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April 06, 2020


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Alex Griffiths

Hello Lucy, thank you for another lovely post ☺️

Can you please tell me which blanket the left hand ‘exercise mat’ is? I love the mix of small and large squares and the colours - is it one with a tutorial anywhere?

Lots of love

Gillian Roe

Hello lovely, I've just been having a wonderful catch up here with all your news. I'm another Pe With Joe fan too, and look forward to it every morning. I like the way it keeps my weekday and weekend morning routines distinct. The garland is so pretty, you really do have a gift with crochet and flowers. Well, and crochet in general really! lots of love xxxx


A genuine thought - when you cross the farm style and track - you are infecting that for the farmer then - this is his workplace - if they get sick - they cannot look after the animals - please stay home - help protect someone elses home/workplace


Thanks for a lovely post Lucy & realise we are all in this together with enforced restrictions. I'm ready to read how everyone is passing the time & seeing lovely photos of where people are walking. Look forward to trying those ever so cute flowers. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

Terri Beth

I came here for some beauty after a news binge, and now I feel I can breathe again. So glad to have your blog. <3


Please don't stop with the woodland photos (if possible!) It was only last week I was saying to my husband how much I look forward to them.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Lucy, Thank you for this charming post full of good things and ideas. I might start an exercise program today! And I love your woodland walk photos.. who doesn't love trees? :-) We got two raised beds delivered yesterday so we'll be planting them full of seeds soon and be proper farmers now. :-) Sending love your way - ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hola Lucy!!!!! Nosotros tambien en Argentina ya llevamos 20 dias dentro de casa pero a diferencia de ustedes no podemos salir a caminar. Es tremendo. Disfruto mucho de tu blog y paseo junto a ustedes. Te quiero un montón. Beso grande desde Casilda República Argentina. SUSANA



Mary W

Always such a lovely way to start my day - coffee and our very appreciated walks. The oat cakes look delicious - did you already share that recipe? Here in Florida, we have the AC on and at night I adore having my Woodland blanket to keep on the foot of my bed. I love sleeping in cool air but my feet love the blanket so we are all happy. My garden popped up yesterday evening. This morning even more turnips, squash, cucumbers, and a long train of radishes between them all. I'm trying a new turnip that is actually sweet and can't wait for the taste test.

Miss Daisy

Thank you Lucy , enjoyed our walk. Wish it was cold here. Y'all stay safe.

Viola Barwitzki

Thanks for the nice photos ... yes it is wonderful outside now. I am in the forest every day and the first tulips are blooming in the garden.
You enjoy your needlework ... the cross stitch is great. I sew and knit a lot now.
Greetings to you. Viola


Thank you for sharing. It brightens my rainy day here. :-)
What luck that we can encourage each other with Blog comments Instagram Facebook and Messenger or other internet options that are not contagious in any other way than that they give a smile and a feeling of not being alone.
Take care


Living in the city as I do, I love, love going on your walks with you. I cant walk very much at all so even walking round my local streets, although quieter ergo safer, is an impossibility for me. Thank you for staying in touch and 'home safe'


What a lovely post. I am a late breakfast eater - at the moment by the time I eat at 9.30, some people have already had two breakfasts... PE with Joe is a hit here as well. The big gym-going boy likes to do it with the youngest, which is funny to see. Your local walk is lovely, it will be good to watch the change in the seasons, I am noticing so much more green now. I love the idea of a diary of these days - it will definitely be something our children remember and it will be good for them to have some pictures and words to look back on. CJ xx

Joanna Worthington

What a lovely blog post. It was, as always, great to be drawn into your world and catch glimpses of your surroundings and your family life. It cannot be easy to entertain all three of your offspring at home during these long days spent at home.
Your daily walk sounds like food for the soul. I am lucky to live near the coast, so often do the same route I used to walk with my dear departed black Labrador, Sam. The years I used to drop my two girls off at school and walk a big loop across fields, down lanes to the estuary where Southampton water meets the Solent, and you can see the windows of the town of Cowes, Isle of Wight, glinting in the sun. My eldest daughter now lives there and we often snapchat hello pictures of ourselves or the view to say hello when out on our walks. My youngest daughter lives on the outskirts of London in a tiny flat with her husband. They are both working from home and have no outside space, so fresh air is only taken on their daily walk by the nearby river. I so wish I had them both safely at home under our roof and protection. Difficult times for us all but thank goodness for crochet! I have made so many blankets, that my husband asked if we have enough now.... I’ve switched to making baby clothes, for as yet, any future grandchildren I may be lucky enough to have. Just in case. Thank goodness for our garden and the sunshine and warmth we are experiencing here at the moment. Much love from Hampshire to you and yours. Stay safe! 🌈

Mary Cassell

Thank you so much for brightening our days Lucy.


Joe Wicks is a permanent fixture here too!

I too have found myself needing colour therapy recently. I have used Nancy Nicholson’s book: Modern Folk Embroidery for a visual fix and inspiration. I really recommend the book. It could send you off searching for felt though!

jennie craine

It's good that we can still create normality in what are quite surreal times. I have returned to the "me" of 30 years ago - concentrating on my garden (growing lots more veg this year) and getting on with the quilting UFOs which have clogged my craft room for a while now . . . those jobs you put off till tomorrow!! Love the little Polyanthus flowers btw and have just printed off a recipe for oaty pancakes (we have laid in a stock of porridge oats!!)


Lovely blog. Looking forward to your flower instructions. Stay safe, have fun. Xxx


Love all your pics and also the woodlands especially....keep safe xoxo


Lovely blog post as usual. Thanks Lucy.

Kath Stephenson

Thank you for your cheery post and bright photos Lucy. Looking forward to the new pattern 😃


Have you considered doing a cookbook? I'll buy one.
Please keep sharing the woodland photos. I'm allergic to grass, trees, weeds, mold and other things so looking at your photos and reading your descriptions are wonderful.


Glad you are all safe and well in the attic there. Please don’t stop showing us the photos of trees, they are so beautiful and a treat to see when we can’t get out to see them ourselves.

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