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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 14, 2020


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Wow! I just scrolled through your photos. I live alone in a 1 bedroom apartment in Texas, northwest of the Dallas area. I get so tired of looking at brick walls.
I have 1 son nearby and 1 daughter. My 2 other daughters live an hour & a half away; one west of me and the other east. My oldest son"s family live in Michigan, which is in the northeastern part of the US. He is no longer with us.
Your posts are as, others have stated, a pleasure to read. And your patterns fun to make.

Barbara Bowen

I enjoy your photos so much. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Dee Butler

Thank you for your lovely words. Your blog brings me peace and happiness. It’s a tough time for all of us and I so appreciate everyone’s comments. It helps to know how others are coping. I miss my Knit Wit friends and even though we still talk or text it’s not the same. We’re all in this together but apart. Bright colored yarn and flowers are worth focusing on. I’ve been baking also. A friend gave me this recipe you might like. Mix together 2 mashed ripe bananas, 1/2 C each of old fashioned oats, chopped dried apricot, chopped pecans and a pinch of salt. On a well greased cookie sheet place small flattened scoops of the mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 30 mins. They are like a chewy granola cookie. No sugar or flour. You can use any dried fruit or nut. I’ve used pumpkin purée but it needs the banana. So I recommend 1/2 banana and half pumpkin. This is a really easy one to make. Enjoy!


I love reading your blog. Very refreshing!

Jeannine Traverse-Healy

Hi Lucy. Just hanging in a very tough time. I want to make the little Mandela type mat under your spring flower vase. Is there a patten for it? My daughter in law is a Covid ITU nurse in London & nasty neighbours say they don’t want my son dropping off shopping. It’s so ignorant but I want to make her that little mat to cheer her up

carol partridge

Nice to see some pics of the canal. We had a beautiful day walking along there to the first Yarndale in 2013. I feel for you having limited space with a family. I have only a 1bed retirement flat and small kitchen.But it suits me well. I do have nice park to walk around. Since this lockdown more people seem to have discovered it, haha. Stay safe.


When you said you had no space for yourself, my first thought was that you should use your Attic, then I realised I have been reading your blog since before you had three children, and that your attic must now be the home of one of your lucky children. Then I thought of your studio and realised that must also be unavailable to you. As you only have a yard, I assume there is no room for a she'd outside for you! It must be hard. I am fortunate that our retirement house has a very nice garden Room, which allows us to have enough separation as my DH is very vulnerable so we are shut in. Luckily we have a garden!

I applaud the fact that you write about when you are struggling despite being in beautiful Atticland, it is important for others to see that sometimes we all struggle.

Thank you for your lovely posts they really help


Weirdly, I find it harder to cope mentally with the situation when I'm working. With all other staff furloughed and no volunteers to chat to, I find it quite lonely and as if there's a huge responsibility to keep things going all by myself.
I miss my family, but as a natural introvert, being told that I can't go out, that I have to stay in is BLISS! So much reading, crafting and gardening going on. My extrovert boyfriend finds that harder. He's missing his crew.

Karyn Brown

Hi Lucy,
Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your country outings. I have been enjoying your blog posts for some time now.
My family are originally from England and we have had a number of wonderful holidays in England. We still have close family in the UK and are so sad to hear such dreadful news from your side of the world. Your crochet and country side photos are a lovely glimpse into a happier reality. I do pray you all stay well.
I’m about to start your Sweetpea blanket for my Mum as it is in her favourite colours. Not sure when I will be able to get it to her though....
Fortunately I purchased the kit some months ago and it is sitting safely in my lounge room.
With all the very best for you and your family

Louise G.

I love your posts.
Thank you for always inspiring me!


Thank you for letting me tag along with you on your walk. The countryside is so beautiful - I love your pictures.
Stay safe and well.


Thank you Lucy, love your spring garland. I think the flower is a variety of wild garlic.Once you get it in your garden it spreads like the flower of DOOM!!!

Linda from Boston

Thank you to everyone for sharing how they are getting thru these trying times. I lost my brother who lived in Michigan last Tuesday. In the span of two weeks he went from living life to gone. Still trying to process it. Here in Boston the cases are still rising but expected to peak any day now. Who knew that grocery shopping could be life threatening!! Can’t wait for this nightmare to end. I’m working on my cupcake stripe kit and enjoying it so much. Please stay safe. 🌷

Miss Daisy

Lovely as always , thank you sooo much for sharing. Still read your blog first as it's my favorite. Will you please send me a photo of your studio ? Didn't know you had one. Stay safe and sane. Haha


Nice post, as usual .....the little white flower is Allium Triquetrum...the symbolism of these little flowers .....Love, Protection and Exorcism.....let’s hope it works on the awful virus! It’s in the amaryllidacea family.....common name :three cornered garlic....here endetté the lesson! Enjoy the beautiful weather....we are in our fifth week of lockdown, not allowed out of the house, but we fortunately have a garden, so much better off than a lot of people!


