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May 18, 2020


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Very Satisfying pictures. so mesmerising .


Hi Lucy! I have never left a comment before here... I am afraid my English is a bit... how shall I put it... not used for years... I am from Austria...
Allthough I'd like to thank you for your posts... it feels so good to see your photos and those beautiful landscape...
I am looking forward to all of your crochet-projects and post!!! Have a good time


Lucy, are you alright? Is everything okay at home?


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I appreciate the time you’ve taken out to show me the ropes and ensure that I have the required knowledge to do a great job. Thank you.
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I noticed that Wool Warehouse has launched new colours in Stylecraft Special DK. Will you introduce these to our community, dear Lucy, as you did before? It would be very helpful for many of us who are not able to look at the yarn in real before ordering. Thanks very much in advance!

Rose Red

Skipton.is so pretty when the garlic is out- I’m so sad we will miss it this year! But looking at your lovely pictures is a close second. I’m glad you’re seeing the positives at this hard time xx


Love your photos and hope you are feeling better and more even :) Have felt like that till I went back to my little bit of work that is left.


Lucy, your descriptions of where you live are just wonderful. I love to read your words and see your beautiful photos. The wild garlic in the woods is just glorious! Your newest blanket looks lovely, once again, the colours are just magical. Looking forward to seeing it completed. Take care Lucy and sometimes it is good to "just be" and not do anything in particular. xx

cathy dutnall

hi Lucy. hard time for lots of us at the moment. please look after yourself. you are so lovely and friendly to everyone. your posts are always so uplifting. please look after Lucy as well as everyone else. best wishes for happy days to come. Cathy xx

Rose Petal

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I look forward to your blog posts every week. They always make me smile. I hope that you had a good week this week. Hugs Rose x


I'd love to have been locked down in such a beautiful place!
This landscape is so so so beautiful. Can you tell me where do you live. I'd love to visit this wonderful scenery next time I travel to England.

I love all your work, so full of colour it makes me feel so happy only to see it. Colour transmits happiness to me.


What a lovely blog post! Thank you, thank you, thank you.:-)
Congratulations on that you have managed to endured 8 weeks of Lockdown now. Hope the restrictions can be taken away soon. Here we have the same motto as before "Keep the distance, wash your hands, don´t visit the elderly, and be patient above all".

Tamara van de W

Hi Lucy,

Thank you as always, for opening your attic window, I`ve been enjoying reading for years now.
I was hoping to finally finish my Dune, during this lockdown, will probably happen now, since I broke my foot last weekend.
I also really enjoy pick up limes on YT, as well as "the fairly local family", you might like them too.
"Boho Berry" has great planner content,I like "epic gardening" for growing food and "Summer Rayne Oakes" has great plant videos. I hope there`s something between these that will bring you joy :)


Glad you're staying safe. My wife went vegan this year, it's been a little challenging but she feels much better for it.


Hi Lucy! I was born and bred in New Zealand and as children we blew on the dandelion seed heads to make a wish! Love your blog by the way! I have been following you for a number of years now and your blog gives me a lot of comfort!

Trudi Partridge

Hello Lucy, I so know what you mean about flip-flopping from one thing to another. I thought I would crack on with a load of sewing projects, but I have only been mending. I did however manage to start off a sourdough starter(mainly due to the lack of yeast in the shops). I now have a compulsion to make bread every day, utterly delicious, maybe not so good on my waistline! My crochet is rather stop start too, my blanket is going to be a Christmas present, so a bit more start needed than stop. Never forget the me time, it's just a full stop in the paragraph of the day. xxx


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Jania Rosario

Hi Lucy!!!
Thank you for sharing pictures of your daily walks especially the ones with the beautiful animals. The sheep are my favorite. You do live in such a gorgeous place.

Melissa Draper

Hi Lucy, it's lovely to read your blogs. I'm glad that you and your family are well. I'm trying to finish a blanket that I originally started 5 years ago. Not good I know but, I have made other blankets for new babies born in the mean time 😊 Stay safe. Take care. Melissa

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Frankie Rees

Dear Lucy- I have read your blog now for over three years and you always manage to write so eloquently- and with humility and love - and I just am in awe of how you manage to sum up the atmosphere and the feelings in your life. I often feel like Im living a parallel life having three children myself - 2 who are in the their teen and then a much younger boy who is now 9 but sadly I am not such a gifted Crocheter and only came to crochet 3 years ago now. Here in the Netherlands we are gradually coming out of Lockdown but my Lethargy is prevailing. I had promised myself I would finish my sweet Pea rogue blanket which was for my daughter to take to University but it looks like she will not go now as the British Unis are looking like they will continue online and I was planning on starting the Coastal for my youngest. However I have started 4 other projects and have settled on the positivity mandalas to send as gifts to my family and friends still in Lockdown in the Uk - I have completed 2 now and so excited to get their phone-calls when they receive them, It had always been on my list to add a comment here to let you know how you brighten my life with your blog and photos and wonderful patterns - Thank You Thank You Thank You.


Hi Lucy,
Thankyou for your honest words.
I am lucky i”m back at work, but still like to have 5 mins alone in the house. Felt bad thinking it but glad i”m not the only one.
I spend alot of time looking at kitchens:) we are rebuilding our house (5 year plan) so its something i”m always busy with.
Do you know arne and carlos? I float between you guys.
They are taking a break at the moment but there’s enough youtube blogs to feed any me time.
Take care ❤️

Jennifer Tapsell

Hi Lucy...my daughter who lives in Birmingham told me about your blog before Lockdown. I live in Fiordland, NZ and I have so enjoyed journeying with you at this time....have made the oatcake breakfast several times ( today I added an old mashed banana)...I have begun crocheting polyanthus and went to the nursery ( we are currently in Alert level 2 so can move about, but with restrictions), and brought some polyanthus which look very cheery in the garden and will continue to do so through our winter. We are in the last days of autumn, so it might be time to work on the autumn garland.....our daughter and her family were due to come out for holiday this July but it's no longer going to happen...so it's been helpful and inspiring to walk through your springtime countryside...helps me feel closer to them......thanks so much for all you share.


Dandelions: I’m 60 and in Australia we also grew up “telling the time “ by them. Small world!

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