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April 16, 2020


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I make all manner of pancakes, oats, almond flour, coconut flour, and one of my favourite, mashed banana and egg, mixed together, the latter especially served with cream, chocolate chips and fresh raspberries, it’s a meal in itself
Actually the yogurt with fat in it is healthier...Fat is not your enemy, refined sugar is

Oh and just ordinary pancakes filled with saute leeks, mushrooms and ham all mixed into a soft cream cheese mix. I could go on, and on !

Enjoy your pancakes Lucy, and drop scones take some beating too 😀


Hmmm!! They look delish! Thank you for the recipe

Liz Sawyer

Thank you Lucy. I’m going to surprise my husband with those scrumptious looking pancakes this morning for breakfast💕


Oh these look delicious. I will have to try these without the egg as I am allergic.


Great easy recipe Lucy thank you ❤❤

jennie craine

I'm going to make these for breakfast today - we always have plenty of oats in - but I shall blitz some to make them finer. Sadly finally used in breadmaking the last of the Oatmeal I got from a Watermill at St Dogmael's. 'twas good stuff.

I am still discovering bags of frozen blackberries picked last year (and even 2018!) in the bottom of the freezer so can add these to toppings.

Teresa Kasner

Those pancakes look delicious! Thank you for the recipe. Have you ever tried sourdough pancakes? We make those. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I like to put my oats in a food processor and make my own oat flour. Great for waffles, pancakes and any baking. I use it for a daughter who eats gluten free food.

Kath Stephenson

These look gorgeous Lucy. I am going to make them for breakfast today. It's 2.30am and I can't sleep..I am resisting the urge to go make them NOW!!!


Oh thank you for the recipe! Had no idea they were so simple to make.
Will be making them ASAP after a run to the store for oatmeal. I only have steel cut oats at home. I don't think they will work.

Nancy Swank

Thank you, Lucy! These look like a lovely change from my usual routine. Can't wait to try them.


Just made your pancakes breakfast time here in NZ! Yum yum such a nice change from the usual especially at this time. I upped the oats to 30g :O and got 4 delicious pancakes . Topped with butter and my homemade strawberry jam! SO delicious, healthy and different!! Xxoo


They look delicious. Thank you for the recipe. 🌺

Julie Lewis

I only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but these look delicious! I must try them soon. Thanks Lucy <3

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