Thank you lucy I'm not allowed out and find it frustrating not seeing spring. So your photos provide a snapshot of the outside world. They have long been an inspiration for me to go out and see the world around us and take my own of epping forest. Thank you and stay safe xx


The walks really are magical at the moment aren't they. A combination of realising how lucky we are, the magical weather, the miracle of spring and the quietness I think. The jigsaws are a good idea, I'm sure we have a couple knocking about somewhere, I shall go and look. My youngest two have just discovered backgammon which is keeping them quiet temporarily. That, and doing magic tricks. Oh, and turning the wood from the old raised beds into insect houses. I love to see them busy doing things like that. CJ xx

Joanna Worthington

Dear Lucy, thank you, as ever, for sharing a little slice of your life in Yorkshire during these surreal days. I find your writing is so evocative and is so wonderfully calming during such uncertain times. The photographs are a delightful window into your world, the cosiness of your home and the beautiful scenic outdoors.
My husband and I are both retired, but never considered ourselves old or vulnerable before. I’m 64 (but really still feel that I’m about 34), and he is 67, both active and usually our days are punctuated by going to our local friendly gym. I’m a fan of aquacise and he enjoys spinning. Now, without our routine and seeing our friends and family, the days all seem the same, but we punctuate them by going for walks together along the shore where Southampton water meets the Solent. We sometimes take a photo of the view across to the Isle of Wight and send it to our daughter, with a “hello” as she lives opposite us in Cowes. She often replies by doing the same back. My other daughter is in Brentford, in a tiny rented flat, that was only supposed to be temporary, whilst she and her new husband hunted for a family home outside London. That is now all on hold, but they seem to be remaining cheerful, despite having problems with their electricity over the Easter weekend. It meant she couldn’t cook her leg of roast lamb as planned on Easter Sunday, but fortunately it went in the freezer. A man did come and make a temporary repair, but she felt the oven and/or the kettle might be the source of the problem. Fortunately they have a gas hob. It was fixed properly yesterday thank goodness.
The get out for a walk along the shores of the upper Thames most days and look at some of the large waterfront properties in nearby Chiswick during their jaunts.
I haven’t seen either of my daughters, who will be 30 and 32 next month, since February and am longing to give them both a big hug. We regularly keep in touch over social media but it’s not quite the same. I’m busy crocheting a very intricate heart shaped cake with cream and meringue and macarons and strawberries for my youngest daughter as a surprise I can send through the post. (I had been planning to bake something similar but with a 3 & 0 cakes. This will have to do until we meet again.
The sun is shining here again and as I look out of my bedroom window the huge pale pink cherry tree in my neighbour’s garden is in full bloom. Isn’t nature wonderful? Sending love to you, your family, and all your other followers, from South Hampshire, UK. x x x


Hi Lucy, I really love seeing your photos of a different part of the country. I live on the south coast in East Devon. Over the Easter weekend we had glorious warm weather and spent a lot of time in the garden. I have to admit my life hasn’t really changed much during the last few weeks. My husband who is a HGV driver and still working, is away from home all week as usual. I never went out much anyway so it’s not much of a hardship staying at home for me, although I’m due a hair appointment next week so goodness know what my hair will look like by the time I can go again. My daughters (who all live away from our area) regularly keep in touch by FaceTime or messages so it’s not too bad. My saviour as always is crochet - it allows me to sit quietly and organise my thoughts and be productive. I’ve always got at least one project on the go and to be able to sit in the garden with it is lovely. Take care- keep crocheting.

Teresa Kasner

I'm glad you are enjoying your walks during this stressful time. We've been spending more time out on our deck and watching the birds at our feeder - and Dayle assembled an outdoor fireplace/pizza oven and we had a little fire in it this evening. Now I need to get some Italian sausage and mozzarella so we can make some homemade pizzas!
Stay safe and be well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Leah Lynch

Thank you for your wonderful post. Every time I read one I just have peace. Your walks and crafts and gentle life makes me happy.


What lovely walks you are lucky to have in your doorstep.... we walk around our very suburban streets, lovely houses to look at but nothing like you have
It’s autumn here in Australia, beautiful warm days, crisp evenings and mornings, my favourite time of the year..


You seem happier since giving up Yarndale. I hope so.


Hello Lucy from Oz and long time follower ❤❤ Always enjoy my visits here and quite uplifting and even more so now. Stay safe 😀😀🏃‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Paula Miller

Your blog posts make me happy, Lucy. You have such a wonderful appreciation for nature and such a beautiful way of expressing it. Take care of yourself and your lovely family.

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