes on them. If you blew out all the seeds in one blow your wish would come true. But I like yours much better. No missing out! You always find something out. “What time it is”. How lovely.


hello lucy, always enjoy catching up on your postings, its an 'odd', surreal' time isnt it...my body does feel a bit all over the place and my mind doesnt settle easily either...i find i'll loose myself in hanging the washing out, walking or spending time in the garden...but when I sit i feel lost somehow i just cant explain it...I'm so glad we have plenty of country walks around us to escape and forget the world troubles...Love your yarny makes! and those socks! beautiful country side around you too...Me and my daughter Sophia often pick the dandelions and blow and say its all the fairies!!...fly off make a new home ( or seed somewhere knew) Im sure my mother and nanny did the same when i was a little girl...yes i wonder if they grow all over the world?. Cow parsley is my favourite at this time of year! froffy lanes! blissful!!! take care, kazzy x (country rabbit blogspot)

Mary W

I made the 'flap jacks' which in Florida are pancakes. I loved them before they went into the fridge and today I'm eating them with my 4 yo grandson who loves them also. He loves the shiney, smooth, buttery bottoms the best. Thanks


I don't watch a lot of you tube but I love The Last Homely House East of the Sea. I try and watch every evening. I hope you check it out and enjoy Kate's charming videos.


Dear Lucy, you describe the lockdown lethargy perfectly. I think we all expected to be productive and creative with all this time on our hands, but we're living with an undercurrent of anxiety and uncertainty, and it's distracting and draining.

If you want to know what it's like to live aboard a narrowboat, search for Travels by Narrowboat and Cruising the Cut on YouTube. Those are two "vlogs" about life on a narrowboat. In one episode of Travels by Narrowboat, the guy spends a wonderful day in Skipton. I kept my eyes peeled for Cooper's as he strolled around town, but if he showed it, it escaped my notice.

kate bates

These are enormously different times. We just have to go with what the day suggests and be kind to ourselves.

"You do not have to walk on your knees. For a hundred miles through the desert,repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves" (Wild Geese - Mary Oliver) (poem discovered thro Soulemama, bless her!)

Lynn Dee Butler

Lucy, I love to read your witterings. You write as if you are in the room with me sharing your photos. I love that. I also feel like I’m drifting by. It’s as if I’m waiting for life to start up again. I think I am mourning for my previous way of life. I’m treating myself gently and I work on having accomplishments each day to feel good. Being outside helps. Just having a change in scenery makes a difference in my mood. My knitting project is on a time out and I’ve been crocheting baskets. Something much easier to do at the moment. My Dalia blanket is waiting for ends to be darned in (I know, I know...I didn’t do them as I went along) and then a border. It’s a gift for a friend and I have until Dec to finish it. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures and your life with us. I think of you as a friend and wish all good things for you and yours! Lynn

Adele Seaman

Hi Lucy
Always enjoy your honest blogs. Not to mention the beautiful photos from your part of the world. I would recommend Kate from the last homely house east of the sea. Her vlogs remind me a little of your blogs.


As always, your thoughts are true and your camera is brilliant. Do you cook with the dandelions? and the garlic?

Ellen D.

Love the pictures from your hikes in the woods. You may wish your inside rooms were a little bigger at times, but your outside space sure makes up for it! How lucky you are to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Thanks for sharing it!

Paula Herdman

Hi Lucy, I have been following your blog for a couple of years and can totally relate to everything you write about. I love looking at your beautiful pictures and reading about your walks and crochet and crafts. I too enjoy all these things. Where you live looks amazing and is definitely on my to visit list! I’m always looking forward to reading your next blog. Take good care of yourself and keep blogging


Hello Lucy,
Just popping by to send you a virtual cup of tea. Take of yourself, you are doing fine. We are all waiting just now. Love everyone's comments about the dandelion clocks. Maybe we could all find a dandelion clock and think about our hopes and wishes for the future each time we blow away the clocks?
Best wishes,


I dearly love reading your posts. I grew up in Harrogate and now live in the US. So your photos are very nostalgic! I, too, find myself wandering through the days. Fairly rhythm-less. And trying to enjoy it as best I can, and be ok with the unease. I opened a little Etsy shop, which gives me more scope to play with fabric. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FabricSpeaks
I thought long and hard about the name and when this one came to me, I knew it was right. The story behind the name is towards the bottom of my shop page.

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