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April 16, 2020


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These lovely, I’ll definitely be trying them out! We’ve finally managed to wean our children, now neatly 17 and 12, off breakfast cereals and I’m pleased to say they enjoy home made oat and banana or apple muffins instead. The recipe I use asks for a third of a cup of maple syrup which I decided was too much so miss it out. If I feel the fruit aren’t sweet, I have sometimes added some apple juice. I’m amazed that they both happily eat them, just as they are. I think your pancakes will make a nice change which is fab, as I’m sure they’d like to mix it up a little. Added to that, I definitely think I’d love them too 😋😄


Oh my days, just the ticket! Thank you!


Thank you so much for this recipe Lucy, it’s great! I have so many food intolerances so can’t have ‘normal’ pancakes containing wheat (and wheat/gluten free flours really don’t agree with me either). Often I’ve used mashed banana in oat pancakes, but I always find the banana taste so overwhelming and I don’t like the texture of it at all. These however are absolutely perfect!!! I enjoyed them with some strawberries, raspberries, Greek yoghurt and a splash of maple syrup. I was almost tempted to mix some unsweetened dark chocolate chips into the mixture - maybe next time as a weekend treat! Maybe if time allows and you have more simple, healthy recipes, you could consider sharing more with us, I know they will be well received :-) Lauren, Somerset, UK

Gemma Roberts

I’ve been thinking about making oaty pancakes for a while so this popped up at just the right time. I veganised mine by using a chia egg & soya yogurt.. I had mine with soya yogurt, cherries & a little agave syrup. My 6 year old had her first lot with Vego chocolate spread & the second lot with peanut butter, banana & agave syrup.. that was after she’d had 2 slices of toast 🤣 looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast already!,


Thank you for this!!! I will try them for supper tonight or breakfast in the morning!

Anne Marie

Ooh I must try your version. I made some similar when I had no flour (not this crisis!) but whizzed up oats. I didn’t use yoghurt. Thank you.

Tracey Ogden

Lucy made these this morning, banana and maple syrup for hubby , natural youghurt and frozen fruit for me, delicious and filling. Stay safe 💕


Great Pancakes Lucy... tried them today

Ann Goodman

Good morning Lucy

Just made the pancakes & loved them My wonderful grandson found me some lactose free Greek yoghurt & I put a splodge of my home-made marmalade on top. Delicious. So light & fluffy & gluten free! Hurrah! Thank you x

Phyllis Hart

Made these this morning and wow!!!! Easy to make and so delicious. Even hubby said I’ll have these again. Now that’s a compliment indeed. Thank you.

JoAnn Georges

Tried these pancakes this morning and they were good!

Johanne Hagar

Oat pancakes for breakfast today with fruit and yogurt! Just wonderful and met my expectations. Thank you for sharing and showing your making photos. I enjoy your talks and beautiful handwork. Johanne


Hello Lucy, these pancakes look fab and I will definately be putting them on my'To Try Out' list. As a newby to the blogging family I have tried a few of your early recipes which all went down a storm with my hubby.Thank you for all your inspiration.


These look delicious Lucy, I have everything in to give them a try so I'll be doing that tomorrow.
Jacquie xxx


Hi could you tell me what shrove tue. Is the pancakes look yummy . I been reading your blog since befor the birth of your youngest . Love your resepi s amazing even in a small kitchen. great cooks and cookbook have been written in closet size kitchens I kinda thought atic 24 a room in the atic you could escape to.? Maybe it's just a window with view. Stay healthy and safe . First time commenter. We had snow this morning.


I made them for lunch yesterday with chopped apples and a tiny bit of maple syrup. They are delicious and a great way to use the Steel Cut Oats that I bought for another recipe. I believe that's the US term for the stone ground oats in the left of your photo. They have nice nutty flavor. Thank you for sharing this delicious treat.


Hi Lucy, I’ve just returned to your blog after a fairly long season of ‘life’ over things on the interwebs (life being 3 young kids and a front line nhs A&E Dr job). What a treat it is being to catch up with your musings and ideas - thanks so much! I was an avid reader on all 3 maternity leaves. Anyway, me and middle daughter (4) made these today for breakfast and found them delicious. She and I could do with being a bit less wobbly... the boys with their fast metabolisms didn’t like them as much as ‘proper pancakes’ but tough, frankly! That recipe is going on our regulars, alongside your fruity muffins and oaty biscuits from years back. Thanks Lucy!


This is my kind of breakfast! I would even have them for dinner! How delicious!

Barbara West

I just remembered I have a small electric coffee mill! It should easily hold a couple of tablespoons of rolled oats, yum, yum, yum! Thank you, Lucy!


Yesssss! Its forcasted rain tomorrow morning, these will hit the spot for a Husband in lockdown! Thank you Lucy.


Just made these cakes! Yum! Thank you!

Sarah Nichols

Wonder if soya yoghurt will be okay? They sound so delicious!


Those look amazing! I'm hugely fond of pancakes all year round but don't often make them because the flour can be so stodgy (maybe it's how I make 'em!). Will definitely try with oats next time.

Mary W

I think I will try this with one change. I don't have any ground oats, only rolled so maybe a third of the oats can be replaced with stone ground corn meal. I love corn cakes so I think this will be a match and can't wait to experiment. Best part of this will be eating my trial with homemade Beauty Berry jam.


I usually make a Jack Monroe baked oat recipe in the winter. These could be the perfect summer replacement. Trying them tomorrow, think I might add blueberries to the mixture, too...

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