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April 20, 2020


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hello Lucy,
Such a beautiful catch upon your lovely walks and escapism from the the four walls we all find our selves lock down within...I had been walking every day but caught a nasty sickness bug, so to get back out side and back into the wild was a great tonic for my health...just within four days I noticed how much the landscape has been changing...so much more wild garlic flowers, primroses, cow parsley and the woods filling up with the beauty of the bluebells...really cheered me up...I love the woodlands where you are and those wicker style sculptures...Its good to get out. The rolling tors of Dartmoor here remind me of your view so much...But I am missing the sea!
oh' to have a little paddle in the sea...but I have been paddling in the clear waters a long the river bank which is just as delightful. And keeping to the simple joys always gets me through, thanks for sharing the beauty around you and for the beautiful creative joys and homely warming tales you tell so wonderfully, take care , kazzy ;)x

Sally Ward

Hi Lucy, Gledstone Gardens will deliver to Skipton. I had a delivery of herbs, some alpines and some bedding plants last week. £5 delivery charge but their prices for their plants are reasonable. You can email or f2f message your order.
Hope you manage to get some plants for your newly tidied up outdoor space 😀
Best wishes


You're making me want to start cross stitching again. It's something I haven't done in a long time but I saw a rather funny one with a "Tiger King" (from Netflix) theme and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. There does seem to be some bright spots during this time of panic. My husband and I walk together every day with our dog (and cat but that's a whole other story) and enjoy the spring weather. Love that you treated yourself to a few little things just to make you smile. Happy Stitching!

Angela-southern USA

I'm right there with you about being over the moon that spring has sprung!(Even though it's been a wet one here, but oh the blooms have made up for it!) Still at home here as well. We're celebrating my Dad's 82nd birthday at a distance, us outside in masks, him inside, shouting through the window. lol A strange time indeed. I've been gearing up for stitch Maynia, my first, even sewing project bags, going all out. ; D I hope your hand is better soon. Happy stitching!xxxxxxxxx

Lynn Dee Butler

I love your picture of the flowering tree. Such exuberance! It just made me smile! It just turned warm here in a matter of a few days. So very welcome to have sunny hot weather to help with the gloomy blues. And maybe kill off virus? One can hope. Love the new stitch pattern. Glad you have a project to do while your hand heals. You talked about garden mulch and plants. Do you have a company to buy from that delivers those things? Amazon prime? I’m not sure of restrictions you might have. I’m 40 miles east of Los Angeles and can get almost anything delivered to my front door. There is a cost to it though. I was lucky enough to get a few pots of pansies before the Stay at Home restrictions started in March and they have given me much pleasure to look at. My front yard has red geraniums in full bloom too. Happy happy sights to see.

Thank you for your lovely blog! Lynn


Absolutely agree with you about the sun dried freshness of washing outside,mine is currently drying in our garden.Love the pictures of your daily walks Hope your hand is better soon. Thank you for such a lovely blog post as always.

Susan O'Neill

Only found you a few days ago when I was looking for some help crocheting some granny squares together. I'm enjoying your posts and photography. Thank you for your uplifting blog.

Mary W

Your daily life seems full of pleasure and family -what a blessed life. I adore the picture you took of the tree shadow in the open field - amazing. Really enjoyed my coffee while we visited this AM. Thanks for that!

Daphne goodenough

As usual Lucy a lovely, uplifting blog, how I love reading them, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your delightful life in skipton Daphne xxxxx

Debbie McCaffery

Hi Lucy,
I’ve been following you for several years when I first started my crochet journey but haven’t ever commented. I feel compelled to now as you’re lovely weekly posts always bring a smile to my face and cheer me up. Especially the lovely walks around where you live. I’m currently having to shield due to illnesses and really miss going out and about. I live in South Devon and we have to lovely areas too. My crochet/ cross stitch and sewing are what is keeping me sane, when not dealing with my two boys and encouraging them to complete their school work. Hope you and your family continue to stay safe during these strange times.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Lucy, your simple home days are still an inspiration to your loyal readers! I am sorry you hurt your hand.. you must be careful with your hands.. they're your golden goose! :-) I wish you had a little farm to live on, you'd love all the space to grow things. We planted tomatoes, a green pepper and 8 lettuces today in our new raised beds. Pop over to my blog if you want to see all the flowers bursting forth in our farmyard! Sending love your way, ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lovely post as ever envy your gorgeous walks.

Anne Dearle

Lovely post Lucy. It brings home that we should enjoy all the little things in life and slow down. I love your blog and photos. I too suffer with osteo-arthritis in lots of places. Look after yourself and enjoy the sunshine.

Caroline Dehm

Love your posts and thank you for bringing a little Spring into our lives. We are heading for Winter here in Australia.

Kathryn Grimshaw

Thank you for giving me my fix of all the familiar sights around Skipton that I love and miss. I’m sorry you are suffering with Osteo- Arthritis. I can sympathise as I’m sure that I have the same complaint after having a lot of recent problems and pain in my hands. I’m sure you must be missing the crochet Lucy, but I’m sure you will always find alternatives until you are able to pick up your hook again.
Take care.

Kathryn Grimshaw

Thank you for giving me my fix of all the familiar sights around Skipton that I love and miss. I’m sorry you are suffering with Osteo- Arthritis. I can sympathise as I’m sure that I have the same complaint after having a lot of recent problems and pain in my hands. I’m sure you must be missing the crochet Lucy, but I’m sure you will always find alternatives until you are able to pick up your hook again.
Take care.


Ah yes, the early morning PE. The littlest boy does it and sometimes the biggest boy joins in which makes me laugh and laugh to see him hopping around. And sometimes I do it, but honestly I'm so out of condition. They very helpfully point out that I'm doing it wrong. 'DO THE PRESS-UPS FROM YOUR FEET!' etc. Never mind that I couldn't do a press-up if you paid me. I think I need to try harder and see if I can build up some strength. Your local walks always look so beautiful, you live in a very pretty spot. I have finally persuaded the dog to stop being dramatic and start walking again, so we are back on the beat, which is nice. I hope your hand is better very soon. Have a good week, CJ xx

Sharon McKenna

I think you have one of the best blogs ever! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, peaceful days with us!

Denise Fordyce

And after a long, hot Summer with our horrendous bushfires, I'm enjoying cool mornings and that golden glow the light has here in the Autumn! Every Autumn currawongs (large birds) migrate from the hills to the flat land where I live: I heard their distinctive call for the first time this year the other day. Winter is on its way!


I have had a manic day today (teacher doing all the home learning online) for the first day after the holidays, it was so calming and lovely to read your musings. I too have enjoyed the intense blue of the sky in the daytime but at the same time quite liked the fact that the evenings are chilly enough to deserve a fire and a snuggle in a blanket. I love your home town, I have memories of a couple of very special visits there.

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